Sponsors are a gameplay mechanic in Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator. Each day in the pizzeria, the player may acquire some extra cash by accepting a sponsorship offer from one of five companies: Fiztime Pop Soda, Marty's Plungers, Wacky Wart Paste, Lally's Lollies, and Flo's Glossy Floss.


Accepting a sponsorship offer will alter the appearance of the pizzeria, such as streaming banners across the ceiling or sticking signs in the tables and corners. While these changes do not affect the pizzeria's stats, they do hinder the player's view of the area as they tend to be placed fairly prominently.

The sponsorships themselves are advertised via posters with "ACCEPT" and "No thanks." clickable options at the bottom.


During the Office phase of each day, the player's monitor will randomly display a loud advertisement for any sponsors they have accepted. The ad will remain on the screen for 4-5 seconds before becoming skippable. While the ad is on the screen, the player is unable to perform any other task via the monitor, therefore rendering the entire terminal useless for the duration of the ad. The player is also unable to move for the duration of the ad, which prevents them from flashing either vent. The ad also creates more noise that may draw the animatronics' attention toward the Office.