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But as the series went on, a meta story emerged in the post-story stingers, centering around one determined detective, a child trapped between worlds, and an evil that just won't die.
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The Stitchwraith Stingers are epilogues featured at the end of every Fazbear Frights book, each telling one part of a overarching story, revolving around a detective investigating the mysterious entity known as the Stitchwraith, with both parties unaware of other evil forces pulling the strings.

Some of the standalone stories from the mainline anthology are featured in the epilogues, creating a connected universe. All stories have various roles with varying impacts, whether the events of the story are loosely referenced, cameo the animatronic from the story, or are direct prequels to the epilogue's overarching narrative.

This also creates a rough timeline of events, which can be seen here.





Connected Stories


  • Into the Pit: The ball pit featured in this story plays a strong role near the end of the stingers.
  • To Be Beautiful: Eleanor reappears in the stingers as the overarching antagonist. The heart pendant featured in the story also plays a major role.
  • Count the Ways: Millie's fate is revealed in the final stinger.
  • Fetch: The titular antagonist is a part of the Stitchwraith and was also possessed by Andrew.
  • Out of Stock: The Plushtrap Chaser in the story is collected by the Stitchwraith. Stinger #10 reveals that Eleanor created the particular Plushtrap.
  • 1:35 A.M.: Ella is collected by the Stitchwraith, and Phineas Taggart makes a cameo in the story. Stinger #10 reveals that Eleanor played a role in terrorizing Delilah.
  • Step Closer: Foxy is collected by the Stitchwraith. Stinger #10 reveals that Eleanor played a role in haunting Pete.
  • Dance with Me: In a strange sequence, Larson visits the warehouse Kasey and her friends were in Stinger #11.
  • The Man in Room 1280: The titular character is revealed to be William Afton, who becomes the secondary antagonist of the stingers. This story also gives some context behind Andrew's past.
  • Blackbird: Stinger #10 reveals that Eleanor played a role in injuring Sam.
  • The Real Jake: The story explains Jake's past before possessing the Stitchwraith.
  • Hide-and-Seek: Stinger #10 reveals that Eleanor played a role in killing Toby.
  • You're the Band: A room Larson visits in the final stinger is described to be strikingly similar to Timmy's bedroom. This story also focuses heavily on the Puppet and the Freddy's murders.


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This section archives a lot of theories and speculation, which usually occurs from pre-release media, or just things that are still unknown, so please keep that in mind while reading. The page will continue to be updated with the most accurate information as more solid evidence is supplied.


Stinger #1

Detective Everette Larson works at the police department, investigating police cases. Due to his large workload and him prioritizing his job over his family, his wife, Angela, divorced him and claimed custody of his seven-year-old son, Ryan. The chief of the office arrives and gives the detective an infamous case about a mysterious figure who is considered an urban legend; the Stitchwraith.

A strange hooded figure roams the street, collecting random garbage in alleyways. It had been seen scavenging many times by random bystanders. The events of To Be Beautiful are briefly mentioned, revealing the aftermath of Sarah's mutation and eventual death. Her accident ended up all over the news, with students who witnessed it being put into therapy, and many others comparing this incident to the Stitchwraith sightings.

Looking at witness reports and security camera footage, the Stitchwraith's face is shown, with a white mask, one blacked out eye and "blood stains" around its mouth. It's also revealed that this mysterious figure has murdered five people, causing their bodies to decay and black liquids to spill from their eyes. Detective Larson is tasked to figuring out the Stitchwraith's identity, to which he reluctantly agrees to take on the case.

Stinger #2

Homeless man and former professor Grim watches from afar as the Stitchwraith collects the remains of the Plushtrap Chaser, immediately after it was ran over on the train tracks near the end of Out of Stock.

Detective Larson investigates the premises of Margie, all alone after the events of The Real Jake. She explains that she inherited the house after she was hired to take care of a little boy whose father was serving out at sea. and says that "he dies" alluding to both of them. After searching around, Larson discovers a cabinet filled with scribbled drawings, and shows Margie a picture of the Stitchwraith. She recognizes the face. Larson asks Margie what had happened in the house.

Stinger #3

Detective Larson, sulking in regret over not being there for his family, is contacted by the police department, stating that the Stitchwraith has been found at the site of a mysterious fire. Larson notes that this is the second time it's been spotted there.

This section is a flashback. Phineas Taggart, a retired scientist who formerly worked at Evergreen Laboratories, now studies the power of human emotions. He hypothesizes how emotions are more powerful than any sort of physical matter, and can have a direct impact on inanimate objects depending on what emotion is thrown at them, thus explaining the concept of "haunted objects". He was particularly focused on agony, the emotion he considered the most powerful of them all.

During one of his experiments, Phineas inserted the battery pack of Fetch, a robot dog, into the animatronic endoskeleton. He also puts the head of the Simon doll onto the head of the endoskeleton. Finally, he used the agony absorbed from a paper plate, a mirror that "witnessed" a man murder his entire family and a jack-in-the-box, transferring it into the robotic body. The skeleton comes to life and kills Phineas in cold blood.

The police are called (it's later revealed in Stinger #5 that Larson was there as well), and it's presumed Phineas was electrocuted to death by his own equipment. Some of his belongings are eventually packed up, including the endoskeleton. The mysterious being awakens, putting on an old trench coat as the truck drives away.

Stinger #4

This epilogue continues the flashback of Stinger #3. The endoskeleton that killed Phineas was the Stitchwraith, and it is currently possessed by two boys: Jake and Andrew. Jake has control over the endoskeleton's sight and movement, while Andrew can only listen in. The endoskeleton is currently stuck in a moving truck. Both boys have foggy memories, but Andrew can recall wanting to get back at someone who hurt him. He had attached his soul to the man to ensure he never died, even when several people tried to kill him, referencing the events of The Man in Room 1280.

Andrew, and the person he was attached to, had ended up in the Fazbear Entertainment Distribution Center, where the man died and Andrew's soul transferred to Fetch. The dog would presumably be sent to a Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, eventually ending up in the hands of Greg, and then end up in the possession of Phineas Taggart after breaking down in a thunderstorm. Andrew would go on to be transferred to the Stitchwraith body when the battery pack was inserted.

The garbage truck opens and the Stitchwraith is about to be thrown out, but when one of the workers went out to reach for him, Jake inadvertently kills the man when he touches him. His skin turns pale and his eyes bleed black as he dies. Andrew explains that his anger was affecting the endoskeleton and zapping anyone it touched, with the zap being capable of killing people. Andrew also reveals that a number of items were infected by that anger. Jake theorizes that there may be a third entity within the Stitchwraith, a hitchhiker, which is causing the infection. Jake is able to telepathically connect to Andrew's thoughts, so that he can track down all the infected items.

Stinger #5

Back in the present, Detective Larson continues investigating Phineas' death, now aware that the Stitchwraith was created by him. He looks through Phineas' inventory list of all the possessions in his lab, taking interest in the scrapped Fetch animatronic. After connecting the dots, Larson concludes that the Stitchwraith is connected to Fetch, who was connected to Fazbear Entertainment, where several murders had taken place. He then decides to search for more evidence to confirm his suspicions.

Larson heads to the department annex, where files and archives of past crimes were kept, in order to investigate more about the fire that had occurred many years ago. All Larson knew about the fire was that it was connected to one of Fazbear Entertainment's founders. He searches for a while, finding an item that was found in the fire and grabbing it.

Grim spots the Stitchwraith again, carrying a large bag. He decides to follow it. He ends up in a large warehouse, where the hooded figure has been hiding out. Grim notes the large garbage compactor in the building, as well as two red flowers on a shelf. He also notices the arm of an Ella doll, the same one from 1:35AM, sticking out of the bag. The figure had collected the remains of Ella, Fetch, the Plushtrap Chaser and several other unnamed animatronics. Eventually, he's too freaked out to stay, retreating back to his shed.

Jake, within the Stitchwraith, was aware that Grim was there, but let him get away since he had no malicious intent. As he dumps out all the items he had collected, Jake felt tired from being on the move all the time gathering the items, when he suddenly remembers a part of his childhood. He remembers having fun with his dad watching a baseball game. Andrew asks about the flowers on the shelf, but Jake isn't listening. He was slowly getting absorbed into the memory itself. But, Jake snapped out of it, not wanting to leave Andrew. Jake ignores Andrew, as he grabs a watering pot and waters the flowers.

Stinger #6

Larson arrives at the mysterious factory with a bag of evidence from the department annex in hand. He takes out his gun and quietly sneaks into the large expanse. He notices the Stitchwraith next to the trash compactor, emptying objects from a large bag. The Stitchwraith dumps the items from the bag, and reveals a disassembled Foxy, the same one from Step Closer. The parts were thrown into the chute of the compactor to be pummeled. Larson makes himself known to the Stitchwraith, pointing his gun at the endoskeleton.

Andrew is able to take partial control of the Stitchwraith, with Jake trying to resist and preventing Andrew from doing anything. Andrew wants to kill Larson and prevent him from getting in the way, but Jake refuses to cause another innocent person's death. Jake takes full control of the Stitchwraith and presses the compactor's start button, throwing itself into the chute, much to Larson's surprise. Larson watches as the Stitchwraith begins to be squished and contorted in a cube of compacted trash, discovering that the other items that were being collected are caught as well. He witnesses the destruction of the Stitchwraith and its infected items. However, he can see glimmers of a bright light coming from the compactor, and from the Stitchwraith specifically.

Jake is brought back to the memory of his dad and the baseball game, but tries to head back to Andrew, in an attempt to pull him into the memory as well to keep him safe. Andrew grabs onto Jake, but is tugged down from some unseen force. A mysterious, colorful blob was pulling Andrew toward it. As the two forces tugged Andrew around, the blob took physical form, resembling the form of a burnt skeletal man; the Room 1280 Patient, the same man that had killed Andrew in the first place.

The body continued to grow, creating working organs in its bones and yellow, pointy rabbit ears on its head. The creature attacked the Stitchwraith as it was deuterating in the compactor. Andrew was released, but vanished, while the human-like creature engulfed Jake in darkness. While Jake is still inside the Stitchwraith, Andrew is presumably gone forever. The compactor stops, as the flattened infected animatronic parts are ejected.

Larson, having witnessed it all, leaves the factory and drops the bag of evidence he was carrying. He records his findings, despite how outlandish they were. Larson states that all the items from the compactor came from the Fazbear Entertainment Distribution Center and from the site where the serial killer William Afton, notorious for wearing a bunny suit, reportedly died. Due to the light he witnessed coming from the Stitchwraith, he goes further as to speculating that it was haunted by the ghosts of the dead children, and even by Afton himself.

The junk, now a cube of crumpled trash inside of the compactor begins to rise, merging with the burnt skeleton. The Stitchwraith endoskeleton is ejected, while the broken animatronics that make up Andrew's infected items start to shift around. William Afton, fused with the infected remains of Foxy, Fetch, Ella and the Plushtrap Chaser, as well as all the other toys and objects infected by Andrew's agony, rises from the ashes to form a mutated monster nearing 15 feet tall.

Stinger #7

Larson sees Afton's Amalgamation run out of the factory, still taking form from more infected objects. He hides behind a large forklift outside the factory, leaving behind the bag of evidence he had during his escape. As he hides and weighs his options, he notices the Stitchwraith climbing out of the garbage compactor. It had somehow survived getting crumpled by the machine.

Jake had survived after being compressed and ejected from the trash compactor. He still has full control over his body, but Andrew is missing. The giant trash monster began sucking in the remaining debris, with Jake being caught in the pull just as he gets his bearings. He notices a female endoskeleton with a long neck trying to avoid getting sucked in as well; Eleanor. She pins Jake to the ground, her eyes glowing brightly. Jake sensed that she was reaching right inside his soul. He felt a similar evil to Afton coming from Eleanor, but it was stronger. Jake then realizes that there was also evil within him, being infected by Afton during their battle, and Eleanor was somehow extracting the bad energy from him and absorbing it. Eleanor lets go, allowing herself to combine with Afton.

Larson, who witnessed Eleanor attack the Stitchwraith, looks out at the town nearby, realizing that Afton's Amalgamation could hurt more people. He promises to stay behind and stop him, in his son Ryan's honor. Larson heads back to the factory, grabbing the bag of evidence he dropped. But, he's ambushed by Afton, who slams him through a wall and wounded him severely. He started to hear voices shouting at him within his mind not to give up and escape.

When Larson opened his eyes, he was greeted with the face of Afton's Amalgamation looking at him. He also realizes that all of the amalgamation's parts were moving on their own and making strange noises, as if they were singing on stage. Larson attempts to flee, but is stabbed by Afton's foot made from metal parts. Despite being injured, Larson is able to escape Afton's grasp and make his way back to the forklift outside. He notices that the bag was glowing and voices were coming from it.

When he opened the bag, the evidence is revealed to be the charred remains of the Puppet's mask. The voices he heard got stronger. Larson could see the phrase, "Take me to him," in his mind; the being possessing the mask wanting to confront Afton. Larson jumped into the forklift, tied the bag to the forklift's prongs, started it up and rammed into Afton, piercing him and launching him out of the factory towards the water nearby, intending to drown him. The Puppet comes to life and escapes the bag, as the mask and some newly formed limbs go inside of Afton's Amalgamation, giving Larson the time to escape. The detective crashes to the ground, as Afton destroys the forklift.

Larson, still determined to fight, stalls for time by talking to Afton, stating how inhuman he has become. Afton responds, proclaiming he was the embodiment of agony. Its parts moved again, starting to sing. But then, without warning, Eleanor is able to eject herself from the gigantic pile of garbage, crawling away and escaping into one of the factory's vents. The Puppet, within Afton's new form, takes control of the amalgamation's arms and made them pull off other parts. The amalgamation was forced to tear itself apart, causing Afton's new body to crumble and crash into the lake. Larson watches as all the infected items, as well as the Puppet's mask, sink into the bottom of the water; William Afton now defeated.

Jake, who had watched everything unfold, comes to Larson's aid. Jake realized that Larson had been infected by Afton when he stabbed him, so he channels all of his energy from Fetch's battery pack into one of his arms and heats it up to the point where it shines. Holding Larson with his other arm, Jake takes his warm hand and burns away Afton's infection, also burning away some of Larson's flesh in the process. Jake hears police sirens, and leaves Larson to be rescued.

As Jake leaves the factory, he comes to a startling realization; Afton's soul wasn't as powerful as he thought it was. He was barely clinging onto life, using the infection as support. Jake believes that there was something else controlling the amalgamation, and it was even worse.

Stinger #8

Larson wakes up in a hospital after being rescued by the police. The gaping wound from Afton had burned away some of his flesh, and the doctors told him that he had an infection that was burned away as well. He spends time recovering, and his wife Angela even let Ryan visit and comfort him as he heals. After some time, he realizes that the Stitchwraith wasn't controlled by Afton, and even resisted him. It had also saved his life by burning away the infection, despite killing people before. Larson intends to find it again to gain more answers, as well as truly see whether the Stitchwraith was good or evil.

However, over the past few days, he's been having visions from different places and different times from different people. He didn't just see the visions, he was also able to hear and smell the surroundings, experiencing them. One particular memory was watching animatronics perform at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, though others include going to a movie theater and hanging out with friends. But, he always saw the same thing when transitioning between each memory: a ball pit, the same one from Into the Pit. He begins to search for the ball pit because he felt it was connected to all the other mysteries.

Nine days have passed since the incident at the factory, and Jake has remained undercover ever since. As he hides in an alleyway to avoid the rain, Jake feels lonely after losing Andrew during his fight with William Afton. He also still had to worry about the evil force that had powered Afton in the first place still roaming about. Jake finds a sleeping homeless man (presumably Grim) in the alleyway and accidentally touches him. Due to Andrew and his deadly anger no longer being present, the man doesn't bleed black and die. Instead, Jake accidentally takes a glimpse into the man's mind, seeing his memories.

He watches memories of the man having dinner with his wife and two children, going to work, and playing with his family. Jake also experiences the tragic memory of the man crawling out of a car crash with the rest of his family dead in the accident. Trying to ease the man's pain, he begins to expand the happy memory of him eating dinner with his family and puts it in the man's mind. Jake lets go, and the man smiles.

Jake hides in a building when two men walk down the alleyway, and finds a teenage girl passed out on the floor. Her condition reminded him of a drug user in an anti-drug commercial, and gives her water to rehydrate her. Suddenly, the two men barge into the building and threaten the girl for money. Jake realizes they are drug dealers, and out of anger throws one man into a window and burns the other man's forehead with his now glowing endoskeleton. He carries the unconscious girl in the hopes of finding a safe place to stay.

Larson searches for potential places that might contain the ball pit and finally comes across an old, abandoned restaurant. The owner gives Larson the keys and he enters, only to discover that the restaurant is bare and empty. He cautiously enters the ball pit and found it was similar to his visions. He discovers old blood covering the balls, and takes samples of it before leaving.

Elsewhere, one of the drug dealers burst into the hospital, seeking medical attention for himself and his colleague. One of the doctors notices a burn on the man's forehead and wipes it, revealing a message engraved into it; "just say no", an anti-drug commercial slogan.

Jake brings the girl into a shed near some railroad tracks. He tries to keep her comfortable. Suddenly, he hears something crawling outside the shed trying to enter. Jake protects the girl, wishing deep down that someone could protect him as well.

Stinger #9

After some digging, Larson found thirty samples worth of blood in the ball pit. Larson receives the results of the blood samples which were tested in the lab. All thirty samples came from one person, with each sample coming from a different year, due to each one having different amounts of degradation. Larson deduces that something has been bleeding inside the ball pit for over three decades, and is determined to find the source. He suspects that it may tie back to the Stitchwraith and the weirdness surrounding it. Larson plans to learn once and for all whether the Stitchwraith is good or evil.

Sometime passes, as Jake and the girl he rescued continue to hide out in the shed. The thing crawling outside seems to have lost interest in them, and has disappeared. Jake returns with some food, discovering that the girl has woken up. She introduces herself, stating that her name is "Renelle". Jake feels something off about the name, but he ignores it. Renelle looks healthier than before, with combed hair, bright eyes, and clean skin.

Jake tells her that he protected her from the drug dealers, which she thanks him for. He blurts out that he is surprised that she isn't afraid of him. She explains that being homeless for so long taught her that the things that looked like him aren't always monsters, and that the real monsters are those who hurt and take advantage of others. She recalls her past and how she ended up with the drug dealers, explaining that her mother died when she was 13 and her father became obsessed with work to deal with the grief. Her father sent her to a school for delinquents, so she stole some of his money and her father kicked her out, forcing her to survive on the streets.

Renelle sheds tears as she eats the food Jake bought back, as he realizes that she still misses her dad. Jake decides to help reunite her with her father, when at that moment, a ray of sunlight falls on her. He notices that she's wearing a silver pendant in the shape of a heart. He smiles, believing that it's a sign of good fortune.

Stinger #10

Larson continues investigating the blood samples found in the ball pit, after letting another detective look into the history and ownership of the pizzeria where the ball pit was. He discovers that while all the blood samples came from the same blood, the date of origin for each blood sample usually coincided with the disappearance of a teenager. Parents often reported that their teenager saw an animatronic with a female body and a pale face with clown makeup before disappearing. While looking through pictures of missing teenagers, he spots the animatronic behind one of them, wearing a heart-shaped pendant.

Larson noticed another connection between the incidents while looking through the files: a man named Dr. Talbert was called in multiple times during a previous investigation. He specialized in studying a substance called Remnant, which looked like "bubbling liquid mercury". The police department was never able to properly study it. Confused as to how all these random events fit together, Larson decides to finally look for the Stitchwraith again, believing it to be the heart behind everything.

Several days have passed and Jake decides to ask Renelle if he wants to take her home, due to noticing hesitance in the mention of her dad, despite still missing him. Jake was also unable to find any meaningful memories he could use as information, which he assumes is due to her cloudy mind from all the drugs. When Jake tells her that he's taking her back home, she accepts his offer without hesitation.

Renelle is able to find her way back to her dad's house and rings the doorbell. The door suddenly opens, and the dad expects it to be a delivery. She leads Jake in as he surveys the surroundings of the house. He notices two photos. The first one was of Renelle's dad and another man, both in lab coats. Jake recognized the second man; it was Phineas Taggart, who seemed to be friends with Renelle's father. The second photo shocked Jake. It was of Renelle and her dad smiling together, but the girl had curly black hair and brown eyes, as opposed to the straight brown hair and blue eyes that she had right now.

Larson arrives at the home of Dr. Talbert, prepared to question him. He notices that the door is wide open, letting himself in. Larson is shocked to see both the Stitchwraith and a young girl with pigtails in the house. The girl was staring at the photo of Dr. Talbert and his daughter, and then her appearance changed, becoming the girl in the photo. All of a sudden, Larson begins to have another vision.

He sees "Renelle" for who she truly is; Eleanor, an animatronic inhabited by a chaotic force that fed off of people's suffering. Larson is so appalled by Eleanor's evil that he draws out his gun to shoot her. Before he can, "Renelle" looks at him and smiles, as the visions overtake him and he collapses to the ground. He only manages to whisper her real name before losing consciousness.

From there, Eleanor takes Larson on a tormenting trip down her own memories, forcing him to get a glimpse at some of the suffering she's been involved in. He sees Eleanor creating the Plushtrap Chaser from Out of Stock, putting its human eyes and teeth. Larson sees the events of 1:35AM and Step Closer occur, unable to do anything to help as he sees Eleanor torment Delilah through her own hysteria and hold Pete down as his eye and hand are removed. Then, Larson comes face to face with a burnt man in a hospital bed, not knowing it's William Afton. Eleanor bursts out of Afton's chest, pulling Larson inside of the man's burned body as the scene transitions again.

Larson is then taken to Hide and Seek, having to chase Eleanor throughout the maze until he finds a smiling Toby impaled on the wooden pegs. The floor opens up on Larson, as he falls and lands in a field near the train tracks. Larson is now forced into watching the events of Blackbird, as Eleanor spins Sam around and then leaves him to be ran over by an oncoming train. But this time, Larson is able to change the outcome. He runs to the tracks and is able to push Sam out of the way and save his life. Larson pursues Eleanor again, but she disappears, leaving Larson trapped in the mind and in the past.

Back in reality, no more than a few seconds have passed. Larson just whispered Eleanor's name and passed out, confusing Jake. Dr. Talbert suddenly appears, hugging "Renelle" and apologizing for shutting her out, unaware that she's posing as his daughter. Jake, after hearing Eleanor's name and seeing the fake Renelle smile and wink at him, puts everything together. He realizes that she was the one who powered Afton's Amalgamation, and that she was the bigger, more powerful evil.

Jake pushes Eleanor against the wall as a preemptive attack. However, Eleanor used her illusions to make the injury look worse. Dr. Talbert, believing Jake had stabbed "Renelle", takes out a gun and shoots the battery pack of his endoskeleton, disabling him and not allowing him to move or speak. He rushes to help heal Eleanor's "wound", using his special supply of Remnant. Jake tries to tell Dr. Talbert the truth, but he can't hear him. Eleanor smiles as Dr. Talbert prepares the Remnant. Jake realized that this was what Eleanor wanted. She wanted Remnant to become more powerful and eternal. As Dr. Talbert injected Eleanor with Remnant, her Renelle disguise melted away, revealing her true, robotic form.

Stinger #11

Jake dozed off, dreaming that he was having a birthday party with all of his friends. Jake realizes that none of what he was experiencing was real. He needed to escape and stop Eleanor before it was too late.

Larson, still trapped inside of Eleanor's memories, desperately tries to find a way out. The only thing that he can think of was the ball pit, given its influence on his visions. Larson travels through the memory-simulated world and finds the building with the ball pit. Unlike in the present, the pizzeria was actually a Freddy Fazbear's Pizza location, filled with kids and parents. Larson forces the kids to leave the ball pit and jumps in. The ball pit sends Larson to another memory; the junk yard where Sarah had found Eleanor in the first place. The heart shaped pendant glows blood red, as Eleanor jumps out of the broken car and attacks Larson. He sees a nearby trash compactor and throws her in, killing her within the memory.

Eleanor's death in the memory causes Larson to wake up in real life, and subsequently weaken Eleanor in real life as well. Larson catches a brief glimpse of Eleanor's new form having been powered by remnant. Her true form was unveiled; a being made of pure energy and negative emotion. Dr. Talbert is horrified. Black tendrils made of blood shot out of her mouth and wrapped around Larson's face, forcing him unconscious and back into her memories. Now in a new memory, Larson finds the building with the ball pit now abandoned and filled with graffiti. He jumps into the pit and sinks to the bottom.

He ends up in a garage that had boxes filled with knick-knacks such as winter clothes and Christmas decorations. Eleanor appears out of an antique trunk and attacks Larson again, this time going for the throat. Larson is able to throw paperweight at Eleanor to break himself free and then pummel Eleanor to death with a candelabra. This once again wakes Larson up, and this time he sees that the Stitchwraith has started moving, before he's forced back into the hallucinations.

Larson heads back to the building containing the ball pit again, which is now called "Papa Bear's Pancake House". Larson ends up in a kid's bedroom with race car decorations and a Freddy Fazbear poster on the wall. Eleanor bursts out of a nearby closet and attacks him again. Larson bashes her head off her neck with a bat, killing her and waking him up once more. Larson sees Eleanor in great pain, having been weakened by dying in the memories multiple times. The Stitchwraith has now stood up. Eleanor puts Larson to sleep again, as Larson finds the building with the ball pit, once again abandoned and jumps into the pit. He ends up in a warehouse with an old mattress and some sleeping bags. Eleanor drops down from the ceiling, getting the detective in a vulnerable position.

Jake was barely able to stand up. But seeing Eleanor, and thinking back to how she used him and caused so much pain and suffering to so many other people filled Jake with rage. He felt a sudden burst of strength, refusing to let Eleanor win. She seemed half-awake and unfocused, but she launched the black tendrils at Jake in an attempt to send him into her memories too. But, Larson is able to get the upper hand and hold Eleanor down and strangle her. This weakens her, and Jake is able to dodge the tentacles. He used all his willpower to hold Eleanor down and heat up his entire body to burn her. He then searched Eleanor's memories, found the most painful and miserable one, and shoved her in. The black mist disappeared, and Eleanor's body laid inanimate. Eleanor had finally been defeated. Jake leaves before Larson wakes up.

Two weeks have passed, and Larson has gotten closer with Ryan. He cheers his son on as he plays in a baseball game, happy to now have a better relationship with his family. Elsewhere, Jake ties up loose ends, due to the battery powering him running low on energy. He found the real Renelle and reunited her with Dr. Talbert, saved the homeless girl Eleanor replaced and took her to the hospital, and now he's in Jeff's Pizza to see the ball pit. Jake had seen visions of the pit ever since he absorbed Eleanor, and he realized that the ball pit contained the undead souls of her victims. Contained by the blood spurts, they were now a part of the ball pit. Knowing he couldn't do anything to set the spirits free, Jake's final act was to help the victims and to give them peace in their current situation. He walks into the pit and rests as he falls in.

Jake comes in contact with one of Eleanor's victims, Millie. She only remembers what happened immediately after the events of Count the Ways, before she died. She finds herself in a forest, and Jake appears before her. Jake takes Millie's hand, and she's suddenly back at her grandpa's house. She reunites with all of her relatives and they enjoy their Christmas evening together. The balls in the ball pit begin to light up, turning from their original color to gold to a clear view like a crystal ball. The victims could be seen with their families living happily ever after, Jake's memory powers putting the souls at ease. All the undead souls, while remaining stuck in the ball pit, could still rest in peace.

Larson visits Dr. Talbert one final time after everything that happened. Larson asks him what remnant truly is, and why it's so powerful. He explains that remnant is able to create power and life out of memories. The substance had the power to take things that were lost and recreate them, making them seem and feel nearly real. He had begun studying remnant because of Renelle. She was sick when she was younger, and worried that she might die, Dr. Talbert studied remnant and its powers of positive memory. He had created the silver heart pendant, in hopes to hold onto the good memories should Renelle pass. Dr. Talbert is ashamed that his obsession with the pendant was what caused him to lose Renelle.

The pendant was meant for Renelle, but after she was kicked out she had lost it. Eleanor had found it and used its powers for her evil purposes. Having seen Eleanor's horror first hand, he wants nothing to do with the pendant anymore. He decides to give the pendant to Larson, allowing him to do whatever he wants with it. Larson holds onto it, and he leaves. Suddenly, Larson hears a noise coming from the pendant. It sounded like someone was singing, although he couldn't make out the words. Larson held it up to the sun, causing the silver to glimmer. He was happy to finally put everything behind him and move on.

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