The Supply Closet returns in Ultimate Custom Night as CAM 03. The only primary animatronic found here is Lefty, who is exclusively seen in this room.


The Supply Closet is a small room with 3 pieces of paper on one wall, numerous monitors and three rolls of toilet paper on the floor, and green shelves containing tissues, toilet paper, medical kits and towels.


Lefty will become more active as the Office increases in either temperature or noise level. He will progressively get more agitated in several different stages, until eventually attacking the player. Although he can be soothed by either lowering noise or temperature, he will not revert to any previous stages, and the doors are ineffective in stopping him. The only way to truly stop Lefty is the Global Music Box, as it will make him revert back to his previous stages before he eventually deactivates. Alternatively, Lefty can be removed by using the Death Coin on him. Phantom Mangle and Phantom BB can also appear on this camera, as they can on every other camera in the building.


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