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Main plotline by Scott Cawthon and partnered game companies

From your terminal you have supplies to buy, papers to print, and repairs to make.
Tutorial Unit, Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator

The Terminal is a vital, monitor-like device in Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator.

It is used for the main night-shift gameplay to maintain the pizzeria by completing tasks and to keep track on the salvageable animatronics, located in the Office.

In the Completion and Insanity Ending, the terminal is used to display Henry's plan and lament.


The Terminal has four functional tabs.


The player must do the tasks or else they will become unable to log off and can't proceed to salvaging. There are daily tasks like ordering plates and napkins or printing flyers and posters. The player can also buy products to do tasks faster like purchasing a new printer.


  • Order Supplies
    • Order cups
    • Order plates
    • Order napkins
    • Order utensils
    • Order pizza kits
  • Advertising
    • Print flyers
    • Print posters
    • Print menus
  • Maintenance
    • Unclog toilets
    • Clean ovens
    • Replace bulbs
  • Equipment
    • x2 Printer - $500
    • HI-SPD Uplink - $500
    • Hire Handyman - $900

Motion Detector


It detects to show the animatronics' general locations, and serves as a replacement of cameras. It does not apparently reveal the locations of the animatronics, but their movement or displayed location are marked by a warning symbol.

Sound Decoy


Using this tab, it will create a distraction to the animatronics by luring them to the room where the song is played. It can hold the animatronics temporarily in place if they are within the adjacent vents of the sound radius. This becomes less effective in later nights, however.

Silent Ventilation


It activates a secondary ventilation system that generates less noise, but it does not cool the player enough to make temperature drop. If the player activates both normal and silent ventilation it will generate a numerous amount of noise but also makes the temperature fall really quick. The player can do tasks while running silent ventilation, playing song, or scanning motion.

There are also advertisements that can pop up if the player accepts the offer at blueprint mode. They will play a song and block the Terminal's entire screen, preventing the player from turning left or right. The player can skip it as soon as they can by clicking on the skip button.



The sound emitted when turning on the terminal.
The sound emitted when turning off the terminal.
The sound emitted when ordering supplies.
The sound emitted when printing using the default printer.
The sound emitted when printing using the new printer.




Completion Ending

Insanity Ending

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