• I feel the hallucinations article needs to be changed to express what is an actual hallucination and what isn't. For example I've seen articles like Shadow Freddy listed as hallucinations, while the FNaF 3 minigames feature him physically present. My proposal is to remove everything that is not a hallucination. 

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    • Hallucinations, at least in the FNaF universe, are considered to be unusual things that don’t appear on a regular basis in gameplay. Shadow Freddy appears rarely during FNaF 2, so he is considered a hallucination at least in that game. Hallucinations don’t have to be completely fake, they just need to make rare appearances during gameplay, because that’s the term we use to refer to all rare occurrences aside from minigames.

      Also, Shadow Freddy, similar to Golden Freddy, seems to be a noncorporeal spirit, so they are classified as hallucinations due to being non-physical.

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    • Fair point. I was talking about stuff like the Eyeless Bonnie screens.

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