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Robert, an exhausted single father, gets a crash course in parenting when he buys a fancy new teddy bear to watch and entertain his young son.
Summary, Fazbear Frights #7: The Cliffs

The Cliffs is the first story in Fazbear Frights 7: The Cliffs and chronologically the Fazbear Frights series' 19th story. It was written by Elley Cooper.






Robert is a single father taking care of his two-year old son, Tyler. His wife, Anna, tragically died when giving birth to their child. Robert and his son live by the landform "the Cliffs", which got its name because of the notorious mass suicides where people jump off the Cliffs. Robert feels like he's not enough for Tyler, and can never truly give him a fulfilling life, but he is happy with him regardless.

One day while grocery shopping, Tyler wants to buy the new Freddy Fazbear toy: Tag-Along Freddy. The toy is able to watch children and send updates about their wellbeing to the parents through a wristwatch. Robert buys the toy due to its value, and Tyler loves it. He carries it around everywhere, even in daycare, and Tag-Along Freddy sends reassuring updates to Robert when he isn't around.

While Tyler is playing in the sandbox, Robert gets a call from his phone inside the house, which is just a pre-recorded message selling insurance. When Robert returns, Tyler is missing, his front gate is wide open, and a white van begins to drive away from his house. Tag-Along Freddy sends a text reading "Gone." Robert calls the police, mentioning the white van. An investigation and search party for Tyler begins.

Robert tries to go about his day, but the concerns of Tyler never leave him alone. Neither does the Tag-Along Freddy watch. Throughout the rest of the day it keeps messaging him reading "Why don't you go to the Cliffs?" Every time Robert gets the haunting text, he gets thoughts of suicide. These thoughts anger Robert, and he attempts to destroy the bear; he tries burning it and running it over with his car, but the toy is impenetrable and survives. Eventually, he feels hopeless and heads for the Cliffs, taking Tag-Along Freddy with him.

While preparing to jump, he remembers Anna, his deceased wife, and Tyler. Neither of them would want him to jump; they would both want him to live his life to the fullest and persevere against tragedy. Instead, he angrily chucks the Tag-Along Freddy off the Cliff. He then hears someone screaming from below him. Robert makes his way down where he finds Tyler in a small cave. He reveals that he wasn't kidnapped and was instead chasing a dog. Robert gets Tyler out and they watch the sunrise, father and son now reunited. They head home and tell stories about Anna.


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  • On March 21, 2021, Dawko theorized in his discussion video about The Cliffs that Robert's reunion with Tyler did not actually happen. After his insanity and near suicide on the Cliffs, he imagined Tag-Along Freddy as Tyler to cope, while the real Tyler was still missing or dead.[1]
  • The Ultimate Guide draws attention to the fact that the way Tag-Along Freddy monitored Tyler is similar to how the Fredbear plush would monitor the Crying Child in FNaF4.[2]


  • The Cliffs was originally the second story of the book, hence its short length of just underneath 60 pages.
  • This is the fifth story to have a happy, uplifting ending. The other stories are Into the Pit, Out of Stock, Coming Home, and Blackbird.
  • This story features an All-Mart, this is the same type of store in Dance with Me where Kasey uses a stolen credit card to buy clothes from.


  2. Five Nights at Freddy's: The Ultimate Guide | Page 209 - "Fredbear Plush/Monitor: Fans will recall a similar, albeit different Fredbear plush that monitored another child—the Bite Victim from FNAF4."
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