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A strange cloaked figure roaming the streets.
Everette Larson, Fazbear Frights #1: Into the Pit

The Stitchwraith is an animatronic endoskeleton who was brought to life with "agony" by Dr. Phineas Taggart. It contains the soul of Jake, Andrew, and William Afton. It appears in all the Stitchwraith Stingers events of the Fazbear Frights books.

Physical Appearance

The Stitchwraith is a mysterious figure wearing Phineas's black trench coat. It wears a white mask, later revealed to be the head from the Simon doll. The mask's features are drawn on in a thick, black marker. It has two eyes, one of which is blackened, originally intended to resemble a black eye on Simon. It sports a toothy grin with a missing tooth, and something appears to be stuck between its front teeth. It also appears to have blood around its mouth, but it is actually meant to be pizza sauce. The rest of its body is an endoskeleton of unknown origin. In its chest lies Fetch's battery, which glowed red when it was first activated.


Stitchwraith Stinger #1

The Stitchwraith is often dismissed as an urban legend. He is often seen in garbage dumps, scavenging them for personal intentions. It's been caught on picture dragging a mannequin out of a dumpster in one instance. There are also five murders associated with the Stitchwraith, in which the victims' bodies all appeared withered, with "eyes that bled black down the sides of the face."

Stitchwraith Stinger #2

It is later seen by a homeless man, Grim, pulling animatronic parts from the destroyed Plushtrap Chaser into a bag, after the events of Out of Stock.

Stitchwraith Stinger #3

The Stitchwraith is revealed to have been created by Phineas Taggart, a scientist who experiments with the energy created by human emotions. Phineas believes that agony is the strongest emotion. He believes that when agony is attached to a form of intelligence, including artificial ones, it results into physical action. The animatronic endoskeleton that makes up the Stitchwraith's body was shipped to Phineas, and he infused it with agony. Then, he placed a doll's head onto the body to "give it a personality", and Fetch's battery to "give it a heart". When the Stitchwraith came to life, it murdered Phineas by touching him, while its battery glowed red. It then took Phineas's coat and ran off. These events occur before the other Stingers.

Stitchwraith Stinger #4

It's revealed that the Stitchwraith has at least two souls inside it. A young boy named Jake inhabits the Simon head and is in control of the endoskeleton, along with Andrew, who possesses Fetch's battery. They are confused of where they are, and Jake accidentally kills a man. Andrew replies nonchalantly that he probably caused it, then reveals that he had infected a number of objects with his anger. Jake wants to find them to save people. This takes place immediately after the third Stinger.

Stitchwraith Stinger #5

After the events of the second Stinger, Grim moved to the far end of town, and lived in a shed. On his third night in the shed, he spots the Stitchwraith and decides to follow him. He ends up in a room in some old factory full of animatronic scraps and with some unusual flowers. The Stichwraith was dragging a bag containing Ella's pieces. Grim freaked out and left.

Jake was aware that he was being watched, but wasn't concerned since he could sense the soul and the character of the person watching. He had been collecting Andrew's infected items, one of them being the infected Ella doll. Jake is exhausted of collecting the infected items. He then remembers himself being at a baseball game with his father. Jake felt like he was actually there despite it being just a memory. Andrew kept questioning him about the flowers, but Jake ignored him. Jake felt himself leaving the Stitchwraith and into the memory, but Andrew cries out to him. Jake stops himself from entering the memory in order to help Andrew and to collect the infected objects.

Stitchwraith Stinger #6

While the Stitchwraith was throwing an infected Foxy animatronic into the trash compactor, it's confronted by Everette Larson, a detective who had been investigating him. He pulls out his gun in defense. Andrew takes partial control of the Stitchwraith in an attempt to kill the detective and get him out of the way, while Jake holds him back. The struggle causes the Stitchwraith to throw itself into the compactor as well.

As the Stitchwraith is being crumpled, an unseen force, that had been patiently waiting, attacks Jake and Andrew. The force revealed to be William Afton, who had hitchhiked onto the endoskeleton through Andrew, takes advantage of this opportunity. Andrew vanishes into a bright light, while Jake is engulfed in darkness temporarily. Once the pulverizing was complete, the battered Stitchwraith body was ejected from the compactor. William Afton, on the other hand, begins to fuse his burnt ethereal body with the infected items, forming a new monster; The Agony.

Stitchwraith Stinger #7

The Stitchwraith survives being crumpled in the compactor. However, only Jake is in control and Andrew is missing. The Stitchwraith is caught by the pull of the Agony, but is then attacked by Eleanor. Having somehow ended up at the factory, Eleanor probes into Jake's soul. Jake feels that William Afton infected him during their fight earlier, but Eleanor is removing it from him and putting it into herself. Eleanor lets go of the purified Stitchwraith, as she allows the Agony to absorb her.

The Stitchwraith remains in the sidelines as a battle occurs between Larson, the Agony, and several other third-parties. He witnesses the Agony stabbing Larson in his foot, infecting the detective with agony, and Larson firing back by impaling the Agony with the prongs of a forklift. He also sees the parts of the Puppet get absorbed into the Agony, as well as Eleanor fleeing from it. He watches as the Puppet takes control of the detached animatronic limbs, forcing the agony beast to tear itself apart. Afton, the Puppet and the rest of the infected items all sink to the bottom of the lake, perishing in a sea of battery acid.

Jake, controlling the Stitchwraith, comes to Larson's aid, using energy from Fetch's battery pack to burn both the wound and the agony inside of Larson after he was stabbed. The Stitchwraith escapes as the police arrive, realizing full well that Afton was weak, and that a greater evil was allowing him to cling to life for nefarious purposes.

Stitchwraith Stinger #8

Nine days later, the Stitchwraith goes back to roaming the streets and hiding in the shadows. Jake is still the only residence in the construct. With both Andrew and Afton gone, the Stitchwraith no longer has its signature agonizing touch, and can't directly kill anyone else. This is proven when Jake accidentally touches a sleeping Grim on the head, not killing him. Instead, he sees through Grim's memories and is able to directly manipulate them, giving more emphasis on a happier memory to make Grim feel better in his grief.

The Stitchwraith stumbles into a building and encounters a teenage girl, who looks disheveled as if she was taking drugs. Two thugs come in and kick the unconscious girl, asking for her to pay their debt. Jake realizes that these guys are drug dealers. Jake uses his animatronic body to overpower the criminals, throwing one out a window and using energy from Fetch's battery pack to burn a phrase onto the other thug's forehead.

The Stitchwraith takes the unconscious girl to Grim's old shed near the train tracks in an attempt to comfort and resuscitate her. He suddenly hears something crawling outside of the shed, trying to get inside.

Stitchwraith Stinger #9

Sometime passes, as the Stitchwraith and the girl it rescued continue to hide out in the shed until the thing crawling outside retreats. Jake returns with some food, discovering that the girl has woken up. She introduces herself, stating that her name is "Renelle". Jake feels something off about the name, but he ignores it. Renelle looks more healthier than before, with combed hair, bright eyes, and clean skin.

Jack tells her that he protected her from the drug dealers, which she thanks him for. He blurts out that he is surprised that she isn't afraid of him. She explains that being homeless for so long taught her that the things that looked like him aren't always monsters, and that the real monsters are those who hurt and take advantage of others. She recalls her past and how she ended up with the drug dealers, explaining that her mother died when she was 13 and her father became obsessed with work to deal with the grief. Her father sent her to school, so she stole some of his money, and her father kicked her out, forcing her to survive on the streets.

Renelle sheds tears as she eats the food Jake brought back with him, as he realizes that she still misses her dad. Jake decides to help reunite her with her father, when at that moment, a ray of sunlight falls on Renelle. He notices that she's wearing a silver pendant in the shape of a heart. He smiles, believing that it's a sign of good fortune to come.

Stitchwraith Stinger #10

Several days later, Jake is able to get some information on where Renelle's father lives. Renelle seemed hesitant on going home, as she tensed up whenever her dad was mentioned. Jake waits a little before asking, but Renelle is now ready to reunite with her father.

Renelle leads Jake back to her old house. Jake ensures that he won't let her father be mean to her before ringing the doorbell. The door opens automatically, Renelle's dad assuming it's a package being delivered. As Jake looks around, he spots two photos. The first shows Renelle's father alongside Phineas Taggart, who he recognizes. The second is Renelle and her father smiling together, except Renelle had curly black hair and dark brown eyes. Renelle, right now, had brown hair and blue eyes. Jake realized that something was wrong. Suddenly, Larson wandered into the house and immediately fell to the floor unconscious, whispering the name "Eleanor." Jake then noticed that Renelle's appearance had changed, her details matching the girl in the photograph.

Renelle's dad comes down the stairs, seeing what believes to be his daughter and hugs her, apologizing for kicking her out. When "Renelle" smiles at Jake and winks at him, he realizes the truth. Renelle was Eleanor, the same animatronic that had attacked him. He realized that she was the one who gave life to the items that Andrew claimed to have infected, and that she was the greater evil that had been powering the Agony while Afton himself was in his weakened state. Jake tackles Eleanor against a wall, but she changes her appearance again to create a gaping wound in her chest. Believing the Stitchwraith was an evil monster, Renelle's dad took his gun out and shot Jake, one of the bullets hitting the battery pack that powered him.

The Stitchwraith, now with its power source broken is unable to move. Jake is paralyzed as Dr. Talbert helps Eleanor up, and plans on using his special supply of remnant to heal her. Jake realizes that Eleanor wanted Dr. Talbert's remnant supply to become more powerful so she could spread pain and suffering across the world, by using the Stitchwraith's memory-seeing abilities to peer into the entity. Jake could only watch as Dr. Talbert injected Eleanor with remnant, and gave her the power she coveted.

Stitchwraith Stinger #11

Jake dozes off, dreaming that everyone he knows is celebrating his birthday. He ultimately realizes that it isn't real and snaps back to reality. With what little power he had, Jake tries getting the Stitchwraith body to move in order to face Eleanor. Larson was keeping Eleanor at bay by weakening her within her own memories, giving Jake some form of advantage. Not wanting Eleanor to have her evil way, Jake experiences a sudden burst of strength and launches himself at Eleanor, ready to attack.

Jake holds Eleanor down, covering her entire body in his cloak. He uses as much energy as he can from the damaged battery pack to not only burn Eleanor, but also trap her within himself. Similar to Andrew being locked inside of the Stitchwraith body unable to do anything, Jake is doing the same thing to Eleanor. But, to ensure she remains subdued, Jake uses his memory powers to lock her up in her most miserable memories. Eleanor is locked away, and her animatronic body is scorched and inanimate. The nightmare was finally dead, and Jake left before Larson woke up.

Two weeks pass. At some point in that time, Jake managed to find the real Renelle and reunite her with Dr. Talbert. However, there was one last thing he needed to do. Ever since he absorbed Eleanor, he had visions of a dirty ball pit. He was able to find it in an abandoned restaurant, in the same condition as he saw in his visions. He can feel all the souls of Eleanor's victims still inside the pit. While he can't do anything to set them free, he could do the next best thing. Jake walked into the pit, and let the balls take him as he sunk under.

Jake comes in contact with Millie Fitzsimmons, one of Eleanor's victims. She just wants to be reunited with her grandfather and spend Christmas with her family. Jake makes that wish come true, extending out his hand. Millie is sent back to her grandfather's house, where she has a tearful reunion with the rest of her family and is happy to be with them. The Stitchwraith endoskeleton shuts down, remaining buried in the plastic balls of the ball pit. Jake gives the spirits new, happier memories to put them at ease. While they can't be set free, they can at least rest in peace. After soothing all of the spirits, Jake finally moves on, bringing an end to the tale of the Stitchwraith.


The Stitchwraith is a unique animatronic, since it has several supernatural abilities based on the human souls possessing it.

  • Agonizing Touch: Andrew and William Afton's agony, caused the Stitchwraith to kill anything it touched. Its hands would zap its victims with agony causing their skin to turn pale and their eyes to dissolve into a black liquid as they die. After the seventh Stinger, this ability has been lost, since both Andrew and William Afton are no longer residing in the Stitchwraith.
  • Soul Sensing: Jake has the ability to sense the soul and overall intention of a person, determining whether they're good or bad, the emotions that person is feeling, or if something is happening to them. This ability has been used throughout the epilogues to sense characters like Grim and Larson.
  • Exothermic Manipulation: The Stitchwraith is powered by Fetch's battery pack. Jake can use the battery pack's energy to heat up his hands. The energy varies in temperature, but at best, is strong enough to burn away agony within a person's flesh, as demonstrated in the seventh Stinger. This ability also has a connection to Jake's subconscious and what he's thinking, since he was able to burn an actual message within someone's forehead in the eighth Stinger.
  • Memory Manipulation: This is first shown in the fifth Stinger, when he inadvertently manipulates his own memories. Jake is able to remember his father and him bonding at a baseball game. He could not only see where he was, but he could also smell, hear and use all his other senses, making it seem like he was actually there. Jake got pulled inside his own memory, almost leaving the Stitchwraith endoskeleton. Jake also tries pulling Andrew into that same memory in the sixth Stinger. In the eighth Stinger, this ability is expanded upon, and replaces the Agonizing Touch. Instead of killing people when touched, the Stitchwraith can see into a person's soul and watch their memories. Jake can put more emphasis on a particular memory and make it more clear.
  • Ability Transferance: This property is the result of both Exothermic and Memory Manipulation. This ability can only be passed on to someone else. This happens to Larson in the eighth Stinger. It can be assumed that because Jake burned Larson's flesh to remove the agony in the seventh Stinger, it caused Larson to have a portion Jake's abilities inadvertently implanted into him. Larson sees visions of another person's memories, his other scents adapting to what he sees, making it so as if he were actually experiencing the memory, similar to Jake's visions. He sees things such as someone watching the Fazbear animatronics perform, someone hanging out with their friends, and someone going to a movie theatre. He can also see the ball pit from Into the Pit. Larson is able to see the visions of all the souls trapped in the pit.
  • Memory Imprisonment: This ability is used on Eleanor in the eleventh Stinger. This one is powered primarily by Jake's anger. It can only work on supernatural embodiments. Since Eleanor is an embodiment of the negative energy Agony, Jake is able to absorb her into the Stitchwraith endoskeleton, and then lock her away within her most miserable memories so she will never see the light of day again.
  • Memory Creation: This ability is used in the eleventh Stinger. Jake decides to help all the victims Eleanor killed, who are still stuck in the ball pit. When Jake meets Millie, he is able to create new memories that go on after her actual death to give her soul happiness. Jake allows Millie to reunite with her family and spend Christmas with them.


  • Due to the Stitchwraith's appearance resembling Ennard, this confused many people into believing that the Stitchwraith was indeed Ennard. However this is false, and the Stitchwraith is a completely different animatronic.
  • The Stitchwraith is the first possessed non-amalgamated animatronic of the franchise confirmed to be harboring more than one soul.
  • In the fourth Stinger, Andrew beleives that his anger had infected objects and many people. In actuality, it was Eleanor who was using Andrew and Afton's agony as a resource to cause suffering. This ties back with other stories, showing that the stories that are confirmed to be part of the Stitchwraith saga happen between the third and fourth Stingers.
  • It has not been revealed what the origins of the endoskeleton that is the Stitchwraith are, however it is likely this will be revealed in a future story.
  • The Stitchwraith's nickname is presumably based on the actual definition of the word "wraith;" the ghost-like image of a person after their death and the term "to stitch" as the Stitchwraith was created from separate objects fused together.
    • This reflects how a person's body ends up mummified with pale skin and bleeding black ooze after they're exposed to agony.
  • All of the Stitchwraith's memory related powers are presumably tied to Remnant, given that that substance is also tied to memory and souls. It's possible that the Stitchwraith endoskeleton is made from Remnant, hence its supernatural powers.
    • If so, it can be assumed that the endoskeleton was shipped from the same supplier who occasionally delivers Dr. Talbert's remnant supply.
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