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Why don't you go to the Cliffs?
Tag-Along Freddy's text message, Fazbear Frights #7: The Cliffs

Tag-Along Freddy is a brand of animatronic toys manufactured by Fazbear Entertainment. One of these is featured in The Cliffs, the first story of the Fazbear Frights book of the same name. They are an electronic toy version of Freddy Fazbear.

Physical Appearance

Similar to the Lonely Freddy from the second story of the second book, Tag-Along Freddy is a small, plushy version of the classic Freddy Fazbear. He has his signature brown fur, black eyebrows, and black hat and tie, with a big smile.


Tag-Along Freddy is a kid's and a parent's best pal. Freddy goes where your little one goes and sends you live updates on your Tag-Along Time Wristwatch (Wristwatch included) so you'll know your little one is happy and safe. You may have to be out of sight sometimes, but Tag-Along Freddy is the bear who is always there!
Tag-Along Freddy's box tagline, Fazbear Frights #7: The Cliffs

Tag-Along Freddy is very aware on what a child is doing whenever he's watching. He can tell if a child is playing, eating food, or sleeping. He texts those messages to the parent through the Tag-Along Time wristwatch so the parents can monitor their child's activities.

When Robert tries to destroy Tag-Along Freddy, he is surprisingly durable and fire-resistant.


Robert, due to being a single father, has to ensure the safety of his son Tyler at all times. Tyler is a Freddy Fazbear fan and notices the Freddy plushie while they're at the store shopping. Robert buys the toy to help him keep track of his son.

Tyler carries Tag-Along Freddy with him everywhere, even in daycare. Tag-Along Freddy sends messages to Robert through the wristwatch frequently. One day, Robert leaves Tyler alone in the sandbox to answer a phone call. When he comes back, Tyler is missing and Tag-Along Freddy texts Robert, just stating "Gone." Due to the lack of context, Robert kicks the bear across the yard out of frustration.

Over the course of several hours, the bear constantly texts him to go to the Cliffs, a location where many people commit suicide. After hours of constant pestering, as well as several attempts to destroy the bear by setting it on fire and running over it with his car, Robert takes Tag-Along Freddy with him to the Cliffs. He almost jumps, but remembers his deceased wife. She loved life, and she, nor Tyler, would want him to throw his life away. Robert throws Tag-Along-Freddy off the Cliffs instead. Robert finds Tyler in a hole in the Cliffs, and saves him. He looks over to the Cliffs to see where Tag-Along Freddy is, but is nowhere to be found.


  • It is unclear if Tag-Along Freddy was encouraging suicide, or if he knew where Tyler was and was telling Robert his location.
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