• Name: Distorted Ripple

    Species: Animatronic tiger

    Nicknames: Ripple

    Gender: Female

    Personality: once nice and quoted 'friendliest animatronic'. Now has gone insane and will destroy for anything

    Appearance: has mangle's head-shape, coloured orange. Two large ears. Four stripes, two above his eyes and two on the curves of the head. (Or whatever you call those. I don't really know.) two almond shaped eyes. She only has black with white pupils. Several cracks run along each eye. Has a muzzle with a tiger-like plastic nose and scratches running along it. Has bent whiskers. Big sharp pointed teeth with a large red-coloured metal tongue. Her neck is mostly gone, revealing a skinny endoskeleton neck. Has brown fur with black stripes and white chest-fur. Tattered and has a star-badge, the numbers 94 carved in them. Has a large chunk of the chest fur ripped out, showing the endoskeleton. Both arms are now only chunks of fur, with only the endoskeleton supporting it. Has five fingered hands with sharp claws. Has a skinny tail with black stripes. Her right leg is completely missing, only leaving a stub. She has a fully non damaged left leg though.

    Short backstory: after the murders, Distorted Ripple started thinking everyone was bad. She thought she was doing the 'good' thing by attempting to kill everyone. Has failed in these attempts before.

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