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You're nothing at all. Less than nothing. You're nothing but smoke.
Springtrap, Fazbear Frights #8: Gumdrop Angel

Springtrap in the Fazbear Frights series is the main antagonist of What We Found, the third story in Fazbear Frights 8: Gumdrop Angel.

Physical Appearance

Springtrap in this story has a similar appearance to his game counterpart. It is a rabbit animatronic with yellow-green fur and torn ears. The fur is worn down in many places to reveal the metal endoskeleton. Upon further inspection, Hudson finds body tissue and suspects that a corpse is inside. This Springtrap is different in that it has bones sticking out of his ankles.[citation needed]


Springtrap's personality resembles that to his game counterpart. However, he is able to imitate voices of people that Hudson recognize from the past, such as his teacher Mr. Atkin and abusive father Lewis.


Springtrap was discovered at some point and was transferred to the Horror Attraction by Duane.[1] When Hudson first met with the lifeless Springtrap, the animatronic himself comes to life and mimics the voice of Mr. Atkin to taunt Hudson.


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