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Roxanne Wolf, Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach

Roxanne Wolf, also known as Roxy, is a glamrock animatronic who appears in Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach as a major antagonist and the RUIN DLC as a minor supporting character. She is the self-centered keytar player of the glamrock band who gets run over by Driver Assist Bot and her eyes removed for Glamrock Freddy. She also has connection to the protagonist of RUIN, Cassie, who she saves near the end of the game.

Additionally, she appears in Tales from the Pizzaplex as a recurring minor character.

Physical Appearance[]


Roxanne is an animatronic wolf with a punk rock aesthetic. She presents as a gray-furred wolf with bright yellow eyes. She has black streaks of makeup on her cheeks and wears purple lipstick. The claws on her feet are painted purple, and the claws on her hands are green. Her hair is long and silver, with a bright green streak. Just like Glamrock Chica, there is a panel-like seam under her chest, upper arms, and upper thighs. She also has light grey markings on the inside of her ears, paw pads, around her muzzle, and on her belly. Her clothes consist of a red crop top, hot pants, and shoulder pads adorned with black star-like patterns. Additional accessories include black and purple earrings, two spiked bracelets, a spiked belt, and purple arm and leg warmers with black tiger stripes.


After being hit by a mini-kart at the Roxy Raceway, Roxanne is heavily damaged. Her eyes are taken by Gregory to upgrade Glamrock Freddy, blinding her and rendering the Fazerblaster and Faz Camera as ineffective. Her face has been mangled, with the centermost area around the "eyes" having a large, jagged hole and her jaw being completely loose. Chunks of her casing are broken and missing, exposing the endoskeleton beneath. Her hair is tangled, with oil and dust dirtying the entirety of her body. Her tail is also been almost completely cut off, exposing its wire and endo underneath.


Roxanne Wolf has been damaged even further following the events of Security Breach. Her shell is damaged further, with her endoskeleton being entirely visible due to a near-complete lack of casing on the area. Both of her ears' casing is now missing, leaving the endoskeleton default in their place. She now wears a fish-like mask on her face to hide her disfigurement. Her jaw is noticeably still loose from when the kart slammed onto her, even with the new mask on her endoskeleton head. She’s missing a finger in her left hand. However, when Cassie puts the Security Mask, Roxanne's missing parts reappear in a hologram like state which glow a bright green similar to VR Toy Freddy.


In Security Breach, Roxanne Wolf is self-centered, shown by her repeatedly complimenting herself in the mirror and furiously asking Gregory if he thinks himself better than her. Furthermore Roxanne is shown to be cruel and sadistic; being both emotionally, and physically abusive. This is seen where she notably taunts and insults Gregory by saying he has no friends and that no one will miss him, while calling him a little coward for not standing up to her when she hunts him. However, she expresses low self-esteem issues, as at one point she can be seen calling herself a failure while looking in the mirror. Roxy speaks to herself often, showing great care about her appearance. Her pride causes her to hide her vulnerabilities, as when Glamrock Freddy enters her room while she is crying, she angrily tells him to get out of her room. When she is damaged following Gregory's drive at Roxy Raceway, she begins to patrol while in despair; sobbing and lamenting her mangled state.

By RUIN, Roxanne's low self-esteem remains, being much more evident than before. Roxy is shown to be vindictive and bears a grudge against Gregory for taking her eyes. However, when she is in safe mode near the end of RUIN, she's generally kind and caring, especially towards the protagonist of RUIN, Cassie, as she becomes docile and remorseful upon being freed of her corruption after hearing Cassie's voices. Later on, She greets her with a warm welcome when Cassie is tasked with deactivating her, as she reminisces of how she remembered the details and date of her birthday along with her favorite type of cake, while hesitating when Cassie was about to install the Faz-Wrench into one of her eye sockets. Furthermore, Roxy becomes fiercely protective, going as far as to follow and save Cassie from The Mimic. Roxy is Cassie's favorite character, solidified by the Roxy-Talky's in-game description. This may be likely due to Roxy's significance to Cassie, making an appearance to her birthday party when nobody else did as well as making it special for her, asking if she booked her party and assuring her that she was certain her friends would attend this time.


Roxy is very fast and persistent when chasing Gregory. If she comes close to him, she will leap in an attempt to catch him. If Gregory is hiding while near Roxy, she seems to be able to functionally sniff and track him.

After being mauled by a kart and losing her eyes, she loses the ability to see and can no longer be stunned with the Fazer Blaster and Faz-Cam. She will rely on audio cues instead as well as her own vengeful rage, gaining an improved lunge and becoming more aggressive towards Gregory.

In the RUIN DLC, Roxy is the only animatronic to be tricked with Helpi's A.I-generated voices when using the Camera System. Rather than using Cassie's voice, the systems provoke her with Gregory's.

In the RUIN DLC, Roxy is the only animatronic to be able to talk quite efficiently even after being severely damaged in the events of Security Breach, as seen when she briefly communicates with Cassie before going through the reboot pattern.


Title Role Description
Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach Major character First appearance; secondary antagonist in main Security Breach campaign and secondary antagonist turned deuteragonist in RUIN DLC.
Five Nights at Freddy's: Help Wanted 2 Major Character Secondary antagonist.

Title Role Description
Tales from the Pizzaplex 3: Somniphobia Minor character Appears in the Somniphobia story; first physical appearance.
Tales from the Pizzaplex 4: Submechanophobia Minor character Appears in the Animatronic Apocalypse story; as an Animatronic Apocalypse ingame character.

Appears in the Bobbiedots, Part 1 story; cameo.

Tales from the Pizzaplex 5: The Bobbiedots Conclusion Minor character Appears in the The Storyteller story; cameo, infected with Mimic1 programming.

Appears in the Bobbiedots, Part 2 story; large picture near her greenroom.

Tales from the Pizzaplex 7: Tiger Rock Minor character Appears in the The Monty Within story; both as a cutout, and a character in Fazcade Tag-team attraction.

Appears in the Bleeding Heart story; both as an animatronic, and an action figure.

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