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Pizzeria Games has not been given an official name; as such, this name is purely conjectural. However, it will be used until an official name is released.

Pizzeria Games are important elements in Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator. Most of the minigames appear in the form of testing the various attractions the player can place around their pizzeria, and require one play token in order to access. In some rare cases, the player may come across secret minigames that shine light on the plot and lore of the series.

Most of the attractions in the pizzeria simulator may be play tested by expending one play token. While generally these games are simple, they do have individual mechanics and win conditions. In some cases, however, the only requirement to "win" is for the player to simply press space and receive a prize.

  • Balloon Barrel-Helpy must simply take a balloon from the barrel.
  • Discount Ball Pit-Helpy has to try to jump into the ball pit. The minigame lasts 5 rounds. The more times the player has successfully landed in the ball pit, the higher their score will be. Helpy successfully jumps into the ball pit when the player presses Space when the arrow is over the ball pit, rewarding them 200 points for every successful landing. Pressing Space at the wrong time will make Helpy land on the ground, thus not rewarding any points. The maximum amount of points the player can earn is 1000.
  • Duck Pond-The player must try to get points by picking 3 different rubber ducks from the pond. Not all ducks will reward the player with points, and instead will receive nothing.
  • Fruity Maze Arcade-The player controls a little girl and has to collect all of the fruit within a time limit. The time limit is extended the more the player collects fruit There are also power ups the player can use: Magnet- Attracts nearby fruit to the player. Lightning-Makes the player run faster. Cape-Allows the player to pass through borders.
  • Midnight Motorist-The player controls a race car and has to reach the finish while avoiding other cars. The player's speed increases the longer the player goes without hitting another car, but hitting a car will make them lose their speed.
  • Candy Cadet-The player simply receives candy from Candy Cadet. After collecting candy, Candy Cadet will say that if the player returns to him, he might tell them a story.
  • Ballpit Tower-The player must try to fish an egg out of the ballpit. Finding the egg results in victory, but there is a chance the player won't find anything. Alternatively, Music Man might be fished out, thus unlocking him for free.
  • Ladder Tower-Helpy must reach the other side of the ladder. Helpy progresses when the player presses Space when the arrow is in the green area. Pressing Space at the wrong time will make Helpy lose his grip and fall.
  • Carnival Hoops-The player earns points by shooting hoops. The player is given 30 seconds to shoot as many hoops as they can. If the player successfully shoots 20 hoops within the given time, they will receive 5000 points.
  • Riding Rockets-While Helpy rides the rocket, the player controls him in a space shooter-style game in which they must shoot oncoming pizza wheels for points. Touching the pizzas or the projectiles that they shoot too many times will cause the ride to stop.
  • Lemonade Clown-The player has to surprise as many kids as they can. The more kids they surprise, the higher the score they will receive.
  • Fruit Punch Clown-The player has to surprise as many kids as they can. The more kids they surprise, the higher the score they will receive.
  • Balloon Cart-Just like Balloon Barrel; the player simply takes a balloon from the cart.
  • Deluxe Ball Pit-Like the Discount Ball Pit, the player must land in the ball pit for points. The ball pit is wider, but there is also a moving trampoline that bounces Helpy to the left of the screen and can easily result in him landing on the ground. Every successful landing rewards the player 2000 points, and the maximum amount that can be earned is 10000.
  • Gravity Vortex-While Helpy is on the ride, the player controls him in a space shooter-style minigame where they shoot oncoming BB's and JJ's for points. Getting hit too many times will result in the ride coming to a stop and Helpy falling out.
  • Prize King-The player takes a ball out of Prize King to see if they win anything. The player will either win a prize or receive a message saying "Sorry, try again".
  • Security Puppet-The player controls The Puppet and is assigned to watch over a child with a green bracelet. This child never actually appears, only children with pink, yellow and blue bracelets. Touching a child ends the minigame.

  • Fruity Maze Arcade-After the player successfully collects all the fruits, the next time they play, the minigame will become more decrepit, with fruits being replaced with dead dogs and flowers, and the girl in the background will become sad. After the player has collected all of the items for a second time, then the minigame will become more distorted, with Lightning powerups no longer being accessible, and the time will run out no matter how far the player makes it. This time, William Afton wearing a Spring Bonnie suit will appear behind the girl and convince her to follow him.
  • Midnight Motorist-If the player drives through the gap in the bottom lane, they will drive through a rainy forest and will have the option to go either west or south. If the player goes west, they will arrive at a location called "JR's" where they are greeted by a green man who tells them they are not welcome at the place, and their only option will be to return to their car and go south. Upon going south, the player will arrive at their house and attempt to enter their son's room, but the door is closed, so they attempt to enter through the back. Apon going around back, the player will find the window open and footprints can be seen next to the window. The player's character deduces that their son ran off to "that place", and says that he will be sorry when he comes back.
  • Security Puppet-The Puppet's box has other boxes on top of it. Outside the window, a child can be seen; this child is the one with the green bracelet that the player is meant to watch over during the normal play test minigame. Once the Puppet escapes it's box, the child has disappeared. The Puppet then exits the pizzeria to look for the child, but it begins to short circuit due to the rain. Eventually, it reaches the child's body where it collapses. The child, who is revealed to be Cassette Man's daughter in the Completion Ending's cutscene, would go on to possess the Puppet.
  • Candy Cadet-Candy Cadet tells the player a one of three random stories. All of them have the same premise, but have different characters and subjects.


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