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Hey-Hey! Glad you came back for another night! I promise it'll be a lot more interesting this time.
Phone Dude, Five Nights at Freddy's 3

Phone Dude is an employee of Fazbear's Fright, heard in Five Nights at Freddy's 3. This similar phone caller often goes by the nickname of Phone Dude within the community, partially to differentiate the two characters and partially because of his "surfer dude"-type accent.


Phone Dude appears to be very upbeat as evidenced in Night 1's phone call. He seems enthusiastic about the attraction, and appears to enjoy finding old relics of the pizzerias. He also jokes a lot more than the original Phone Guy, such as saying that the Foxy head they had found might "just be another crappy cosplay" and saying that the company would have to dress the player in a "furry suit" to stand in as an animatronic before finding Springtrap, generally being a lot less serious about his work.


Five Nights at Freddy's 3

His phone calls only lasts for two beginning nights. In Night 1, Phone Dude feels appreciated by the security guard protagonist taking another night-shift, then goes on to remind that the relics from few Fazbear Entertainment restaurants (such as Freddy Fazbear's Pizza) are discovered to use for the horror attraction. In Night 2, he excitedly mentions finding a real animatronic (referring to Springtrap), and plays an old training tape for the player, stating he wants to play it over the speakers to add to the atmosphere of the attraction. The rest of the phone calls from night 3 and onwards don’t have him speak, with him only playing the training tapes he found.

Five Nights at Freddy's VR: Help Wanted

The Phone Dude returns in the VR game within the FNAF 3 levels, but all of his phone calls are just recycled lines from the third game.



  • The Night 1 phone call is the longest in the franchise, lasting until 4 AM.
    • However, this is due to the fact that the hours and nights in the third game are far shorter than in the first two games. In reality, the Night 1 phone call from the third game is actually shorter than the first phone calls from both of the previous games.
    • With Fast Nights enabled, due to shorter hours, the phone call lasts even "longer".
      • The call even gets cut off due to the call lasting longer than the night.
  • Night 2 is the last time Phone Dude talks to the player himself. From then on, the original Phone Guy's training tapes will play for the rest of the game.
  • Scott once jokingly posted on a Steam post that Phone Dude was voiced by "some random guy he found outside his house."[1] in response to being asked about Phone Dude's voice provider. It was eventually revealed however, through the end credits of Five Nights at Freddy's: Help Wanted that Scott Cawthon himself voiced Phone Dude.
  • Phone Dude was referred as "New Phone Guy" in The Freddy Files while Phone Guy in the first two installments is referred as "Old Phone Guy".
  • Phone Dude's line "Glad you came back for another night" implies the protagonist of Five Nights at Freddy's 3 has worked at Fazbear's Fright longer than the events of the game depict.


Five Nights at Freddy's 3



Night 1

Hey-Hey! Glad you came back for another night! I promise it'll be a lot more interesting this time. We found some-some great new relics over the weekend. And we're out tracking down a new lead, right now. So-uh lemme just update real quick, then you can get to work. Like, the attraction opens in like, a week, so we had to make sure everything works, and nothing catches on fire! Uh-when the place opens, people will come in at the opposite end of the building, and work their way towards you, then past you and out the exit. Uh-yeah. You've officially become a part of the attraction. Uh-You'll be starring as... The security guard! So not only will you be monitoring the people on the cameras as they pass through, y'know, to make sure no one steals anything or makes out in the corner, but you'll also be a part of the show. It'll make it feel really authentic I think. Uh... Now let me tell you about what's new. We found another set of drawings, always nice, and a Foxy head! Which we think to be authentic... then again it might just be another crappy cosplay, and we found a desk fan, very old school - metal, though, so watch the fingers. Uh-heh... Uh... Right now the place is basically just, you know, flashing lights, spooky props. Uh, I honestly thought we would have more by now, uh, we don't have something really cool by next week, we may have to suit you up in a furry suit, and make you walk around saying, "Boo"... *hehe*, uh... But, you know, like I said, we're trying to track down a good lead right now. Uh, some guy who helped design one of the buildings says there was, like, an extra room that got boarded up or- uh, something like that. So, we're gonna take a peek and see what we can find. Uh, for now just get comfortable with the new setup, um... You can check the security cameras over to your right with a click of that blue button. Uh, you can toggle between the hall cams and the vent cams... Uh, then over to your far left, uh, you can flip up your maintenance panel. Y'know, use this to reboot any systems that may go offline. Heh. So, in trying to make the place feel vintage we may have overdone it a bit, hehe... Some of this equipment is barely functional. Yeah, I wasn't joking about the fire. Tha-tha-that's a real risk. Uh, the most important thing you want to watch for is the ventilation. Look, this place will give you the spooks, man, and if you let that ventilation go offline, then you'll start seeing some crazy stuff, man. Keep that air flowin'. Okay, keep an eye on things, and we'll try to have something new for ya tomorrow night.
Phone Dude,

Night 2

Hey, man- okay, I have some awesome news for you! First of all, we found some vintage audio training cassettes! Dude, these are, like, prehistoric! I think they were, like, training tapes for like, other employees or something like that. So, I thought we could, like, have them playing, like, over the speakers as people walk through the attraction. Dude, that makes this feel legit, man. But I have an even better surprise for you, and you're not gonna believe this- we found one. A REAL one. Uh-oh-uh gotta go man- uh, well-well look, i-it's in there somewhere, I'm-I'm sure you'll see it. Okay, I'll leave you with some of this great audio that I found! Talk to you later, man!
Phone Dude (0:00–0:47),


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