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Sergio acquires a unique novelty toy that instantly brings good luck, but is the toy really leading him to happiness... or to a more monstrous end?
Summary, Fazbear Frights #8: Gumdrop Angel

Sergio's Lucky Day is the second story in Fazbear Frights 8: Gumdrop Angel and chronologically the Fazbear Frights series' 23rd story. It was written by Andrea Waggener.






Sergio works at the best architectural firm in town and is generally applauded for being an architectural phenom due to how quickly he made it to where he was at his age. Above all, he wants to be seen as impressive. His boss, Dale, informs Sergio that he got the promotion as project manager. Sergio is excited, but also ponders on if this is what he truly wants. At his promotion dinner, he reflects on his current relationship with his girlfriend, Violet, realizing that he’s built the relationship off lies. The girl he really wants is Sophia Manchester, a popular girl he met in high school that has still been in his mind even after 10 years. The next day, Sergio wakes up and calls his parents about his new job. He regrets calling when he realizes he just wanted validation from his parents.

Sergio hates his new promotion as it requires longer hours and ten times the work for only a minor increase in pay. His life turns into a depressing cycle of working, attempting to please Violet, getting home late, eating junk food, and getting little sleep. One day, it rains when the forecast predicts the usual sunshine, soaking his papers. His SUV dies on the way home and he walks to a gas station. The rain suddenly stops as Sergio comes across a partially tipped over dumpster. He notices a bright red propeller and when he approaches he discovers a ten-inch figurine of a young boy wearing red and blue striped clothes holding a red and yellow striped balloon and a wooden sign reading, "I'm a lucky boy." The figurine talks whenever it hears Sergio talk. Taking the figurine to the gas station, Lucky Boy says that it's Sergio's lucky day, and he decides to test his luck by purchasing a lottery ticket. The next day, Sergio’s day starts off the same, but Dale sees that Sergio’s health is declining and lets him go home to rest. At home, he is excited to discover his ticket matched the winning numbers.

With $600,000, Sergio asks Lucky Boy if he should fix his car or get a new one, and the toy tells him that he deserves good things. Sergio decides to buy a flashy sports car and a new watch. He takes Violet out to dinner, and she gets upset upon learning he didn’t buy her anything. The next day, his car is stolen. He asks Lucky Boy what to do next, and using his advice decides to buy an inexpensive house to fix up and make his own. Sergio also purchases a new, black, eight-cylinder, extra-cub, long-bed, lifted pickup with massive tires, and at work his insurer calls and tells him that he’s getting all of his money back on his stolen car. That night, he asks Lucky Boy about Violet and decides to break up with her. Sergio, with Lucky Boy's advice, quits his job the next day to start his own business.

Sergio, using Lucky Boy's advise, picks Claire, a single and pretty real estate agent that he believes would dote on him. He explains his company goals and she helps him buy a property to renovate. Later, he takes Claire to a restaurant and explains the story behind Lucky Boy, acting protective over him. A few weeks pass and Sergio begins to become completely dependent on Lucky Boy. Money becomes an issue, and he believes Claire is constantly looking for faults. Lucky Boy says he deserves the girl of his dreams, but he has to go to a dinner with his parents first. Sergio begs his father for money and he agrees to give him a short-term loan. On the ride home, Sergio breaks up with Claire, listing her gifting him shirts and CDs, suggesting he wear lifts after he complained about being short, and her offering him roasted brussels sprouts because they tasted good as her finding faults. Claire gets upset and threatens to throw Lucky Boy out of the window but Sergio swerves his truck, causing it to crash. Claire sues Sergio for negligence.

The day after the crash, Sergio calls his mother and asks if she can see if Sophia will be attending their high school reunion, and he’s excited to learn she is. He gets his truck back just in time for the reunion and he asks Lucky Boy how to be more attractive. He complains about his large ears, and Lucky Boy says he’s better off without them. Sergio is enthusiastic about Lucky Boy's plan. He tells it other features he wants to change—his hair, his small eyes, his long nose, his thick lips, his short height, and his stomach—and eagerly listens to his advice to cut and remove them. Sergio collects scissors, razors, knives, and other tools to mutilate himself.

Sergio arrives at his class reunion late in order to have a big audience for his grand entrance. The music stops and everyone goes silent before a few women scream, one faints, and someone throws up. Some people cover their mouths and turn away while others run towards the back of the room. Sergio’s confused and looks back to see a thick trail of blood with white bits of flesh, bone, clumps of hair, and blobs of pink spongy tissue. Sergio is disgusted, blaming the hotel, and he looks over at a chair where he put Lucky Boy. He turns back to his fellow classmates to look for Sophia.


  • If this story takes place in 1995 and if Lucky Boy is infected by Andrew's agony, then this will make the events of The Man in Room 1280 take place before 1995.
  • This story seems similar of how Vanny sees Glitchtrap from the games.
    • Sergio kept following Lucky Boy's advice even at the cost of disastrous outcomes as well as his own sanity just like Vanny, though it is known that she is called "Reluctant Follower".


  • This story is confirmed to take place in 1995. Sergio was part of the "Class of '85", and he attended the 10 year reunion of his class.
    • This is the second story to mention the year 1985. The first was Into the Pit.
    • Interestingly, 1985 is the only year to be mentioned throughout the entire Fazbear Frights series.
  • The ending is foreshadowed by one of Sergio's coworkers, where he warns him to not "cut off your nose to spite your face."
  • This is the fifth story with an ambiguous ending that's left up to interpretation. The others include Count the Ways, Fetch, Dance with Me and The Breaking Wheel.
  • Sergio's Lucky Day was originally the third story of the book, but switched places with What We Found for unknown reasons.
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