• I wanna talk about with you about FNaF 4 staff. (Since you are the best theorist I have seen so far, I want to talk with you)

    Now, we understand we are in a stalemate about Toy Girl=Susie. I mean they are the same, it's obvious. But just like you said They come to life at night quote is the problem. If MCI did not happen, this quote won't make any sense. Unless... If Pigtails Girl is talking about the animatronics rather than the children. 

    If Funtimes were build for keeping the CC at home,(at the night time) Pigtails Girl can say this. And we can understand from the HW trailer, their movements (Funtimes and Nightmares) are nearly the same.Altough I do still think that there are some Security Ani. that exists,(Most likely from old restaurants.) 

    It sounds crazy, I know. I don't really think this is true too. But I want to get your idea about this topic.

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    • Hmmmmmmmmm.

      I guess that could work, Im really not sure though. The Pigtails Girl quote just really hints towards the murders we see the Fazbear Animatronics commit in FNAF 1 and 2.

      EDIT: I just had a thought.

      So, in FNAF 4, Scott didn't have Baby or Susie planned, which means that during FNAF 4, Toy Girl was just a girl, and the Pigtails Girl was CC's sister's spirit (Not a projection made by Circus Baby)

      In SL, he decided to make Afton's daughter possess an Animatronic, and so based Baby's design off of Pigtails Girl. So, when SL comes out, the MCI takes place in between 1973 and 1983, leaving the possibility that the MCI may have happened directly before FNAF 4.

      In FFPS, Susie is introduced as an MCI child. Scott, deciding that he wanted the MCI to take place during FNAF 4, based her design off of Toy Girl, without thinking about Pigtails Girls quote.

      So, I guess it's some sort of accidental retcon or something?

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    • Huh. I think so. Altough I still have issues abouth Funtime=Nightmare thingy.

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    • Im convinced that the Nightmares are the Funtimes.

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    • It sounded crazy to me too at the start as well. But once I find more and more evidences, it was logical actually.

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    • Yeah.

      It seems that the Funtimes are game versions of the Twisted's, and not the Nightmares.

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    • That makes all them equal tho. But as always, Nightmares are hallucinations is proved once again. And even more so, now I believe to you for Elizabeth putting CC back together. In UCN NM Fredb. says Let me put you back together, and pull apart all over again. Sure it's about the endless purgatory, but it can be a refference too. Since Baby is the most similar Funtime Animatronic to NM Fredb.

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    • Makes sense.

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    • Btw, don't you think it is necessary to add Hopper to your profile page? Since you were 'pals', I guess? I mean I know the arguement but it was just a shitty topic, wasn't it?

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    • Im not sure if Hopper has ever considered me "a pal".

      I wouldn't wanna humiliate him or get him upset by putting on a friends list if we're not friends.

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    • 'Friend', then?

      I don't want to make you annoyed. If so, tell me.

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    • As I said, Im not sure if Hopper's ever considered me a friend, or if he's comfortable with being on my friends list.

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    • Fair enough.

      It is very good to share ideas with you. Unlike the others, you say why you accept it or not.

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    • I know, sometimes Hopper or me would make a crazy theory and everyone would just deny it because it was crazy, and ignore the evidence.

      That's basically what happened Hopper's Jeremy = Orange Guy theory, and now look, it's being strongly hinted at in the Help Wanted source code.

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    • Yeah, that happens to me too. 

      And I want to ask you a question.

      Did Hopper tell that CC possesses Lefty?

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    • Yeah, because he believed that Lefty was the same Fredbear that was responsible for the Bite. I just dont buy it.

      Speaking of Lefty, I've been speculating about his connections to Nightmare for awhile. First, I'll start listing off the Nightmare/Rockstar similarities.

      El Chip and Nightmare Freddy

      R. Chica and N. Chica

      R. Bonnie and N. Bonnie

      R. Foxy and N. Foxy

      And then, there's Nightmare and NFB.

      Rockstar Freddy seems to be a recolored Fredbear character. Lefty is a black recolor.

      NFB is also a Fredbear character. Nightmare is a color swap of him.
      Fredbear righthall close brightened
      Nightmare UCN DEMO 2
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    • Yes, that was why I asked it. I had this idea long ago. I thought Shadow Freddy is the same characther with Lefty. I am tired honestly. Check out my thread here.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Beep

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    • Hmmmmmmmm.

      I'd say that since Shadow Freddy is a phantom, and not a physical entity, Lefty has very little relations to him. Nightmare doesn't even exist, he's a manifestation of Michael's guilt surrounding the Bite Of 83.

      So, my take on it is that Henry based Lefty's design off of Michael's Nightmares (which he described in the Logbook), and then gave Smiles And Servos rights to Lefty. Lefty was then grouped with the Rockstars.

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    • Uh huh. Seems right.

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    • Would you mind checking out the FNAF Squad 3 thread? Nobody's there, and I've listed some questions that should be answered.

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    • I an responding right now.

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    • A FANDOM user
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