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The Fazbear Fanverse Initiative, also known simply as the Fazbear Fanverse, is a collaboration by Scott Cawthon and creators of popular Five Nights at Freddy's fan games, first announced on August 21, 2020.

This project is, in Cawthon's own words, "a giant collaboration involving several fangame creators who have made some of the most popular fangames over the years here in the community. It's a project that's designed to invest into those franchises, give back to the developers, and hopefully bring new entries to those franchises as well!".[1]


Cawthon's goal with this project is to support creators of some of the most popular Five Nights at Freddy's-inspired fangames out there. As such, he will help fund the development of new games for these series. Along with that, some older games in the various series will be remade due to the use of assets that were either copyrighted or made by uninvolved people. This must be done for another part of the project: releasing these series for sale on console and mobile devices in series bundles. Series involved may also end up producing toys and other merchandise. More series may be added to the project in the future depending on the success of the initial releases. As far as Cawthon's involvement, he said he is simply funding everything and letting the creators work on their projects and interact with the community at large as they normally would. The games in the Fazbear Fanverse, are not canon to the story of the original Five Nights at Freddy's series.[2]

List of Related Projects

Below is a list of currently announced projects involved.

Games Involved

There are currently five fan-games involved in this project.

Five Nights at Candy's 4

For more information on the Five Nights at Candy's series, click here.

Five Nights at Candy's 4 teaser image.

Note: The game does not have a confirmed name. Five Nights at Candy's 4 is only a working title.

Five Nights at Candy's 4 is a upcoming fan-game developed by Emil Macko. Five Nights at Candy's 4 will be the fourth and last game of the Five Nights at Candy's series. Forgotten Candy is confirmed to be the main antagonist of the game.

Five Nights at Candy's 4 and the previous games in the series will be officially ported to consoles and mobiles sometime in the future, with the only exception being the original Five Nights at Candy's, which will be replaced by Five Nights at Candy's Remastered. The game will still be released on Game Jolt for free.[3]

The Joy of Creation: Ignited Collection

For more information on The Joy of Creation series, click here.

The Joy of Creation: Ignited Collection is an upcoming fan-game bundle developed by Nikson and is expected to be released in 2021.[4] The collection includes complete remakes of the three Joy of Creation games, including Classic, Reborn, and Story Mode. All these games will be remade from the ground up, with new assets, new gameplay, etc.

Nikson is planning on bundling them all into one application and having the player be able to play them in any order they like. The original Joy of Creation as well as Reborn will keep their arcade-like gameplay style, mostly focusing on high-scores instead of an actual solid ending. The Joy of Creation: Halloween Edition won't be part of the collection.

POPGOES Evergreen

For more information on the POPGOES series, click here.

POPGOES Evergreen logo.

POPGOES Evergreen is a upcoming fan-game developed by Kane Carter. It is a reboot of the POPGOES series that treats only POPGOES Arcade (previously known as POPGOES Arcade 2020 Edition) and itself as canon. It will be released on Game Jolt presumably in 2021.

A bundle is presumed to be released on consoles and mobile, consisting of POPGOES Arcade and POPGOES Evergreen. A new teaser for POPGOES Evergreen shows the animatronic Stone the Crow.[5]

One Night at Flumpty's 3

For more information on the One Night at Flumpty's series, click here.

ONaF3 logo from the trailer.

One Night at Flumpty's 3 is a upcoming fan-game developed by Jonochrome. It is the latest and last installment of the One Night at Flumpty's series, released five years after the last game.

A bundle of the One Night at Flumpty's series consisting of the series will be released on consoles and mobiles. As part of a bundle, One Night at Flumpty's 1 and 2 are updated as well, the copyrighted characters in the game being removed or replaced by Jonochrome's Riddle School characters (another game series he made) and a Hard Boiled Mode is included as well.[6] As of now, the mobile ports for the first two games have been released.

On November 7th, 2020, Jonochrome revealed on Twitter that One Night at Flumpty's 3 was "more or less finished", and that he was currently waiting for the console and mobile ports to be finished.[7]

Five Nights at Freddy's Plus

For more information on Five Nights at Freddy's Plus, click here.

FNaF Plus logo.

Five Nights at Freddy's Plus is an upcoming official re-imagining of Five Nights at Freddy's developed by Phil Morg, otherwise known as Phisnom. He is the developer of several FNaF fangames. On August 28th, 2020, the name of the game was revealed via a retweet from the game's official Twitter account.[8] After that, on September 12th, 2020, a teaser trailer featuring Bonnie was released. Later that year, on October 31st, the model for Freddy, a poster of him, and a room were revealed. After almost three months of hiatus, on January 19th, 2021, three new teaser trailers, as well as a secret fourth trailer were released, showcasing the new models of Bonnie, Chica, Foxy, and the Puppet (albeit the latter two are to a much lesser extent).

After the mostly positive reception of these teasers, Phisnom tweeted four bonus images on January 23rd, 2021, featuring bobbleheads, plushies, the iconic "Celebrate!" poster of Freddy, Bonnie, and Chica, as well as two clocks made by a company named "Fregdrick's Tools and Timepieces". Five Nights at Freddy's Plus will be the only game in the initiative that will be paid on PC.


  • This is the first time ever where Scott is collaborating with creators who created popular Five Nights at Freddy's fan games.
    • Scott may continue collaborating with more fan-game creators if the initiative is successful at launch.
  • Phisnom had another Five Nights at Freddy's fan game, called Another FNAF Fangame: Open Source, although Scott took it down from Game Jolt for using it as a replica to Five Nights at Freddy's 2. Despite this, Scott was very impressed with it.
    • Phisnom stated on his Reddit account that the game at some point will be added back to Game Jolt, however it will have some differences compared to the original concept.
  • The trailer for the mobile ports of One Night at Flumpty's was released early on the official Clickteam LLC YouTube channel on October 27th, 2020.
  • Kane Carter revealed on Twitter that he has sent Scott Cawthon a pitch to add a possible reboot of CHASE: Animatronics, a fangame he made as part of Team EKS, to The Fazbear Fanverse Initiative once he is done working on POPGOES Evergreen and Emil is done working on Five Nights at Candy's 4.[9]
  • On March 20th, 2021, the Game Jolt page for One Night at Flumpty's 3 was leaked. However, Jonochrome said in a tweet that he isn't worried about that since the page is empty.[10]
  • On April 1st, 2021, Mairusu claimed that his Five Nights at Freddy's fangame, Five Nights in Anime, would be part of the next wave of The Fazbear Fanverse Initiative, complete with a "teaser" on the Scott Games website. However, he revealed the next day that it was an April Fools' Joke.[11]
  • According to Kane Carter on Discord, the Jolly series by IvanG was going to be part of The Fazbear Fanverse Initiative. However, Scott was unaware that the Jolly series used copyrighted material (the series is based on a real-life fast food chain). Not only that, IvanG released a teaser for the Fanverse on Twitter before even responding to Scott, alerting the other Fanverse devs of his involvement. After informing Scott of the copyrighted material and the teaser, IvanG was removed from The Fazbear Fanverse Initiative.[citation needed]


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