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Um, something else worth mentioning is kind of the quirky modern design of the building. You may have noticed there are no doors for you to close, heh. But hey, you have a light! And even though your flashlight can run out of power, the building cannot. So, don't worry about the place going dark.
Phone Guy on Night 1, Five Nights at Freddy's 2

The Office is a location within Freddy Fazbear's Pizza and is the central location of Five Nights at Freddy's 2. As in the first, third, and seventh games, the Office is the only room that the player inhabits.

Background Appearance

The Office has a large, dark entrance in front of the player, with vents on both the left and right walls. In front of the player is a desk with balls of paper, a fan, and a drink. There are two warning symbols on the wall above the entrance. On the left wall there is a poster that reads "CELEBRATE" and features the toy animatronics, excluding Mangle.

The right wall features children's drawings of the animatronics. Each drawing seems to have the words "My day at the NEW Freddy Fazbear's Pizza!" The drawings depict what seems to be empty suits, sometimes with eyes, but rarely. Two drawings depict satisfied or happy children disassembling Mangle. The top-right drawing features Freddy Fazbear as an empty suit with what appears to be a red nose, singing to a child that is dancing happily to the music. The one beneath it seems to depict Golden Freddy's suit lacking a nose and emitting curved lines, which could possibly signify odor, towards one child that is turned towards Golden Freddy. The other three children in the drawing, however, seem to be looking at something emitting music, but not visible in the drawing.

Another drawing depicts a child floating away or possibly jumping with balloons, BB being at the right of the drawing, looking over at the child. Curiously, Balloon Boy in-game is never seen with his eyes ever facing another direction besides forwards. Another picture depicts The Puppet giving a child a gift, possibly referencing the Give Gifts, Give Life minigame or otherwise implying that The Puppet is designed to hand out prizes to kids.

Another drawing appears to show a child with a cartoon heart over its head reaching its hand out to what appears to be Chica, whose eyes and teeth are actually visible, unlike the rest of the depicted animatronics (Balloon Boy and The Mangle being exceptions because their eyes are visible). Another drawing features what can be assumed to be the old animatronics: Bonnie, Freddy and Chica. However, the Chica in the drawing's beak resembles Toy Chica's beak. A ninth drawing is present but is off-screen, only showing a child with confetti raining down upon them. The ninth picture can be seen fully in Kid's Cove and the Prize Corner. It depicts The Puppet springing out of its box and throwing confetti on amused children.

There appears to be colored stars hanging from the ceiling and black and white tiles used for flooring, both of which are common designs throughout the building in both the original game and Five Nights at Freddy's 2. The blue and green-tiled strip of wallpaper is also a common feature throughout the pizzeria. There are papers stuck to the walls, but their contents are unknown.

Monitors are positioned against the far wall with thick wires connected to them, seeming to lead from cameras throughout the building; there are also wires leading to nowhere on either side of the room. The walls appear to be made of either gray concrete or moldy/fading wallpaper with confetti as decoration. The black marks on either side of room are perfectly mirrored, though this may just be Scott Cawthon not taking the time to render two separate textures for two separate walls, which commonly occurs in video games.

The two air vents (a Left Air Vent and a Right Air Vent) on either side of the room, mentioned above, are how most animatronics enter The Office. When an animatronic either enters or exits the Office through one of the vents, a sound is played, alerting the player that an animatronic has either entered or exited the room. A button is positioned above each of the vents which, when pressed, will activate a light in the corresponding vent, thus revealing any animatronics that are about to enter The Office.

Unlike the original, this office is much cleaner and more organized, probably due to either the company having a larger budget or better management. This could also just mean that Jeremy Fitzgerald is much more organized than Mike Schmidt. The monitors are now located to the sides of the Office, rather than in front of the player.


Game Title Role Description
Five Nights at Freddy's 2 Major location First appearance; player's headquarter.
Five Nights at Freddy's VR: Help Wanted Major location Player's headquarter (FNAF 2 Mode-exclusive)
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