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Pizzeria Games are an important element in Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator. Most of the minigames appear in the form of play testing the various attractions the player can place around their pizzeria, and require play tokens in order to access. In some rare cases, the player may come across secret minigames that shine light on the plot and lore of the series.

Most of the attractions in the pizzeria simulator may be play tested by expending one play token. While generally these games are simple, they do have individual mechanics and win conditions. In some cases, however, the only requirement to "win" is for the player to simply press space and receive a prize.

  • Balloon Barrel
  • Discount Ball Pit
  • Duck Pond
  • Fruity Maze Arcade
  • Midnight Motorist Arcade
  • Candy Cadet
  • Ballpit Tower
  • Ladder Tower
  • Carnival Hoops
  • Riding Rockets
  • Lemonade Clown
  • Fruit Punch Clown
  • Balloon Cart
  • Deluxe Pizza Light
  • Gravity Vortex
  • Prize King
  • Security Puppet

  • Fruity Maze Arcade
  • Midnight Motorist