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The monitor in the hub displaying "Princess Quest", signifying access to the game.

Princess Quest is an in-universe video game franchise that appears in both the mobile port of Five Nights at Freddy's: Help Wanted and Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach. In the Help Wanted mobile port, the minigame can be accessed from the The Freddy Fazbear Virtual Experience's main hub room. In Security Breach, it can be accessed through an arcade cabinet.

Unlock Conditions

Help Wanted

Occasionally, a grid pattern will appear on objects at the Prize Counter. To unlock "Princess Quest", the player must zoom in on one of these glitching objects. Afterwards, the screen will fade to black and fade back to the level select with everything unlocked along with "Princess Quest" shown on the right monitor.

Security Breach

In Security Breach, Princess Quest returns with its two new sequels. While the first remains the same with only slight adjustments to sprite art, the other two are completely unique and introduce new mechanics. Beating all three will grant the player a secret ending in which Gregory frees Vanny of Glitchtrap's control.

The first game can be found in a storage closet at the Glamrock Beauty Salon. The second can be found in DJ Music Man's basement at the Fazcade. The third and final game can be found in Fazerblast, inside Vanny's secret room which can only be accessed after winning a game of Fazerblast and receiving a Fazer Blaster Gun.


Princess Quest 1


The player starts out in a room with a door that they cannot open, and they have to light all 4 torches in the next room to open the door in that room. The player will then end up in a room full of Floating Glitchtrap Heads that will attack them. After lighting those torches, they can now go into the next room and get the key, and Glitchtrap Blockers will block the door, and attack if the playable character gets too close. The Princess travels across a cemetery with tombstones before going back inside of the building to discover a purple chest with a purple key. It can unlock another door with a purple lock infested with black tentacle-like entrails. Going inside, The Princess comes face to face with a glitching purple rabbit monster, representing Glitchtrap. The game ends with text and strange audio. When the text is translated, it reads "I ALWAYS COME BACK." When the audio is reversed and sped up, it states "I ALWAYS COME BACK. LET ME OUT."


All pick-ups found in the game are found inside chests scattered throughout the castle.

  • Hearts - Refill health and increases health bar by one.
    • Heart 1 is found on the top-left of the starting room.
    • Heart 2 is found in the bottom-right hand corner in the east room of the indoor area after travelling through the graveyard.
    • Heart 3 is found above the graves in the graveyard area.
  • Normal Key - Found in room 4. Opens the locked door in the third room.
  • Strange Key - Found in the first room after traversing the cemetery. Opens the distorted door into the final room of the game.


  • Floating Glitchtrap Heads - Appear in the third room with the normal door. Will latch onto the Princess's head if she gets too close, draining health.
  • Glitchtrap Blockers/Chasers - Appear in the fourth and sixth rooms. Block the way out of the room with the Normal Key. Will attack if the Princess gets too close and chase her until she leaves the room. They have green eyes and mouth in Help Wanted's mobile port, but were changed to have white eyes and mouth in Security Breach. Appear in the fourth and sixth rooms.

Princess Quest 2


In Princess Quest 2, instead of a lantern, the princess gets a weapon called a sword of light, gifted to her by the Old Man, and the game starts off in the icy dungeon area. The game changes its genre, turning from puzzle horror game to action packed dungeon crawler. The Princess can now fight the enemies with ease because of how strong the sword of light is, as well as be given hearts to heal their health after killing them. A new puzzle mechanic is introduced where the Princess can light a red torch, creating a shadow version of herself that can mimic her movements, albeit inverted. The Shadow Princess can light purple torches. The game ends with the Old Man congratulating The Princess on completing the quest, and saying it's time for bed. Going through a glitchy purple door instead causes her to be sent to a security office akin to the original Five Nights at Freddy's.


All pickups are found in various chests.

  • Hearts
    • Heart 1 is at the bottom left corner of the room west/left from the starting area.
    • Heart 2 can be found at the top right corner of the room south/down from the starting area.
    • Heart 3 can be found in room 3 of the south/downwards corner of the map.
  • Keys
    • Normal Key - Found in room 4 of the south/downwards corner of the map. The chest is locked behind a black gate, and all torches in the room must be lit before the chest can be accessed. Opens the door north/upwards from the starting area.


  • Floating Glitchtrap Heads - Appear in the west room and the room 2 of the map's north portion.
  • Glitchtrap Blockers/Chasers - Appear in the south portion of the map. Their appearance has changed and they now have yellow eyes and mouth.
  • Glitchtrap Blasters - Appear in the south and east portions of the map. Fire white light projectiles towards the Princess, taking off some of her health.

Princess Quest 3


Princess Quest 3 is the most unique one, taking place in a 16-bit recreation of both Help Wanted's main hub room and the Corn Maze minigame from the Curse of Dreadbear DLC. There is also another room filled with conveyor belts and tight walk-ways, where Glitchtrap would've been. The player must find both Vanny's mask and the plushie of Glitchtrap. While the mask can be grabbed, gaining access to the plush requires lighting a purple torch as the Shadow Princess to unlock the purple chest. The player must head back to the Prize Counter and trade both items for a glitching purple key locked in a red chest. This will unlock a door in the hub room. Walking down the hallway leads the player to a large locked door; the same one from the Trapped Ending of Help Wanted. After hitting the door to open it, the screen fades to black as a loud scream is heard before the game ends and the arcade cabinet crashes, flashing "ERROR" on the screen. Completing the trilogy of games frees Vanny and leads to the Savior Ending of Security Breach.


  • Items
    • Glitchtrap Plush - Found in a purple chest at the very end of the conveyor belt room to the right of the main hub. Can only be accessed by by lighting a purple torch as the Shadow Princess.
    • Vanny Mask - Found in a purple chest at the center of the Corn Maze to the left of the main hub.
  • Keys
    • Strange Key - Found in a red chest at the Prize Counter. The chest can hurt the Princess and make her lose health. The purple key can be accessed by trading both the plush and the mask.
  • Hearts
    • One heart can be found in a chest at the top left corner of the room past the Corn Maze.


  • Floating Glitchtrap Heads - Appear in the conveyor belt room to the right of the main hub. Both white and yellow faced variants appear.
  • Glitchtrap Blockers/Chasers - Appear in the hallways after exiting the security office. Both white and yellow faced variants appear.
  • Glitchtrap Blasters - Appear in the conveyor belt room to the right of the main hub.
  • Grimm Foxy - Appears in the Corn Maze to the left of the main hub. Can attack the Princess if she's in close range, but is very easy to avoid.


  • The game seems to take inspiration from the dungeon crawler genre.
  • During the process to unlock the minigame, all available levels in the base game are also unlocked.
  • In Security Breach, Princess Quest is playable through a retro arcade cabinet. Although, there is a message that states this game was originally a mobile game, referencing the actual Help Wanted mobile port.
  • In the walk-way section of Princess Quest 3, Chica can be seen watching the Princess. This may be a reference to how Susie, the girl who possesses Chica, was William Afton's first victim.
  • The mechanics of Princess Quest bares resemblance to the Legend of Zelda, this is true because health is measured in hearts, the use of a sword to defend, it uses lighting puzzles, and more.


Withered Chica Head UCN Troll Game.png "I was the first! I have seen everything!"

This section archives a lot of theories and speculation, which usually occurs from pre-release media, or just things that are still unknown, so please keep that in mind while reading. The page will continue to be updated with the most accurate information as more solid evidence is supplied.

  • In the graveyard area, six gravestones can be found, presumably linking to the gravestones from Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator. This also hints to the kids William Afton killed, the Missing Children Gabriel, Jeremy, Susie, Fritz, Cassidy and Charlie. The spirits who possessed Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Foxy, Golden Freddy, and the Puppet.
  • Throughout the entire minigame, sixteen torches are found that can be lit up, this is possibly a metaphor to the sixteen cassette tapes found in the original version of Help Wanted showing how Vanny collected the tapes to inadvertently summon Glitchtrap in his physical form and corrupt her. This can mean that the "Princess Quest" minigame can be a metaphor to Vanny's role in the original version of Help Wanted.
  • One could suggest that The Princess, the character inside the game, became an independent character of the lore at some point of time. It's implied that her adventure in Help Wanted's virtual space was never intentional in the lore settings of the Princess Quest games, as her 'quest' is done at the last part of Princess Quest 2, according to the old man's dialogue. And when the princess comes out to the main VR game, the location of the Glitchtrap Plushie is different from the main game itself and the metal door locking Glitchtrap can be found in the final area, suggesting the princess broke her way out of her own game and arrived at the main virtual space of the VR game after the events of Help Wanted's ending.
  • The Princess may be a manifestation of Golden Freddy trying to defeat William and bring him down to make up for his mistake of accidentally allowing William to return to begin with, as in the files, the Princess is named Cassidy.PNG.
    • An update to Security Breach renamed The Princess to “Princess” in the files. However, it is unknown whether or not this was meant to disprove the theory.



The Princess






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Audio Description
Princess Quest, the main menu music
Caught In A Loop, the music that plays during the game.
Continue Quest, the death music.
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