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Springtrap Corpse Head DEMO.png "I repeat, the classic suits are not to be touched, activated or worn."

This article refers an idea or a list of content that has been scrapped out for various reasons.
They can be presented in the decompiled files, concept designs, or other non-interactive media.

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A list of animatronics who were planned to be included in the Five Nights at Freddy's games but ultimately cut during production.


Beaver Animatronic

The unnamed beaver animatronic was a character intended to be the main antagonist of the first game. It was replaced by Freddy Fazbear due to bearing too much resemblance to Chipper from Scott's earlier game Chipper and Sons Lumber Co.[1] Another rejected idea was to have the beaver animatronic appear as a fourth character, but was replaced by Foxy for the same reason.

A similar idea for this character was later used for El Chip, who made his debut in Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator.

Wolf Animatronic

The unnamed wolf animatronic was an animatronic thought up by Scott Cawthon for the first game. At the end, the concept for this character was rejected in favor of Foxy.[1]

A similar idea was used for Twisted Wolf from The Twisted Ones novel, and Roxanne Wolf in Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach.

Blacklight Animatronics

The unused models of Blacklight Freddy, Blacklight Bonnie, Blacklight Chica, and Blacklight Foxy.

The blacklight animatronics (Blacklight Freddy, Blacklight Bonnie, Blacklight Chica, and Blacklight Foxy) from Funko's products that were originally intended to be in Five Nights at Freddy's: Help Wanted. They are found in the main Hub area in the game when in blacklight mode, but are never seen by the player as the curtains for both stages are completely shut. Blacklight Bonnie is also featured in his blacklight mode Parts and Service level, though due to the lighting of the level it is hard to notice it is actually the blacklight form.

The main three animatronics' (excluding Foxy) completed textures and models exist in the files. Besides the eye texture, a texture for Blacklight Foxy's main body is completely missing from the files.

Leftover Glitchtrap

LeftoverGlitchtrap GameFiles.png

Inside the Help Wanted files, a leftover and untextured model for Springtrap can be found. Said model is also labeled "Glitchtrap".

The model has no physical differences between itself and Springtrap, with the exception of a small stitch-like indent on the upper left-hand side of his torso. It may be possible that this was supposed to be the original Glitchtrap, as it is the origin of Glitchtrap's name, but this is uncertain.


Babytrap in Help Wanted was meant to serve as Plushtrap's replacement for his Dark Rooms level segment in blacklight mode. The only evidence to support Babytrap's existence is that her name and instructions are found deep within the text string files. It is entirely possible that Babytrap was quickly scrapped for Plushbaby.

Burnt Freddles

Burnt Freddles.png

In the Curse of Dreadbear DLC game files for Help Wanted, there is a different texture for the Freddles that is left unused. They were apparently supposed to be for the "Build-a-Mangle" segment in the Spooky Mansion level (presumably Hard Mode which is not available for the Curse of Dreadbear campaign). The texture appears to look burnt, thus the name Burnt Freddles were given.

Frozen Glamrock Endo


A frozen variant of a Glamrock Endo is located in the files of Security Breach. Although some body parts were found ingame, the complete model goes unused. There is also an unused side quest related to this endo, as suggested by the side dialogue between Gregory and Freddy:

  • Gregory: "That endo's frozen solid. It's holding some sort of camera."
    "Freddy, its cold in here."
    "Freddy, it's freezing in here..."
  • Freddy: "Perhaps if you adjusted the heat in the boiler room, you could melt it. The boiler room is down in the Utildors. I will mark it on your map. However, I do not reccomend you go there."
  • Gregory: "Hot! Too hot!

Nightmare Helpy

From the game files for Security Breach, one of the unused collectibles is "Nightmare Helpy", implying that Helpy was intended to have a nightmare counterpart.


  • On October 2014, Scott Cawthon confirmed that the first game's cut animatronic characters will return in Five Nights at Freddy's 2.[2] As it seems possible that Balloon Boy and the Puppet in the second game are the animatronics cut from the first game, Scott stated in his 4th anniversary interview with Dawko that the unnamed beaver and the wolf animatronic are the first game's scrapped animatronics. Currently, it is not clearly known if Scott really planned to have the beaver and the wolf animatronic come back but ultimately declined, or intending to have BB and the Puppet included in the first game while the beaver and the wolf animatronics are merely rejected concepts before choosing Foxy.



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