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You are now in the Primary Control Module; it's actually a crawlspace between the two front showrooms.

Primary Control Module, or simply known The Control Module, is a location in Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location. It is located at the center of Circus Baby's Entertainment and Rental and has crawl spaces leading to the Circus Control, Funtime Auditorium, Ballora Gallery, and Elevator.


It appears to have doors that cover the vents, these doors have yellow and black warning stripes on them. On the left wall, a clock resembling Circus Baby's face can be seen. There are elevated keypads on both sides, each with two buttons. On the left side of the room is a drawer with what three faces placed on top of it, two of them blinking rapidly. On the right side of the room is another drawer with what an strange animatronic-like Egyptian figurine on top of it. On both sides of the room are what appear to be monitors, presumably used to monitor security cameras, however they all display static. The right side of the roof also has a security camera installed. In the center of the room is a huge ventilator, with a white mask above it, which is later used by Ennard. During Night 5, the mask disappears.

Elevated Keypad

Light and Shock Keypad PMC Left
Light and Shock Keypad PMC Right
From the upper part of the controller, pressing the blue button will turn on the lights to view the animatronics. From the lower part, pressing the orange button will shock the animatronics to return them to their stage. Some may require more than one shock.


  • On rare occasions, a Minireena will appear spinning near the glass of Ballora Gallery.
  • The three heads are very similar to the phrase, "See no evil, Hear no evil, Speak no evil".
  • On occasion, Lolbit's mask appears instead of Ennard's mask.
    • This is absent from the mobile version, as the room is much smaller and the Ennard mask cannot be seen.
  • The three heads stop blinking when a control shock is triggered.
  • There is an unused image of Ballora appearing from Ballora Gallery's glass pane during a control shock.
    • There is also an unused sound of a computer voice saying a glass pressure has been triggered.
  • In the extras menu, the player can see the vents are covered by bars instead of doors, as well as more flooring to reveal the reflects of the middle vent light.


Easter Eggs