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Prototype is one of several enemies encountered in FNaF World. It is only encountered in Blacktomb Yard.


Prototype has the appearance similar to that of a endoskeleton, possessing lanky, non-moving arms, ears, yellow-green eyes, robotic claws, and a dapper hat and bow-tie. Prototype shakes back and forth minorly. Its face closely resembles Freddy's with triangular-shaped teeth.


Basic "hook" attackDeals medium damage to a single party member.
Summons an amount of melted cheese that deals damage over time (puts 5 globs instead of 3).




  • Prototype first appeared in FNaF World: Halloween Edition.
    • Its design looks slightly different with a purple bow-tie, yellow eyes, a long neck, a skeletal hand and foot, carrying a microphone, and wearing a brown shirt with a single yellow button.
  • Due to Prototype's odd movement, it is possible that it is malfunctioning.
  • Prototype is one of the glitch forms of >>>>>>.
  • According to the first trailer and the image on the IndieDB game page, the design of Prototype was changed before release, as well as the idle animation.
    • Prototype's original design had the bow-tie and dapper hat colored in purple, instead of black, the dark purple parts of Prototype's torso were orange. Prototype also appeared to have red eyes and claws, while currently, the aforementioned parts of Prototype's are colored green and light purple.
    • The original bow-tie and dapper hat color made Prototype show resemblance to Nightmare Fredbear in both FNaF World and the core game (Five Nights at Freddy's 4)
    • This ironically means that there is a prototype of Prototype.
  • Prototype's original idle animation had arms that were able to bend rather than droop downwards, and its bow-tie was originally going to spin. Prototype also was possibly originally to be encountered in Fazbear Hills and Dusting Fields.
    • However, this may just be because Fazbear Hills and Dusting Fields could have been the only areas to be finished at the given time of development of the game.
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