Missing Info

Right now there is missing info on the page and I'm not sure how the admins want it added. The info is:

  1. On night 3, if you ignore the guide's instructions to not check on Baby, go to her room, and hide under the desk with the door closed, Baby will talk to you about her job, with the numbers she gives being some sort of code. She also recalls one particular incident when there was only one girl in the room, whom she presumably murdered and is now haunted with guilt.
  2. In the death mini-game, there is a particular strategy in which you can deliver a cupcake to every child in the game (I don't know the strategy off the top of my head). If you do that, right before the goal an ice cream cone will drop. Get the ice cream back to the beginning of the stage before the time runs out, and it will show Baby killing the girl, like in the events she recalls from Night 3.


In the trivia section, add under the info about baby not having a jumpscare that Circus Baby is the only character lacking a jumpscare not to have a counterpart who has a jumpscare.

Also, replace Afton's quote with one of Circus Baby's quotes. Poyo (talk) 05:28, November 6, 2016 (UTC)

Baby's main antagonist status in Sister Location

Please stop changing Baby's role in Sister Location; why is it so hard to just call her a main antagonist? She did come up with that whole scooping plan before Ennard even existed. Baby is one of the two main antagonists of Sister Location, and just leave it that way.Freddy Fanatic (talk) 06:22, August 25, 2017 (UTC)