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Were you looking for similar characters of the series: Twisted Wolf from The Twisted Ones of the novel trilogy or the Pirate Wolf enemy from Freddy in Space 2?

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Roxanne Wolf, Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach

Roxanne Wolf is a glamrock animatronic that appears in Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach as one of the primary antagonists.

Physical Appearance


Roxanne Wolf is an animatronic wolf with a punk rock aesthetic. Her eyes are bright yellow, while her fur is gray. She wears purple lipstick and toenail paint, green fingernail paint, and face paint with a series of black markings. Her hair is long and silver, with a bright green streak. Just like Glamrock Chica, there is a panel-like seam under her chest, as well as on both of her outer upper arms, but additionally has panels in the same relative position on her upper thighs. Her clothes consist of a red crop top t-shirt printed with some black star shapes that exposes her stomach, black earrings, bracelets around the wrists and neck, a spiked belt, red short-shorts, and red shoulder pauldrons.


After being hit by a mini-kart at the Roxy raceway, she was heavily damaged. She lost her eyes because it was taken by Gregory. However, Roxanne can no longer be stunned with a Fazerblaster or Faz-cam. She can only rely on voice cues to catch Gregory. Her face is mostly destroyed and her hair is a tangled mess. Her voicebox is slightly damaged when she speaks, and her casing is shattered, partially exposing her endoskeleton. Roxanne's shattered design somewhat resembles Withered Bonnie's design, albeit only missing her eyes.


Roxanne is self-centered, shown by her repeatedly complimenting herself in the mirror, and furiously asking Gregory if he thinks himself better than her. She also has a competitive nature, as she views finding Gregory as a game she needs to win. She even seems to enjoy taunting and insulting her enemies, notably insulting Gregory by saying he has no friends and that no one will miss him. However, she is additionally shown to have self-esteem issues, as at one point she can be seen calling herself a failure while looking in the mirror, and several of her voice lines while hunting imply she likes bullying people for their own insecurities. Roxy talks to herself a lot, and cares a lot about her appearance, sobbing and wailing after Gregory partially destroys her face. She also does not want her friends to see this more vulnerable side of her, as when Glamrock Freddy enters her room while she is crying, she angrily tells him to get out of her room.


Roxy is very fast and persistent when chasing Gregory. If she comes close to him, she will leap at Gregory in an attempt to catch him. If Gregory is hiding while near Roxy, she will sniff to find where Gregory is, making hiding from her pointless.

After being mauled by a kart and with her eyes removed, she loses the ability to see and can no longer be stunned with the Fazer Blaster and Faz-Cam. She will rely on audio cues instead, becoming more aggressive when she hears Gregory and gaining an increased lunge. She is next seen in the ruins of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza Place where Gregory must prevent Burntrap from corrupting Glamrock Freddy. She acts as a distraction to stop Gregory. She is heard still crying about her ruined body while walking down the left hallway.

The only way to fend Shattered Roxanne off is to get inside Glamrock Freddy and use Glamrock Chica's upgrade to disorient her, after which she will flee the immediate vicinity.


Game Title Role Description
Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach Major character First appearance; primary antagonist under Vanny's control.
Five Nights at Freddy's AR: Special Delivery Major character Posthumous antagonist.*
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