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Welcome to the Freddy Fazbear Virtual Experience. Fazbear Entertainment is excited to join the digital age, and what better way to do that than with an edge-of-your-seat virtual reality experience?
HandUnit, Five Nights at Freddy's VR: Help Wanted

The Freddy Fazbear Virtual Experience is a virtual reality game released by Fazbear Entertainment and developed by Silver Parasol Games to make light of the rumors spread about the animatronics. It is the in-universe name for Five Nights at Freddy's VR: Help Wanted.


The game, in canon, was released in order to hide the bad press concerning the defacing stories spread by some "complete lunatic" that seems to be the unnamed in-game counterpart of Scott Cawthon.[1] These stories have, according to HandUnit, been reformatted to be funny and distributed for entertainment.

Intro Sequence

The beginning of the Intro Coaster sequence.

Pressing this will take the player back into the Intro Sequence ride which should have played when they first started the game. This is useful for collecting the tape hidden there. The sequence itself features an introductory welcome speech by HandUnit. After giving a basic summary about the Virtual Experience itself, the player is then presented with a liability waiver which the player must agree to in order to continue. The waiver itself, provided the player is patient enough to let it scroll to the end, reads as follows:

Welcome to the Fazbear Entertainment Quality Assurance team. Before we can officially congratulate you on your fabulous lifetime career choice, you must agree to this simple waiver. Our lawyers have come up with a way to save you time by bypassing all the legal terms, and pages and pages of law-related verbiage by creating this simple in-game app. The important points have been condensed to a single page. Consider precious moments of your life saved.

The auto-scroll feature was designed to protect you from potential repetitive stress injuries. It's just another way that Fazbear Entertainment cares for its employees. You should also take care not to over-exert your eyes while looking at such small text on a highly contrasting document screen. Therefore it is recommended that you rest your eyes while agreeing to these terms. Please close them now for safety purposes. Are they closed? Good. If you agree to the terms presented, you may press the button in front of you to confirm. Or, if you would like to reduce the risk of repetitive stress injury, you may allow the accept button to remain untouched for 10 seconds. The 10 second mark will let us know that you intend to press the accept button, but are a health-conscious individual.

Main Hub Areas

Level Select

This menu allows the player to select minigames. There are seven minigame menus, each containing different levels: FNAF 1, FNAF 2, FNAF 3, Dark Rooms, Parts and Service, Vent Repair, and Night Terrors.

Blacklight Switch

The Blacklight Switch switches the game between the standard menu and the Blacklight Menu. The Blacklight Menu contains a revised Level Select with altered and/or more difficult levels. Blacklight Mode, along with the levels accessed from this version of Level Select, have a blacklight color scheme which exists everywhere except in the Tape Room and the Gallery.

After being unlocked, the Tape Room can only be accessed from the Blacklight Menu by interacting with the glitchy cassette player on top of the Faz-Token counter.


For more information, see Freddy Fazbear's Pizza Theme Song.

FNaF VR- Help Wanted - Showtime (Full View, No Movements)

Showtime as it appears in the game after being activated through file manipulated.

As of yet, the means of activating the Showtime button through normal gameplay has yet to be discovered. The feature has never been properly available since the release of the game and, as of now, seems unlikely to ever be officially implemented. However, through manipulating the files in the PC version, the results of pressing the Showtime button can be viewed, which is a stage performance featuring the four classic animatronics with alternate colors available in Blacklight Mode.

Prize Counter

Main article: Prize Counter

The Prize Counter is a location where the player can summon unlockable prize items.


After clearing Pizza Party, the Gallery button will appear. When clicked, the player is taken to a stage with a selection of characters on the right. A second selection of characters will appear on the left if the player has purchased the Curse of Dreadbear DLC. By pressing the button, an animatronic's model from the game will appear on stage.

Characters that were in the game when it was first released are on the right include:

ICO Freddy.png
Freddy Fazbear
ICO Bonnie.png
ICO Chica.png
ICO Foxy.png
ICO Ennard.png
ICO Mangle.png
ICO ToyFreddy.png
Toy Freddy
ICO ToyBonnie.png
Toy Bonnie
ICO ToyChica.png
Toy Chica
ICO BalloonBoy.png
Balloon Boy
ICO Puppet.png
The Puppet
ICO Plushtrap.png
ICO Nightmarionne.png
ICO CircusBaby.png
Circus Baby
ICO FuntimeFoxy.png
Funtime Foxy
ICO FuntimeFreddy.png
Funtime Freddy
ICO NightmareFredbear.png
Nightmare Fredbear
ICO Plushbaby.png
ICO Lolbit.png
ICO NightmareBB.png
Nightmare Balloon Boy
ICO Springtrap.png
ICO Endo.png
ICO EndoNightmareFredbear.png
Nightmare Endo
ICO Freddles.png
ICO Plushies.png

Characters that were added in the game in later updates featured on the left include:

ICO WitheredFreddy.png
Withered Freddy
ICO WitheredBonnie.png
Withered Bonnie
ICO WitheredChica.png
Withered Chica
ICO WitheredFoxy.png
Withered Foxy
ICO NM Freddy.png
Nightmare Freddy
ICO NM Bonnie.png
Nightmare Bonnie
ICO NM Chica.png
Nightmare Chica
ICO NM Foxy.png
Nightmare Foxy
ICO Dreadbear Gallery.png
ICO Jack-O-Bonnie Gallery.png
ICO Jack-O-Chica Gallery.png
ICO GrimmFoxy Gallery.png
Grim Foxy

Other Areas

Prize Room

Main article: Prize Room

The Prize Room.

The Prize Room can only be entered upon successful completion of a level. The room is adorned with purple, starry curtains and silver stars dangling from the ceiling with a banner above reading "GAME WON! CLAIM YOUR PRIZE". In the middle of the room sits a purple table with a giftbox. Once here, the player cannot leave until they turn the crank on the giftbox and release the present inside. On rare occasion, Plushtrap will jumpscare the player from the giftbox instead of receiving a prize. This will always occur after Night 1 on FNAF 3.

Game Over Room

Main article: Game Over Room

The player will be sent to this room when failing the level, giving the player an opportunity to restart the level or head back to the main menu.

Item Locations


  • A coin may be found in the Gallery, in the drawer under the Return to Main Menu button.


  • A tape can be found in the Gallery, in the cabinet on the player's right. Open the door to find it.


  • After a few days of early access coverage on YouTube, around May 22, 2019, the Blacklight Switch was disabled with an "Out of Order" sign, which effectively locked the beta testers out of the harder levels and from listening to more tapes. This was to prevent further spoilers, as one of the YouTubers went too far into the game.
    • Despite this, a few YouTubers still posted their own recordings of only the levels that were shown from the YouTuber that had "gone too far," even introducing some late-game tapes.
    • Some footage that has been released has shown the "Out of Order" sign to be removed once again; certain playthroughs of the game have shown the sign to be on the box, while newer videos from the same YouTubers have been able to access the Nightmare Mode with no trouble.
  • Based on several files that were discovered within the game's code, there was a multiplayer-like segment which ended up scrapped from the game's final cut.


Intro Sequence


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