• Congrats! You have reached this BIG milestone. (How is it going btw. I haven't seen you in a while.)

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    • It's going good : )

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    • Did you have time to look at my timeline? If so, what do you think?

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    • Link me to it.

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    • Seems pretty good! However, I disagree with some of the stuff.

      -Jr's is opened as a Sister Location.

      -In a night, William got drunk and killed Charlotte, Henry's daughter.

      -William escaped to home, he came over to Jr's, and stopped by Henry.

      I disagree with Jr's being a Sister Location. It seems more like a bar. Also, I don't think that Afton was drunk while killing Charlotte. In his mind, it was a way of getting back at Henry for selling FFD.

      I also think that Green Guy is Phone Guy, and agree with Hopper's theory that the Orange Guy is Jeremy Fitzgerald.

      -Charlotte possessed the Puppet.

      CC is the Puppet. /s

      -In the early access for the children, Baby scooped Elizabeth, William's daughter.(The CC saw this.)

      Im not sure if CC actually saw Lizzie's death. Not only is there no sign of him in the minigames, but Elizabeth was alone with Baby when she got scooped. There's really no evidence for CC being a witness for Lizzie's death, because Mike's actually the one having the FNAF 4 Nightmares (which include a Fredbear with a stomach trap). If anyone saw Lizzie's death, it was Mike.

      -Mrs. Afton commited suicide and possessed Ballora.


      There's no evidence for Mrs Afton being Ballora at all. Also, I believe in the interpretation that Beverley died in a car accident (hinted at in the trailers for the Warner Brothers FNAF Movie), thus causing Afton to become sociopathic and sadistic towards those who he gains knowledge and power from.

      -The Puppet, put back together the CC, and he possessed the Black Bear. (AKA Nightmare)

      It doesn't matter much, but I agree with the interpretation that Lizzie put CC back together (Pigtails Girl's text color is same as PFF in the last minigame, Pigtails Girl is similar in appearance to Baby)

      -The Mediocre Melodies are built. But they have storaged in a gift box.

      -Jeremy Fitzgerald is hired as a night guard.

      -In the 5th night, William murdered 5 more children.

      -Mediocre Melodies got possessed.

      There's no sign of MM being in the FNAF 2 Location, no evidence for them being the SAVETHEM Victims. I agree with Hopper's Theory that they later become the 5 Grey Cupcakes we see in FNAF 3. 

      I believe the MMs are possessed, just not sure who are possessing them. (Though Hopper did spot those missing children posters in the Security Puppet Minigame)

      -Henry and Michael made a final plan to end everything at once.

      -Henry and Faz Ent. opened Fazbear's Fright.

      Henry and Michael? Im pretty sure Henry is the one behind Paragraph 4. Also, I think that Henry and Phone Dude opened the horror attraction together. Not sure if the company would've actually got involved.

      -MM's are rebuilt.

      I think Im the one that made this theory, but I now disagree with it. If MMs are possessed at the time of FFPS (Which they probably aren't), the reason they dont move is most likely due to the power boxes that they're connected to. Disconnection from these boxes would probably mean that the MMs could no longer function.

      -With Toy, Classic and Security animatronic parts, Rockstars are built.

      -Fredbear is redesigned as El-Chip.

      I dont think the Rockstars are made using those parts. Like Hopper said, it seems El Chip and the Rockstars are based upon the designs of past FE Animatronics. Also, El Chip seems to be a whole new character alltogether, while R. Freddy seems to be a redesign of Fredbear (Similar jaw, same bowtie and hat color, same golden color).

      -Henry lured Springtrap, and Michael lured Ennard to FFPS place.

      I think Henry lured all the Animatronics by himself, Michael was probably unaware of what was even happening.

      -At final, Henry and Michael burnt the place.

      I think it was just Henry's idea to burn the place. 

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      • Jr's opening as a Sister Location is not official. Just another place opened by Henry and William.
      • I still think Orange Guy is  William and Green Guy is Henry.
      • Oh I forgot CC, sorry.(lmao)
      • The reason why I think that is pretty simple. Remember the mouth in the chest in NM Fredbear? That's why I think CC saw that. But in the Help Wanted teaser,Funtimes are acting just like the Nightmares, so it may not be true.
      • I don't really care about Mrs. Afton being Ballora or not anymore. Why would that matter?
      • Same thing, I am open for  Elizabeth putting CC back together.
      • I know you think that Happiest D. is after FFPS. But when you think it's after FNaF 3, there is no way except them being at FNaF 2. We don't see anything at FNaF 1. But we haven't seen the inside of the Prize Box. And if SAVE THEM victims aren't possessing the MM's, I can't find any different animatronics for 'em.
      • Okay. I can agree Henry did all of the thing. But now I think Henry is the boss of the company.(I can explain if u want.) So he can open the place with the name of the company.
      • I need to check on the MM's again. Then I'll answer you.
      • Both can work, I guess. I just think those parts are much more similar to the normals than they should be.
      • Okay. If I agree Henry opening Fazbear's Fright, this one is already certain.
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    • Why would Henry and William open a bar.

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    • When you think Henry is the Green Guy(I do), there is no option left.

      Or maybe Henry just went there at a random night and stopped his friend, who knows.

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