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Plushtrap Chaser, Fazbear Frights #2: Fetch

Plushtrap Chaser is a line of animatronic toy rabbits. One of them serves as the main antagonist of Out of Stock, the third story of Fazbear Frights 2: Fetch.

Physical Appearance

Plushtrap Chasers are animatronic toys made by Fazbear Entertainment. They are dark green rabbits standing at nearly 3 feet tall in height, and bulging plastic eyes inside of wider eye sockets, giving its face a skeletal appearance. Their mouth has a row of pointed canine-like teeth and they are described as having whiskers and oversized feet.[1] To the side of their jaw lies a port where Plushtrap Chasers can be connected. They also have a hatch in the back that opens for batteries to be put in.

The Plushtrap Chaser that would become the antagonist stood out from the others. The box it was in was damaged and held together with tape. The chaser itself was remarked to look human, with cloudy green eyes and slightly yellow teeth connected to gums.


Plushtrap Chaser's tagline, Fazbear Frights #2: Fetch

Plushtrap Chasers, in a normal state, function as an electronic toy, designed to walk in darkness and stop when lights are turned on.[2] The animatronic toy is battery powered and can seemingly be charged from the port in the jaw. Plushtrap Chasers seem built to be especially quick.

The Plushtrap Chaser featured in the story is able to mimic voices, but it is unknown if all toys are able to, or just this specific one.


Out of Stock

The Plushtrap Chaser is Oscar's favorite Fazbear Entertainment character. Unfortunately for Oscar, they are very popular, to the point where the mall is sold out by the time Oscar can buy one. Oscar, Isaac and Raj are in a line to buy one of the toy rabbits in the mall when the last Plushtrap is bought. Oscar then overhears store employees talking about contacting the police over a "too life-like" Plushtrap that's been returned in a mangled box.

Oscar attempts to buy the spare Plushtrap Chaser, but the store clerk won't let him. Oscar, in the commotion caused by the toys being sold out, leaves money on the counter and runs off with the strange Plushtrap Chaser. Back at Oscar's home, they take the Plushtrap Chaser out of the tattered packaging to find that the store employees were correct, and that it indeed has realistic human teeth and eyes. The kids attempt to pry open the Plushtrap Chaser's mouth with a butter knife, but the knife snaps in two. Trying to figure out how to activate it, they see the box advertising the Plushtrap Chaser's play feature; walking in the dark and freezing in the light. The Plushtrap won't work, and Oscar, disappointed, sets the toy aside.

The Plushtrap Chaser remains dormant the night before Halloween. While the kids are planning their trick or treating, Oscar finds a port in Plushtrap Chaser's jaw and tries to plug it in, shorting his room's lights. Oscar leaves and locks the door, but hears Raj's voice from the dark room, seeing something move in the dark. Soon after, the neighborhood's power blacks out, and Oscar, Isaac, and Raj hear knocking from Oscar's room. They get there, and find that the Plushtrap Chaser was pounding against the door. They hear a strange grinding, and realize that Plushtrap is trying to chew the doorknob off.

Bleeding from the gums, Plushtrap Chaser chases the kids to Oscar's mom's room, where Plushtrap chews down the door again. Oscar notices that Plushtrap's teeth are sharpened from chewing down the doors, proving his suspicion that the Plushtrap had human gums and eyes. They climb on the wardrobe, which Plushtrap Chaser begins to bite down on the leg. They point a flashlight at Plushtrap, stopping it momentarily. The boys hear Raj's voice say something from the other side of the room, and Oscar turns the flashlight away from Plushtrap. The boys yell for Oscar to put the light back on it, and the Plushtrap freezes, seconds away from biting into Isaac's leg. Plushtrap Chaser pursues them through the house some more - proving itself able to mimic voices - and with none of the phones working, they decide to make a run for it outside the house, pulling the garage door open and fleeing on their bikes.

Plushtrap Chaser rips his way out of the garage, catching up to the three friends quickly. In the distance, they hear a train, giving Oscar an idea. Oscar, sure of the train's timing, lures Plushtrap Chaser onto the tracks and hops out of the way at the last moment. Plushtrap Chaser, frozen by the train's lights, is struck head-on, leaving it's mangled remains scattered on the tracks.

Stitchwraith Stingers

After the events of Out of Stock, Plushtrap Chaser's remains are collected by the Stitchwraith, suggesting it was one of the toys infected by Andrew.

Plushtrap Chaser briefly reappears during during Everette Larson's flashback hallucination induced by Eleanor. Larson witnesses Eleanor creating the Plushtrap Chaser and adding human eyes and teeth to it.


  • Plushtrap Chaser is the first main antagonist of a main Fazbear Frights story not to be featured in official art, as the Into the Pit animatronics' illustrations were revealed in an early release of the book, and Fetch and Lonely Freddy were shown as Scottgames teasers.
  • The main Plushtrap Chaser's human features are reminiscent of Springtrap's.
  • Out of Stock is the second story to be directly referenced in the Epilogues, first being To Be Beautiful.
  • Plushtrap Chaser is the second animatronic in the Fazbear Frights series to be killed off, the first being Spring Bonnie.
  • It is possible that the "Baby Springtrap" from In the Flesh is related to the Plushtrap Chaser in Out of Stock.
  • Plushtrap Chasers cost $79.99.[citation needed]
  • In Friendly Face Epilogue, it is revealed that Eleanor was the one that created the Plushtrap Chaser.[citation needed]



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