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Well, like I have to be somewhere in 15 minutes, and this place gives me the creeps. Can we just get this over with?
One of the technicians, Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location

The Technicians are two employees of Fazbear Entertainment, Inc. who used to work with the funtime animatronics of Circus Baby's Entertainment and Rental from Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location.


One technician is soft spoken and seems bored with his job, implying he may be used to it, while the other, who speaks using a Brooklyn accent, appears to be less experienced and more uneasy with the environment of Circus Baby's Entertainment and Rental.


The two technicians appear for the first time during Night 4, when they use the Scooper on Ballora. During Night 5, their dead bodies are seen hanging in Ballora Gallery and Funtime Auditorium.


  • It is unknown why Ennard did not use their bodies to escape.
    • Some fans speculated it was because the funtime animatronics wanted to make Michael Afton specifically their host to torture him, as it's implied they mistook him for William and likely wanted to get revenge on him.
    • Others speculated that is was to trick HandUnit into thinking that Ballora and Funtime Foxy were still on their stage.
  • Both of the technicians were voiced by the same actor, Jason Kappus.
  • They were the first humans in the series to reveal their full appearances albeit shadowed, and the only ones to do so outside of those who appear in Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach.


  • Technician 1: "Okay, bring her over. Forward. More. Mooooore. OK, stop. Set her down. Watch the step."
  • Technician 2: "What happened to it this time? It just seems like these things can't go a day without breakin' down."
  • Technician 1: "Who knows? It's always the same, man. Some kinda hardware malfunction."
  • Technician 2: "Well, like I have to be somewhere in 15 minutes, and this place gives me the creeps. Can we just get this over with?"
  • Technician 1: "It's all automated. We don't have to be here for it. Just get her on the rollers and we can go."
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