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Were you looking for the Power-Up items from Freddy in Space 2?

Obtaining the power-up item, ingame.

Take this item for your troubles!
Item pick-up screen, Ultimate Custom Night

Power-Ups are a selectable gameplay item featured in Ultimate Custom Night.


Accessed through the main menu screen, each power-up grants the player a unique yet minor asset during gaming, as they serve the purpose of giving the player an extra boost when playing the night. Each one can be gained after receiving a game over, presented by Rockstar Freddy. With a total of 4 power-up types, the player can possess 9 of each power-up at once.


Power-Up Description
Battery.png Boosts the power by 102% when starting the game, essential for maintaining enough power to survive the night.
DD-Repel.png Prevents Dee Dee from appearing on any night, lowering the number of distractions that Dee Dee may spawn during the night. However, this power-up does not work on XOR in 50/20 mode.
Frigid.png The temperature begins at a cool 50°F when starting the game. It keeps the temperature stable a bit longer to fend off animatronics (such as Jack-O-Chica and Freddy Fazbear) who are prone to heat.
3Coins.png Gives the player with an additional 3 Faz-Coins when starting the game. This is very helpful for dealing with animatronics (e.g: Nightmare BonnieNightmare Mangle, Circus Baby) who require coins.


  • The "3 Coins" power-up's title is written in mostly lowercase as opposed to other power-ups written in all capitals. This appears to be an oversight.


Audio Description
The sound cue when granting a power-up after either failing or completing the night.
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