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It seems that you have accidentally wandered into a restricted area. Due to the sensitive nature of the materials that you may be exposed to here, you will not be allowed to leave until the clean-up crew arrives at 6AM. So hang tight. Rest assured that you will be promptly rescued, fired, and sent home. Thank you for being an employee. We hope your experience has not been as regrettable as ours.
HandUnit, Night 5 (Fake Ending),

The Private Room is a secret room in Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location. It is accessed by disobeying Circus Baby/Ennard and going to the room on the opposite side of the Scooping Room. The player must first fully complete the Baby Death Minigame to enter the room. After beating Ennard within the Private Room, he says he will find a way out. After that, Custom Night is unlocked which takes place in the Private Room. After surviving the night, the player finished their job and gets a basket full of exotic butters as a gift while watching the last episode of The Immortal and the Restless from home, also known as the "Fake Ending". After the screen goes static, shuffling noises are heard and if the player looks to the right, it is revealed that Ennard found a way out and has come to kill the player. Unlike the rest of the layout of Circus Baby's Entertainment and Rental, this particular room shares many familiar elements from the previous games in the series, though it mostly resembles the Office from the first game in the series.


The Private Room highly resembles the many versions of The Office from previous Five Nights at Freddy's games. In front of the player, there is a desk holding up a fan, a Fredbear plush toy, with a remote control, three animated static monitors, a soda cup, and a few crumbled pieces of paper. On the wall, there is a poster of Circus Baby and a visible Bidybab with the word "Celebrate!". There are two doors and a vent above that can be closed similar to the first game.

The Private Room has seven cameras, including a vent CAM, named very similarly to the first three games. Across all, the style of the rooms very similar to the first two.

The Private Room is also the location of the Custom Night, featuring nearly all of the game's animatronics, and introducing 5 new animatronics, named Lolbit, Electrobab, Minireena 2, Bonnet and Yenndo, who all have their own ways of attacking and/or stopping the player.


  • The Private Room's office contains components from the four games.
    • It has two doors on either side of the player, and has limited power like the first game.
      • These doors, in fact, use the exact same design and audio from the first one as well.
    • The room has three ways in which Ennard can enter, like the second game.
    • It has only one animatronic active, like the third game where Springtrap is the only animatronic that can kill the player, as well as having multiple jumpscares.
    • By typing 1-9-8-3 in the keypad before the night begins, all three screens change from static to angles of the Bedroom, the Bed and the Hallway from the fourth game.
      • Also, a Fredbear plush can be seen, similar to the one from the fourth game as well, alongside a remote control.
      • This easter egg is absent from the Custom Night, as the keypad is used for fending off Lolbit.
    • A fan similar to that of the first three games is visible on the desk.
    • It uses a camera system, just like the first three games.
      • The sound when pulling up the monitor and the ambience heard when looking on the cameras are also used from the first games.
  • The power drains faster than the first game.
    • This may be because there is only one animatronic active, and thus the game is easier.
      • The power, however, does not drain as fast in the Custom Night.
  • In the Custom Night, clicking the nose of the Fredbear plush produces a honking sound, similar to the poster of Freddy from the first and third games, the Toy Freddy poster from the second game, and the Freddy plush from the fourth game.
  • This is the first office that is entirely animated, excluding the fan.
  • The ambience of the Private Room in the OST is named "Watch Your 6". This is most likely referring to the original tetralogy's iconic mechanic, "survive until 6 AM".
    • "Watch your six" is also a term used in the military, meaning "watch your back.", in reference to the fact that the player must defend themselves against Ennard.
  • When Ennard jumpscares in here, the lighting is very off of the atmosphere, very similar to the second game.
    • The walls and floors are very similar to the same game.
  • If one were to look closely, almost every room in the Private Room has some sort of gas floating around in the distance. This may be linked to the "CANCELLED: Due to Leaks" teaser, or this may be just the atmosphere of the Private Room.
  • Judging by what the Breaker Panel from Night 2 suggests, the Private Room contains a path leading to the Bedroom from the fourth game.
  • The Private Room completely lacks buttons to use the lights, unlike the first two games, considering that this particular office relies mostly on audio cues, very much like the fourth game, letting the player know when to shut the door.
  • During Ennard's first position on CAM 5, the tip of his party hat is clipping through the vent ceiling.
    • Unlike the original map of Circus Baby's Entertainment and Rental, the Breaker Room Panel displays the Private room and the locations in which Ennard lurks, save for the air duct. It is also implied that there is a separate air vent leading to the house from Five Nights at Freddy's 4, as evident by the fact that the diagram of said location bears an uncanny resemblance to the layout of the house itself, including the Bedroom, Closet, the Left Hall, the Right Hall, and the Kitchen.

The Office



Funtime Freddy

Funtime Foxy






Night 5

Move sounds by Ennard.


Crumbling Dreams.

All I do is dance alone,
But now I hear your flesh and bone.
I roam these halls alone all day,
But now you're here, friend and prey.

Save me a dance for another day, perhaps.

Warning: Loud!

Funtime Freddy

Well, hello aga-ain! Hahaha! Are you ready-dy-dy for round two?

Knock-k-k Knock! Anybody home?

Oh, Birthday Boy!

Ready or n-n-not, here I c-come!

Bon-Bo-on! Let's not keep our friend wai-aiting!

B-Bon-Bon...go get him!

Hey Bon-Bon! GO GE-GET HIM!

G-Get ready for a surpriiiise!

What a Party pooper!

Warning: Loud!


Warning: Loud!

Funtime Foxy

The sound Funtime Foxy makes when banging on the door.

Warning: Loud!


Take me with you!

Warning: Loud!


I don't want to play hide and seek...

I'm going to find a way inside...

I'm gonna get inside!

Warning: Loud!


The sound Lolbit's intermission makes when it shows up.


The sounds the Minireenas make when draining the player's oxygen in Custom Night and shared with several screeches from Ennard.

Minireena 2

Various giggles by Minireena 2.

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