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The Prize Counter is an area accessed by pressing the Prize Corner button while in front of the game selection monitor from Five Nights at Freddy's: Help Wanted.


It shares no resemblance to the Prize Corner in the second game; instead, it looks like a real prize counter that would be found somewhere like Chuck-E-Cheese, or that could be found at a real Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria. The player can summon items that are unlocked by completing minigames here using the tablet-like device to the right of the player.


Prizes are unlocked at the end of levels; the player will open a present with a hand crank (similar to a Jack-in-the-Box) and will receive a random prize. These do not seem to repeat. Note that all prizes with bold text are edible, all of the prizes with italic text can be only be eaten three times until the player dies, and all of prizes with quotation marks can be worn.


Special items appear on the first screen of the Prize Select and must be unlocked by reaching a certain threshold of Faz-Tokens. Furthermore, Exotic Butters will appear on the counter once all thirty Faz-Tokens are collected.

ICO Basketball.png
(Available from beginning)
ICO Roach.png
(5 Faz-Tokens)
ICO Cup.png
Plastic Cup
(8 Faz-Tokens)
ICO Fan.png
(10 Faz-Tokens)
ICO Paper.png
Rolled Paper
(15 Faz-Tokens)
ICO FreddyMask.png
Freddy Mask
(20 Faz-Tokens)
ICO 8Ball.png
(22 Faz-Tokens)
ICO Helpy.png
(25 Faz-Tokens)


ICO PlushCircusBaby.png
Circus Baby (PlushBaby)
ICO PlushScrapBaby.png
Scrap Baby (PlushBaby)
ICO PlushFuntimeFoxy.png
Funtime Foxy
ICO PlushFuntimeFreddy.png
Funtime Freddy
ICO PlushNightmarionne.png
ICO PlushToyFreddy.png
Toy Freddy (even though the icon is of Freddy).
ICO PlushToyBonnie.png
Toy Bonnie
ICO PlushToyChica.png
Toy Chica
ICO PlushPuppet.png
The Puppet
ICO PlushBonnie.png
Bonnie (even though the icon is of Toy Bonnie).
ICO PlushChica.png
ICO PlushFoxy.png
ICO PlushFreddy.png
Freddy Fazbear

Action Figures

All of the action figures can be eaten, but instead of a crunch noise there is a choking sound followed by heavy breathing. After eating three action figures, the player will be sent to the game over screen, implying that the player choked to death. If the player press restart it will send them back to the game they were last playing.

ICO ActionFigureFreddy.png
Freddy Fazbear
ICO ActionFigureEnnard.png
ICO ActionFigureMangle.png
ICO ActionFigureToyFreddy.png
Toy Freddy
ICO ActionFigureToyBonnie.png
Toy Bonnie
ICO ActionFigureToyChica.png
Toy Chica
ICO ActionFigureBalloonBoy.png
Balloon Boy
ICO ActionFigurePuppet.png
ICO ActionFigurePlushtrap.png
ICO ActionFigureBonnie.png
ICO ActionFigureChica.png
ICO ActionFigureFoxy.png
ICO ActionFigureNightmarionne.png
ICO ActionFigureCircusBaby.png
Circus Baby
ICO ActionFigureFuntimeFoxy.png
Funtime Foxy
ICO ActionFigureFuntimeFreddy.png
Funtime Freddy
ICO ActionFigureNightmareFredbear.png
Nightmare Fredbear
ICO ActionFigureBonBon.png


All of the prizes in this category can be eaten.

ICO DisappointmentChips.png
Disappointment Chips
ICO SpicyElChipsChips.png
El Chip's Tortilla Chips
Bold and Spicy
ICO MeatBitesXL.png
Meat Bites XL
ICO BonnieBites.png
Bonnie Bites
ICO MixedNuts.png
Allergy Friendly Mixed Nuts
ICO MeatBites.png
Meat Bites
ICO StickOfButter.png
Stick of Butter
ICO PiratePlunderBar.png
Pirate Plunderbar
ICO FoxyCoveCooler.png
Foxy Cove Cooler
ICO ButterForOne.png
Butter for One
ICO FreddyFudgeBar.png
Freddy Fudgebar
ICO ExoticBeverage.png
Exotic Beverage
ICO Sodaroni.png
ICO ChicaChug.png
Chica Chug
ICO ElChipsChips.png
El Chip's Tortilla Chips
ICO Fazbar.png
ICO ChicaLemonBar.png
Lemon Chica Bar
ICO CakeSlice.png
Slice of Cake


ICO Cupcake.png
Toy Cupcake
ICO Phone.png
Toy Phone
ICO Caterpillar.png
Toy Caterpillar
ICO Robot.png
Toy Robot
ICO Balloon.png


Just like the Action Figures, it's possible to be choked to death by eating three of the Bobbleheads.

ICO BobbleFreddy.png
Freddy Fazbear
ICO BobbleChica.png

ICO BobbleBonnie.png


ICO Prize WFreddy AF.png
Withered Freddy
ICO Prize WBonie AF.png
Withered Bonnie
ICO Prize WChica AF.png
Withered Chica
ICO Prize WFoxy AF.png
Withered Foxy
ICO Prize NMFreddy AF.png
Nightmare Freddy
ICO Prize NMBonnie AF.png
Nightmare Bonnie
ICO Prize NMChica AF.png
Nightmare Chica
ICO Prize NMFoxy AF.png
Nightmare Foxy
ICO Prize CandyBucket.png
Cupcake Candy Pail
ICO Prize CandyBag01.png
Teethy Chew
ICO Prize CandyBag02.png
Chewy Treat
ICO Prize CandyBar01.png
ICO Prize CandyBar02.png
Eat N' Cry
ICO Prize CandyDrop01.png
Katz Black Licorice
ICO Prize CandyDrop02.png
Bite Late Night
ICO Prize CandyTwist01.png
ICO Prize CandyTwist02.png
ICO Prize PumpkinBonnie.png
Bonnie Pumpkin
ICO Prize PumpkinChica.png
Chica Pumpkin
ICO Prize PumpkinFoxy.png
Foxy Pumpkin
ICO Prize PumpkinFreddy.png
Freddy Pumpkin
ICO DLCCandyBag03.png
Buccaneer Bounty
ICO DLCCandyBag04.png
Chica of the Sea
ICO DLCCandyBar03.png
Devilish Delight
ICO DLCCandyBar04.png
Moon Drop
ICO DLCCandyDrop03.png
Lavender Dollop
ICO DLCCandyDrop04.png
Third Eye
ICO DLCCandyTwist03.png
ICO DLCCandyTwist04.png
ICO DLCFreddyMask.png
"Freddy Mask"
ICO DLCBonnieMask.png
"Bonnie Mask"
ICO DLCChicaMask.png
"Chica Mask"
"BB Mask"
ICO DLCFoxyMask.png
"Foxy Mask"
ICO DLCMangleMask.png
"Mangle Mask"
ICO Jack-O-Bonnie.png
Jack-O-Bonnie Figure
ICO Jack-O-Chica.png
Jack-O-Chica Figure
ICO GrimmFoxy.png
Grimm Foxy Figure
ICO Dreadbear.png
Dreadbear Figure


  • When opening presents after a level, the player may get a jumpscare from Plushtrap rather than a prize.

    The Basket of Exotic Butters at the Prize Counter

  • Once the player obtains all 30 Faz-Tokens, the Exotic Butters will appear on the left side. A button is hidden under the butter which turns on the TV. A list of things the TV has displayed can be found in the following section.
  • After completing Corn Maze through use of the secret exit, the rabbit mask found there will appear sitting in front of the prize select.
    • If the player puts on the rabbit mask and picks up the Glitchtrap plush, a secret audio will play from the Reluctant Follower.
      • In Flat Mode, this can be done by wearing the mask while the Glitchtrap plush is near the Prize Counter. For PS4 players, this may entail throwing the plush across the main area at the Prize Counter.


The Television at the Prize Counter can be turned on by pressing the button in the bottom of the basket of Exotic Butters. The TV itself serves as an Easter Egg basket with images that occasionally rotate out. The following is a list of things that have been seen on the Television:

  • Originally, the TV showed several "live-action" photographs of animatronics from the restaurant/arcade ShowBiz Pizza. Scott Cawthon explained that they were removed because he did not want to send unwanted attention to the restaurant.[1]
  • The "live action" images were quickly removed and replaced with Lolbit's pop-up from Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location and Ultimate Custom Night.
  • Before the 5th patch, the screen would turn into static and then stop.
  • The TV later changed to display a teaser image featuring the four main withered animatronics. This image was later used for the withered level in FNAF 2.
  • The TV later showed a picture of a field with a TV and the animatronic rising from the ground. This animatronic was later confirmed to be Dreadbear through the Curse of Dreadbear trailer with the image having been a teaser for the DLC.
  • On December 21, 2019, a small patch was made to the game decorating the main hub area for Christmas. With this patch, the TV was also updated to display an image of of the Backstage area of the Pizza Party level, indicating an Easter Egg might be found there.


  • A coin can be found on the counter in front of the prize select.


  • The Tape Player is on a shelf next to the Toy Chica plushie. To collect it, the Player needs to throw an item at it and knock it off. Once it falls, it is automatically collected. Collecting the Tape Player opens the Tape Room and does not count as a tape.
  • Another is underneath the Disappointment Chips. The player simply needs to reach through the glass counter to collect this tape.
  • Another tape is hidden inside the gumball machine to the right of the counter. Like with the Disappointment Chips, the player just has to reach through the machine to collect this tape.


  • Ever since Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location, Exotic Butters has become a bit of a joke for the fandom. This joke is continued here with items such as "Butter for One" and "Exotic Beverage."
  • The Sodaroni soda is established since 1986.
  • A "crunch" sound can be heard when eating anything, including drinks.
    • The player can eat action figures, but instead of a crunch there is a choking noise followed by heavy breathing. If the player eats three action figures in a row, they will be sent to the game over screen, implying that the player had choked to death.
  • The Moondrop is the official candy of Moon in Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach
  • An unused Freddy Fazbear Plush

    An icon for a Plush Freddy Fazbear existed in the game's code prior to being accessed through the Prize Counter. It was officially accessible with the Christmas patch for the game.
  • Nightmarionne's plushie resembles its FNAF World counterpart.
  • Toy Freddy's figurine is in a similar position to how he stands when he is near the office.
  • The image of Nightmare Fredbear figurine is the old version of Nightmare Fredbear from the trailer; its hat is black instead of purple, and its fur is brown and tan instead of gold and brown.
  • The Freddy plushie is strangely a lot smaller than the other plushies are.
  • In Flat Mode, the player is only allowed to have one item on the Prize Counter at a time. To combat this, the player must simply drop ordered items on the floor, so that they can select another. This is the strategy for getting the "Showtime!" achievement.
  • The song that occurs when the crane drops a prize originated from "Mangle's Quest" in Five Nights at Freddy's 3.


  1. About the secret images; Aaron Fetcher himself, the creator of Showbiz Pizza, was nice enough to take those pictures for me, specifically for this project. I had wanted some cool images of animatronics parts and went straight to him for them. However, I removed them when people traced them back to Showbiz Pizza (I'd hoped they were obscure enough to not be so easily identified). I obviously didn't want to connect the two and make people think that Freddy's was based on Showbiz (that's also why I didn't include his name). I loved Showbiz Pizza, and Aaron Fetcher has been terrific every time I've gotten to talk to him. I just didn't want to send any negative attention his way, so I deleted the pictures. Concerning Showtime and the "Secret" images
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