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Not to be confused with Simon from the POPGOES continuity.

I'll be here waiting for you when it's time, okay?
Simon, Fazbear Frights #6: Blackbird

Simon is an animatronic doll that appears in The Real Jake, the second story of Fazbear Frights 6: Blackbird.

Physical Appearance

Simon is a white, 3-feet doll. Once eye is blacked out with a marker because of when Jake stood up to a bully. A drawn on missing lower tooth represented the day the real Jake tried a tough trick with a skateboard. The doll's pockets were overflowing with drawn on tickets to the movies, amusement parks, and zoos. He has a "butter" stain around his mouth, with a "popcorn kernel" in his teeth, which Margie considered to look realistic. He has two small splinters on the pad of the doll's index finger, and another on the very tip of the dolls middle finger. There was "pizza sauce" on his chin and the corner of his mouth, with garlic powder into the white cloth, and a chocolate stain on him. He also has rainbow "paints" under his "nails". He had a smiley face eraser pasted on his hand, and had a broken "shoelace" on his drawn on shoes. His knees had reddish scrapes, grass, and dirt.


The Real Jake

Simon was created by Jake's father, Evan, and Jake's caretaker, Margie. Jake has a tumor in his brain, weakening him to the point of being bedridden, with chemotherapy and other medical treatments not being able to help him. Margie and Evan believe that if Jake is given enough love and reminders of his life when he was healthy, he could heal from his weakened state. Evan couldn't be around to be with his son since he was serving overseas for the military, so Simon was created so that Evan could speak to Jake, despite being miles apart. Every night, Jake and Simon would have a conversation about the real Jake's day, with Simon being hidden in a small cupboard in the room before Simon reminds Jake he'll be in there until Jake is better, where he can come and open the door.

Evan, through Simon, is able to communicate to Jake, asking him how his day was. Whenever Jake brings up his real day, Evan through Simon tells him what the real Jake's day was like, typically saying Simon did exactly the same thing as Jake that day before Margie enters the room in Jake's sleep and updates Simon's sketches symbolizing whatever her charge had said the real Jake had been doing that day. Jake began to look forward to his conversations with Simon more than anything in his day. This routine goes on for awhile, until eventually, Evan is killed when an IED detonates, exploding the vehicle he was in. Margie is told of the news, and that she has inherited Evan's house and custody over Jake. With Evan dead, Simon was useless as Simon had lost the speaker who acted at his voice. Margie doesn't tell Jake about his father's death, stating that Simon won't be visiting. On the last night of Jake's life, Margie hears him having a mysterious conversation with someone in his room, presumably Simon animated by a supernatural force. The contents of the conversation remain unknown.

Jake's condition worsens and he dies. As his body is rolled away, it is revealed the cabinet is door is open and Simon has vanished, implying Jake has possessed Simon and left.


Simon somehow ends up in the lab of Dr. Phineas Taggart. The scientist was interested in the power of emotions, and how they could affect non-living things and even give it physical life if the inanimate object has some type of intelligence in it. Simon was used in one of Phineas' experiments with the emotion of agony being transferred from one object to another. The agony from three different objects was being transferred to an deactivated animatronic endoskeleton. Phineas decapitated the doll, placing its head on the endoskeleton to give it personality. He then used the battery pack of an animatronic dog named Fetch to power the machine. The endoskeleton comes to life and kills the doctor in cold blood.

Jake, who possessed Simon, and Andrew, who possessed Fetch, housed the endoskeleton. They went on to roam the streets in search of items infected with anger by Andrew. Many regular people saw the mysterious being, taking note of Simon's face and mistaking the sauce around his mouth for blood. This being was considered an urban legend, nicknamed the Stitchwraith.


  • Simon shares some similarities with Blank from the Five Nights at Candy's continuity, as both are white humanoid animatronics covered in marker drawings. However, it could just be coincidence.
  • Simon is the fourth original character to debut in the Fazbear Frights series, the first one being Fetch, the second being Ralpho, and the third being Blackbird.
  • Simon is the first component of the Stitchwraith, the other being Fetch.
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