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Devon, abandoned by his dad and ignored by his mom, can't understand why love and friendship come so easily to everyone except him.
Summary, Fazbear Frights #3: 1:35 A.M.

The New Kid is the third story in Fazbear Frights 3: 1:35 A.M. and chronologically the Fazbear Frights series' 9th story. It's also the third story in the second graphic novel collection and chronologically the graphic novel series' 6th story. It was written by Andrea Waggener and has illustrations done by Coryn MacPherson.






Devon is a lonely ninth-grader whose father abused and abandoned his family when he was three, and whose mother doesn't make much money. He writes a story about the siblings of his crush, Heather, getting brutally murdered by a killer bouncy house to get her attention, even if it gets him in trouble. He had based the story off of the numerous times he's stalked her. After school he meets up with his only friend, Mick, who has learning disorders. Mick doesn't approve of the story and tries to tell Devon that Heather didn't either. The two head to the abandoned gas station that they use as their clubhouse, only to find it has been demolished. Devon promises a distraught Mick that he will find a new spot.

The next day, Mick introduces Devon to Kelsey, a new kid who has quickly become very popular for his good looks and personality. Mick invites him to sit with them at lunch, joining the duo much to Devon's shock. Devon is also shocked by how genuine Kelsey is, and begins to feel like he's fitting in. Later, he overhears Heather talking about wanting to make movies, and he inserts himself into the conversation. Heather flicks a finger at him and walks away, but Devon only cares that she touched him, and Mick begins to worry about him.

Kelsey joins them for lunch again and starts to get on Devon's nerves, as he doesn't like how perfect he is. Mick tells Kelsey about their destroyed clubhouse and Kelsey promises the pair he will let them use a workshop at a farmhouse his parents purchased for their hangout. The next day, in their social studies class, the topic of justice is discussed. Kelsey explains that justice is something that removes the downs so it doesn't outweigh the ups. Heather, who Mick doesn't get the hype for, views justice as payback, and when asked if payback goes too far simply says that accidents happen. Only Mick and Kelsey don't find the joke funny.

After school, Devon and Mick meet up with Kelsey and his neighbor, George, who offers to drive them to get supplies. Suddenly, Heather and her friends appear, and she tries to talk Kelsey into letting them come along too. George offers to make two trips and Kelsey is put in an awkward spot as Heather's friends fill up the truck, leaving Devon and Mick behind. Despite promising to come back, Devon believes they're being abandoned and he storms off.

The next day, Mick goes to meet with Devon for a hike and is surprised (and a little alarmed) that Devon's sulkiness is gone, although his obsession with Heather is still around. Devon reveals he found a new clubhouse and they'll visit it Monday after school. Mick is excited, but the excitement is killed after he watches Devon kill a bird with a stone and act completely normal about it. On Monday, Kelsey apologizes about the awkward situation and Devon acts overly friendly, freaking both Kelsey and Mick out. Mick also spots a bandage on Devon's hand. After school the trio head off, going to a dense part of the woods.

On the way, Kelsey says he one day wants to be a real judge, but Devon ignores it. Eventually they reach an abandoned Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria. After exploring around, Devon leads them to a storage room where they find an old Golden Freddy spring lock suit. Devon encourages Kelsey to put it on as Mick goes to grab some part, which he does. When Mick returns Kelsey starts dancing, which triggers the spring locks, skewering Kelsey. After coming to from his mesmerized state, Devon confesses that he had found the suit before and tried it on, accidentally triggering it on his hand, and came up with a plan to trap Kelsey as payback. The suit twitches and Mick thinks Kelsey is still alive, but Devon makes Mick swear not to tell anyone, and the duo leave Kelsey for dead. As they leave, Heather's "accidents happen" joke replays in Devon's head over and over.

The rest of the week goes by and Kelsey is concluded to have run away by police. Devon goes to visit Mick and Mick tries to come up with a way for Kelsey to survive, pointing out that there were water bottles in the kitchen. Devon agrees to go and check, telling Mick to cover for him as they're in it together. Devon himself doesn't believe that Kelsey survived, but he's been having terrible nightmares since Tuesday, so he packs a bag of materials and goes back to the pizzeria. He finds the suit but Kelsey isn't in it, so he pries the mouth open and looks inside. He thinks he sees something and tries reaching for it, but he hears his name being called and the mouth clamps down and locks on his arm. He pukes and tries to escape but it doesn't work.

The mouth loosens but his arm just gets sucked in more, and when Devon looks he sees a corpse with curly black hair inside instead of Kelsey's blond hair. A second later, his shoulder is sucked into the suit. A few days later, Mick continues to cover for Devon, remembering that he said they're in it together for as long as it takes. Elsewhere, Kelsey, alive and well, greets all of the students walking in at his new school. His attention, however, is on a couple boys lingering outside. After the bell rings, Kelsey introduces himself as a new kid and asks if they know any cool places to hang out.


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This section archives a lot of theories and speculation, which usually occurs from pre-release media, or just things that are still unknown, so please keep that in mind while reading. The page will continue to be updated with the most accurate information as more solid evidence is supplied.

  • Devon saw a body with curly black hair in the Golden Freddy suit as he was about to die. In The Man in Room 1280, the spirit within the Room 1280 Patient created a physical manifestation of themselves to torment the nurses that tried to kill him. It had curly black hair and an alligator mask. This detail made fans believe that Kelsey is another manifestation of the spirit (heavily implied to be Andrew from the epilogues).
    • Although, there is some evidence that conflicts with the theory. Kelsey claims to have parents, bleeds when he's inside the Golden Freddy suit and, if he was a physical manifestation of a spirit, he is somehow walking about in the outside world. Not to mention, his motivation for targeting bullies is unknown, nor how he came back to life after dying.
      • Due to Kelsey claiming he has parents and is able to bleed, and if he indeed is a manifestation of Andrew's spirit, this could mean that Andrew is referring to his parents when he was alive. Whereas for bleeding it seems to be happening because of agony or some other supernatural force, where Andrew is able to interact with the real world.
  • This story supports a very popular theory that Golden Freddy could be controlled by more than just one soul, thus making him have supernatural powers and making him aggressive. However, Golden Freddy is also heavily believed to be possessed by a girl named Cassidy, and due to her agony and rage, her emotions wouldn't allow anymore souls control the suit, as Cassidy just wants it all to herself in an act of aggression and despair. If this is true, this would mean that kids who probably died from Golden Freddy, with Devon being one example, whose souls would simply move on without haunting an object. Yet, there is still more evidence to explain Golden Freddy's aggressive personality.
    • Although, she might have been willing to share the body with the Crying Child.


  • As of now, the theory with Andrew being multiple spirit manifestations has some unclear evidence of how the process is done.
  • This is the first story to:
    • Have a twist ending, with a shocking reveal that remains unanswered.
    • Have an animatronic be present, but not be the antagonist, at least not intentionally.
    • Have the human characters get themselves killed, rather than there be an animatronic try to kill them/trick them into making a mistake that causes their death.
  • Depending on how you interpret the story and its characters, Devon and Kelsey could be considered antagonists.


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