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Chuck! You were right! It’s been Foxy all along.
Pete, Fazbear Frights #4: Step Closer

Pete Dinglewood is the protagonist of Step Closer, the first story in the book of the same name. He later briefly appeares in the tenth Stitchwraith Stinger.


He has dark hair, braces and freckles. He always wears a baseball cap turned backward.


Step Closer

Pete is forced to babysit his younger brother, Chuck, due to their parent's divorce. One day, while watching him at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza, he decides to punish Chuck by taking him to the maintenance room because he feels annoyed that he can’t be with any one of his friends, especially Maria. Chuck escapes as Pete tries to start up Foxy, as Chuck is afraid of Foxy. Pete's shirt gets caught on a nail as he tries to catch him. The curtains open and Foxy begins to sing a lyric repeatedly about how if you want to become a pirate, you need to lose an eye and an arm first. Pete is mesmerized by it. Pete manages to escape and the brothers return home. When they arrive, their mom shows them brochures about being organ donors, which unnerves Pete.

The next day, Pete feels sick but still goes to school. While dissecting frogs in biology class, Pete’s lab partner taunts him by poking the frog’s eye and cutting off an arm with the scalpel, and later flings the scalpel after Pete accidentally kicks him. Pete is able to dodge the scalpel before it hit his eye. After school, Pete goes to a butcher shop to pick up an order for his mom, and after going behind the counter his hand is almost hit by a falling butcher knife. After getting home, Chuck tells Pete that their mom completed the paperwork for all three of them to be organ donors, which angers Pete because he declined it.

The next day, Pete‘s arm is injured on the way to school when a sawblade breaks loose from a construction site. Pete’s mom calls his dad who takes him fishing, where Pete is hit with a fisher’s hook that was caught on the wind, scraping his cheek. Chuck theorizes that Foxy is causing the accidents and Pete needs to confront him again, but Pete refuses to believe it. Pete later has a nightmare in which Foxy brutally attacks him in his bed.

The next day is the homecoming carnival at Pete’s high school, which happens to be pirate-themed. At the carnival, Pete gets angry at Maria when she pranks him with a hand-sized fingertrap. More sharp objects start flying towards Pete's eye and arm as he tries to escape. He messages his brother saying that he believes him now and to meet at Freddy’s, but he doesn't pay attention to the road and is hit by a truck and dies. Chuck runs to Freddy’s only to be called by his dad needing to pick him up. Then they go to the scene of the accident, where his mom is already there, and are able to see Pete. At the hospital, Pete is still able to see and hear despite being dead, and can only consciously watch the two surgeons harvest his eye and arm for an organ transplant.

Four weeks later, Chuck decides to go to Freddy’s to see Foxy and confront him on Pete’s behalf, but nothing happens when he tries to start up Foxy.

Stitchwraith Stingers

Pete briefly appears during Everette Larson's flashback hallucination induced by Eleanor. Larson witnesses Eleanor holding Pete down on an operating table as two surgeons prepare to remove his eye and arm. Larson attempts to help Pete, but is unable to and can only watch in horror.

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