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When you sign up for a Bunny Call, the rabbit over there—his name is Ralpho—will visit your cabin.
Marjorie explaining Ralpho's function, Fazbear Frights #5: Bunny Call

Ralpho is the main antagonist in Bunny Call, the first story in the book of the same name.

Physical Appearance

Ralpho is yet another rabbit-based character. It has floppy ears, with a black and blue magician's top hat between them. He has blue cheeks between its mouth, buck teeth, along with orange fur. Although it has blue eyes in the cover, it's said that they were a bright pink in the story. It holds two large cymbals in its hands and wears a black and white checkered vest, as well as a yellow and white polka dot tie. According to Bob Mackenzie, the rabbit must be at least six and a half feet tall, not including the ears. Unlike the usual animatronics, Ralpho doesn't have a segmented body, suggesting he may be costume rather than an animatronic.


Ralpho is used in what is known as a "Bunny Call", where he visits every cabin that has signed up for one on the first day at camp between 5 AM and 6 AM, and bursts into each whilst screaming, clashing his cymbals and spinning his head around. Supposedly this helps energize children by giving them a rush of terror. It isn't directly stated whether Ralpho is an animatronic or a costume, though its lack of a segmented body, its human behavior when coming across Bob, and the cancellation of the Bunny Call due to the counselor responsible for it oversleeping seems to suggest that it's a costume.


Ralpho is a large animatronic or costume standing at six and a half feet by Bob's prediction, presumably manufactured by Fazbear Entertainment, but rather than being used at a pizzeria, it's used at a native summer camp, Camp Etenia. During the activity sign up process, the protagonist, Bob is offered the chance to sign up for a Bunny Call. Resentful at being dragged to the camp for a week and becoming resentful of the restrictions marriage and parenthood had forced on him, Bob signs up to scare his wife and three kids.

Initially Bob is grateful to Ralpho and eagerly awaits the Bunny Call, but after a restless night and conversation with another father who had signed up, Bob shifted stance and wished to cancel the prank, however was unable to do so. Left with no other choice than to await the rabbit's arrival and turn him away. When Ralpho arrived and tried to enter Bob tried politely cancelling the Bunny Call, which at first Ralpho seemed willing to co-operate with and began to leave, but quickly the animatronic tried to force his way in, being repelled by Bob punching the paw grasping at the door, drawing blood from Ralpho as it retreated.

Ralpho tried to gain access Cabin Nuttah through various other entrances as Bob tried to survive until 6 AM, which he hoped as it was the time the Bunny Call's stopped, would cause the rabbit to give in and leave while being as quiet as possible to prevent his family from waking. Initially Bob simply tried to keep Ralpho out to hide the fact he had signed up to terrify his family, however he was soon overwhelmed with a sense of danger, and letting Ralpho in would be disastrous.

In order, Ralpho tried to gain access through the front door (paw punched by Bob), multiple windows (first being pushed out by a tennis racket, drawing more blood, the second having his paw attacked by a tackle box), then the rabbit tried the trapdoor connected to the crawl space (failing after Bob put a chest and his own mass over the trapdoor, preventing Ralpho from pushing it up) and finally through a window connected to the attic, being able to put half his form through before 6 AM arrived. The shift in hour caused Ralpho to retract from the window and dropped to the ground below, retreating away and leaving the family in peace.

The next morning the owner of Camp Etenia, Evan, addressed the gathered campers at breakfast and apologized the Bunny Calls hadn't been performed as the counselor who performed them (either in costume or through wireless control of the Ralpho animatronic) had overslept, leaving Ralpho's siege of Cabin Nuttah a mystery.


  • Ralpho is the second original character to debut from the Fazbear Frights series, the first being Fetch.
  • Despite Ralpho being described as a human-sized animatronic standing over six feet in the book, he is illustrated resembling a Jolly Chimp on the cover.
    • LadyFiszi, the artist who illustrated the Fazbear Frights covers, commented on the discrepancy in his eyes and size saying, "I haven't read the books, I assume the stories were also in process when I was making the covers. I had a description of the bunny thought which didn't mention size and said he was orange, but it was really detailed with other stuff like his outfit. But if you want very accurate artwork just from text, it will never be, despite the text being very-very detailed."[1]
  • It's unclear whether or not Ralpho was manufactured by Fazbear Entertainment, or if there even is a connection to the company at all.
  • Ralpho bleeds at one point in the story, implying that he's more than just a soul trapped in an animatronic, possibly being powered by agony or some other supernatural force.


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