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He could wave his hand, tilt his head and play a recording of Henry saying " I love you, Charlie. "
— Theodore's description in The Freddy Files


Theodore is a purple toy rabbit who resembles Bonnie's design from the original Five Nights at Freddy's. The inside of his ears, along with his muzzle and belly are a lighter color of purple compared to the rest of his body. He has blue eyes, red cheeks, a red bowtie and a light pink color on the palms of his hands, as well as the undersides of his feet. He sports a pair of teeth on both his upper and lower jaw, which later become chipped due to years of deteriroration.

Theodore was the first of Henry's gift and the simplest of his creations. He could wave his hand, tilt his head, and repeat a recording of Henry saying, "I Love You, Charlie." Theodore was made to give 3-year-old Charlie a friend in her dark, lonely house. After deteriorating for years in Charlie's abandoned house, Theodore can no longer wave, and most of her father's recording has degraded.


The Silver Eyes 

Theodore was the first toy that Henry invented for his daughter Charlie, after him, other more complex toys would come. After Henry committed suicide, Charlie left Hurricane with her Aunt Jen and all her toys, including Theodore, stayed at her father's house.

After ten years, Charlie returns to Hurricane to commemorate the anniversary of the death of Michael Brooks and the first thing she does is visit the old house of her father. There she finds Theodore, who had worn away over the years, along with her other toys. After that, the young woman left the house, as she did not feel comfortable being there.

Later, Theodore reappears when Charlie and John return to the house, but he is never removed from there.

The Twisted Ones 

A year after the events of the first book, Charlie enrolled in St. George's School, specifically in the area of ​​robotics. Just before classes begin, Charlie went to her father's house (which was damaged and battered by a heavy storm) and picked up Theodore, who was in a more deplorable state and could barely speak a few letters.

When Charlie took him to her room, she disarmed him so she could study his parts, promising to repair it again. However time passed, and the dismembered parts of the rabbit were already scattered throughout the room.

Later, Charlie was held responsible for the murders by the Twisted Animatronics and decided to go alone to the next point where these robots were going to attack, so she grabbed the decapitated head of Theodore to serve as company.


  • In the first printing of The Silver Eyes, Theodore is referred to as a bear on a few occasions.


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