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The Agony is an amalgamation of Andrew's infected objects. It's possessed by William Afton. It appeared in the epilogue in Fazbear Frights 6: Blackbird.

Physical Appearance

The Agony is a vaguely humanoid-shaped structure composed of the parts that Andrew infected. The body contained animatronic parts formed in a haywire-ish way, with each part misplaced. It has two bunny ears and two gaping black holes as eyes. It stood near 15-foot tall. While the hybrid lacks the remains of the Stitchwraith endoskeleton, having ejected it from its own body, it contains the limbs and circuitry of at least four animatronics in a disorganized fashion. It's implied many other animatronics are inside, but the four animatronics that are confirmed and named to comprise the Agony's parts are Fetch, Ella, Foxy, and the Plushtrap Chaser.


William Afton and Eleanor's malevolent beings gave the Agony several supernatural abilities.

  • Reanimation: William Afton's powers allowed for all the animatronic parts to fuse together and mend to create the Agony. The parts were placed intricately so that the giant trash monster had limbs to move around with. It could hold itself together while moving and being hit by tons of force, such as when Larson impaled it with a forklift and threw it through one of the factory's walls.
  • Absorption: The Agony was like a magnet, being able to absorb all the leftover metal and machine parts within the factory. Anytime an object is absorbed, it's neatly integrated into the metallic body. It even absorbed the parts of the forklift while destroying it. Fully intact and sentient beings who are strong enough like Jake and Eleanor can resist being absorbed.
  • Super Strength: Due to its large size, the Agony can push back against the force of a forklift and break through walls with ease.
  • Infectious Touch: The Agony carries over William Afton's infection, and is able to transfer it just by injuring someone. When Larson was impaled by the Agony, the infection was transferred into him without him being aware of it.


The Agony was first created when the Stitchwraith was being crumpled by the garbage compactor. The unholy spirit of William Afton rose, trying to grab Andrew. Jake retaliated, and the man attacked him instead. The two boys disappeared, with Andrew's fate unknown, due to William's power. After ejecting the endoskeleton that made up the Stitchwraith, the bits and pieces of junk, along with animatronic parts began to fuse together to form the Agony.

The Agony is defeated by both Everette Larson and the Puppet, presumably possessed by Charlotte Emily. It was able to do some significant damage, absorbing as much mass from the infected items as possible, newly acquiring Eleanor. The gigantic garbage kaiju chased Larson across the factory, even throwing him into a wall and stabbing him, putting his infection inside of him. But Larson, with Charlie's help, retaliated by ramming Afton with a forklift out of the factory and into the lake. The Agony stopped the oncoming force and destroyed the forklift, but it was just a diversion. The remains of the Puppet sprang towards the Agony, becoming one with the creature, only to tear it apart from the inside out. While Eleanor was able to eject herself beforehand and escape, the rest of the infected items fall apart and splash into the water. Afton, Charlie and what remains of the Agony drown in the lake.

The infection that Afton had spread was seemingly vanquished when the infected items drowned, and the piece of infection that was inserted into Larson was burned away by Jake. However, Afton wasn't alone this time. William's soul was barely clinging onto life and he had support. Jake believes that something else was powering the Agony, and it was far worse.

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