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POPGOES is a series of indie point-and-click horror games created by Kane Carter with his team, and officially a part of The Fazbear Fanverse Initiative.

The series set in an alternate universe of the original Five Nights at Freddy's series, where its story takes into account only the first three Five Nights at Freddy's installments. The series also share the same continuity with Five Nights at Candy's,[1] taking place in a universe dubbed as "the CPU".[2]



Main article: POPGOES Arcade

POPGOES Arcade, alternatively known as POPGOES: The Dead Forest, is an arcade RPG spin-off game and serves as a prequel to POPGOES Evergreen. It was released on May 2020.

Its expansion, POPGOES and The Machinist, is under works and was expected to release on 2022.

POPGOES Evergreen

Main article: POPGOES Evergreen

POPGOES Evergreen is an upcoming installment of the POPGOES series. It was first revealed on April 1st, 2020 with POPGOES Arcade, and was officially estimated to release on 2023.

Non-Fanverse Content

ChestOpen.png "Perhaps some things are best left forgotten, forever..."

The contents of this article or section are from projects not a part of the Fazbear Fanverse initiative. This includes pre-rebooted versions of the games, cancelled projects, etc. Anything related to such is considered unofficial to the initiative. However, our sister wiki (POPGOES Wiki) has already covered them.

Semi-Official Projects

Long Popgoes

Main article: Long Popgoes

Long Popgoes is a free downloadable package of custom Discord emojis by Kane Carter and Emil Macko. Although it was confirmed to be unofficial to the Fazbear Fanverse initiative, it did officially teased Sara and Saffron the Squirrel for POPGOES Evergreen.

Pre-Rebooted Games

POPGOES Arcade (2016 Version)

External link: POPGOES Arcade (2016)

The pre-rebooted version of POPGOES Arcade is an interactive teaser for POPGOES and was released on April 1, 2016.

POPGOES (2016 Version)

External link: POPGOES

The pre-rebooted version of POPGOES was released on June 26, 2016 and sets in the original continuity of the POPGOES series but, along with other already-released games, was no longer canon when POPGOES Evergreen was announced.

The gameplay functions were slightly different and there were other animatronic characters that never officially came back to POPGOES Evergreen, such as Strings, Gem Stone, Grave Stone, and the lux animatronics.

POPGOES Arcade 2

External link: POPGOES Arcade 2

POPGOES Arcade 2 is a second arcade game and made as a teaser to both POPGOES: Reprinted and a prequel POPGOES 0.

Cancelled Games

POPGOES (2015 Version)

External link: POPGOES 2015

The 2015 version of POPGOES was an earlier draft for the pre-rebooted POPGOES of 2016. The game was very similar to the final cut although it contains very different plot elements, and instead of Fritz Glade being the main protagonist, it was Mike Schmidt Jr, the son of Mike Schmidt who appeared in the first original Five Nights at Freddy's.

POPGOES: Silent Night

External link: POPGOES: Silent Night

POPGOES: Silent Night was a planned downloadable expansion for the 2015 version of POPGOES and would have include an additional seventh night. With the main game's draft dropped, this expansion was scrapped.


External link: POPGOES Encore

POPGOES Encore is a canned sequel to POPGOES's earlier 2015 draft. It was first conceptualized on late 2015 but was eventually cancelled, left with several unfinished models (although one of them is completed) and dozens of concept arts.

POPGOES 2-2016

External link: POPGOES 2-2016

POPGOES 2-2016 is a cancelled draft for the 2016 POPGOES sequel. The game suppose to take place after the first game's Grave Ending, where it sets in Fritz's house and the player would have played as Simon Fitzgerald himself. The player would have confront against the Popgoes animatronics' dreamcatcher counterparts, which were created by a gigantic animatronic-like machine named "Help".

POPGOES: Reprinted

External link: POPGOES Reprinted

POPGOES Reprinted is a cancelled bundle game that would made up of the first game's remake and the sequel to the 2016 continuity of POPGOES. The game was first teased on October 30, 2016 during Dawko's charity livestream, and was expected to release on 2018, but was ultimately cancelled. Despite its cancellation, the story is still considered canon to the 2016 continuity.

This project was combined with two games:

  • P1-Logo.png
    POPGOES 1: The Blackrabbit - It was meant to be a remake of the first game, including updated renders, gameplay changes, and more voice acting.
  • P2-Logo.png
    POPGOES 2: The Dead Forest - It was a direct sequel to the first game. The game would have set in a warehouse where Fritz must defend himself against from the skeletal versions of the Popgoes animatronics known as "the Epitomes", as well as severally damaged forms of the original animatronics called "the Heartless".

There was also originally a "Day of the Dead" DLC for The Dead Forest. Once downloaded, the Epitomes would have been reskinned with calavera textures.


External link: POPGOES 0

POPGOES 0, previously known as POPGOES IF, is a cancelled game and meant to take place before the events of POPGOES 2: The Dead Forest, developed by Phil Morg. It was initially made as a fanmade POPGOES game but later became official after Phil reveals it to Kane. The game was first teased at the ending of POPGOES Arcade 2, where Generated Popgoes' arm holding the music box was revealed at the right when brightening up the screen. However, the game was later decanonized and ultimately cancelled due to POPGOES 2: The Dead Forest requiring amount of plot changes.


External link: POPGOES Finale

POPGOES Finale is another cancelled game of the 2016 continuity. It was a compilation of three POPGOES Reprinted minigames and meant to be the final farewell to the POPGOES series.

Cancelled Novel & Comics

POPGOES: The Plastic Grave

External link: POPGOES: The Plastic Grave

POPGOES: The Plastic Grave is a cancelled project, that was originally a comic, later changed into a novel. It was meant to explain POPGOES' original plot. It was supposed to be written by Kane Carter and drawn by HLLX, later changed to PanDarcy. The latter finished three pages before the project's cancellation.

The plot involved Jeremy Fitzgerald telling his story to a character named Poppy (Nickname that Kane Carter originally went by on the internet). The first page showed dialogue between them, as Jeremy prepares to tell his story. The second page shows Toy Bonnie doing the bite of '87, with the third and last showing Jeremy himself in a hospital bed, head all bandaged up and a cork board at New and Improved Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, showing the company's reaction to the incident. The last page's dialogue has Jeremy explain how, due to the mass interest in his person and public seeing him as "The Victim", he changed his name to "Fritz Glade".

The cover art for novel version also implies that the connection between Popgoes' Pizzeria animatronics and the Toys would have been expanded upon and explained as well, as the Toys are prominently featured on the illustration, with corresponding Popgoes' Pizzeria animatronics below them. Interestingly enough, the novel's logo shows the "O"s in POPGOES being green, connecting to Toy Bonnie's and Popgoes' eyes, rather then Bonnie Glade's.

POPGOES: Heart of Stone

External link: POPGOES: Heart of Stone

POPGOES: Heart of Stone is another cancelled POPGOES comic, this one telling the story of how Stone the Crow would have been originally disconnected from the WeaselWare. It was to be written by Kane Carter and illustrated by Ellie "StupidButterfly" Patterson. Out of the 25 originally planned pages, only 8 were finished and released on Carter's twitter between 21st and 30th of December 2016. Four behind the scenes sketches were also shown on 05.01.2016.

The comic itself shows "Fritz Glade" driving to Popgoes' Pizzeria. Before coming inside, he notices that Stone had been vandalized. He takes out a 500gd cartridge out of the bird animatronic and makes his way into his office, greeting Popgoes, Sara and Saffron on the way. The last page shows him inserting the cartridge into his PC.

The BTS images, show off "Fritz"'s, Popgoes' and Stone's designs, as well as the original sketch of the third page.

POPGOES: Evolution

External link: POPGOES: Evolution

POPGOES: Evolution is a yet another cancelled POPGOES comic, tho this time meant as a tie-in for POPGOES 2: The Dead Forest, rather then the original game. It was scrapped when the game evolved into POPGOES: Reprinted and the team decided to have in-game comic book styled cutscenes. It was to be written by Kane carter and illustrated by TigeraRainbowra. The first and only completed page was released on Kane Carter's twitter on 9.12.2017. A second version of that first page was later sown off on POPGOES: Lost & Found on 28.06.2021. The next day a rough storyboard for the beginning of POPGOES Evolution would be shown off on the aforementioned account.

The plot would be about how the Simon Robot escaped and (almost) killed "Fritz". The first page has him chained up to a wall in Fritz's office, telling him how he can bring her (Bonnie) back if he is given access to the WeaselWare. The rest of the plot comes from the storyboard: seemingly after a time skip to the end of the original game/Black Rabbit Chapter, Simon is freed is crawls to "Fritz's" desk, presumably (almost) killing his creator. After finding himself in the dining area of Popgoes' Pizzeria, he is confronted by Bonnie Glade, her Blackrabbit body completed. Due to the storyboard lacking text, it is unknown how their conversation goes down. He then drags Strings into a different room (presumably The Dead Forest's office) and seemingly tears off his arms.

Non-Story Media Projects

POPGOES Memories

External link: POPGOES: Memories

POPGOES: Memories is a presentation project, meant to show off the story and characters of the cancelled POPGOES: Reprinted. It is a series of images posted to Kane Carter's twitter February 28, 2018 and March 28, 2018.

The images are called "Memory Card"s, with each one having a number from 1 to 24 and the last ones being known as Memory Cards B, R, M and D. Some Memory Cards are also separated into multiple images, these having letters added at the end in the alphabetical order. The last 4 Memory Cards use numbers instead.

These Memory Cards include:

  • Memory Card No. 1 1POP - Popgoes the Weasel (with its optimized appearance)
  • Memory Card No. 2 2BLK - Blake the Badger (with its optimized appearance)
  • Memory Card No. 3 3SRA - Sara the Squirrel (with its optimized appearance)
  • Memory Card No. 4 4SFN - Saffron the Squirrel (with its optimized appearance)
  • Memory Card No. 5 5STN - Stone the Crow (with its optimized appearance)
  • Memory Card No. 6 6EPOP - Epitome Popgoes
  • Memory Card No. 7 7EBLK - Blake the Badger
  • Memory Card No. 8 8ESRA - Sara the Squirrel
  • Memory Card No. 9 9ESFN - Saffron the Squirrel
  • Memory Card No. 10 10ESTN - Epitome Stone
  • Memory Card No. 11 11HPOP - Popgoes (Heartless)
  • Memory Card No. 12 12HBLK - Blake (Heartless)
  • Memory Card No. 13 13HSRA - Sara (Heartless)
  • Memory Card No. 14 14HSFN - Saffron (Heartless)
  • Memory Card No. 15 15HSTN - Stone (Heartless)
  • Memory Card No. 16 16BRBT - Bonnie Glade (Blackrabbit) (in her updated design)
  • Memory Card No. 17 17GEM - Gem Stone (with its updated appearance)
  • Memory Card No. 18 18HMN - Human characters:
  • Memory Card No. 19 19STRN - Strings' designs
    • Memory Card No. 19a 19STRN - Strings (Dreamcatcher) (with his optimized design)
    • Memory Card No. 19b 19STRN - Strings (Sec-Strings) (with his optimized design)
    • Memory Card No. 19c 19STRN - Strings (Frayed)
  • Memory Card No. 20 20SMN - Simon Robot's dsigns
    • Memory Card No. 20a 20SMN - Simon Robot (with his optimized design)
    • Memory Card No. 20b 20SMN - Simon Robot (Fractured)
  • Memory Card No. 21 21LUX - Lux Animatronics
    • Memory Card No. 21a 21LUX - Lux Popgoes
    • Memory Card No. 21b 21LUX - Lux Popgoes, Lux Blake, Lux Sara, Lux Saffron, Lux Stone and Lux Blackrabbit
  • Memory Card No. 22 22GRV - Grave Stone
  • Memory Card No. 23 23DNR - Fredbear's Family Diner Animatronics
  • Memory Card No. 24 24CMO - Cameo Animatronics
    • Memory Card No. 24a 24CMO - Lillie the Lamb
    • Memory Card No. 24b 24CMO - Owen the Owl
    • Memory Card No. 24c 24CMO - Cody the Coyote
    • Memory Card No. 24d 24CMO - Golden Freddy Fazbear
  • Memory Card B BTNS - Buttons
    • Memory Card B.1 BTNS - Buttons (Dreamcatcher)
    • Memory Card B.2 BTNS - Buttons (Sec-Buttons)
  • Memory Card R RPRN - Reprinted Animatronics
  • Memory Card M MNR - Manora the Mouse
    • Memory Card M.1 MNR - Manora (Would-be design)
    • Memory Card M.2 MNR - Manora (Aborted)
  • Memory Card D DEAD - Simon Robot (Deadline)
    • Memory Card D.1 DEAD - Simon Robot (Deadline)
    • Memory Card D.2 DEAD - Simon Robot (Deadline)
    • Memory Card D.3 DEAD - Simon Robot (Deadline)
    • Memory Card D.4 DEAD - Simon Robot (Deadline)

POPGOES Archives

External link: POPGOES Archives

POPGOES Archives is a gamejolt page, archiving most of the pre-reboot POPGOES content. It includes the pre-rebooted POPGOES, POPGOES Arcade (2016), POPGOES Creator Pack (a folder that comes with assets, guides, references, bonus content, and the Clickteam MFA files for the original version's initial build), POPGOES Arcade 2, POPGOES Memories, POPGOES 2 Epitome Pack (two file folders of artworks and 3D models for the epitome animatronics), and POPGOES Finale Demo.

It was released on July 1, 2021 by Kane Carter.

POPGOES: Lost & Found

External link: POPGOES: Lost & Found

POPGOES: Lost & Found is a twitter account ran by Kane Carter, documenting the obscure and recovered content from through the POPGOES series. It was launched in June 2021.

The documented content includes:

  • Scrapped Plot Points:
    • POPGOES Finale level names
    • Manora having a "Heart Attack" - a grotesque explosion of battery acid from her endoskeleton heart.
    • Ending of POPGOES 2 would be a bad one, unless the player completed some very difficult puzzles. It would result in Epitomes being released into the world.
    • Epitome Gem Stone was being considered for a moment.
    • The other Dreamcatchers' names and canon designs:
      • Notes (taking notes) - Toy Bonnie
      • Bows (crossing bows) - Toy Freddy
      • Eyes (feasting eyes) - Toy Chica
      • Pieces (breaking pieces) - Mangle
      • Signs (showing signs) - BB.
    • Layouts of all the locations planned for POPGOES Finale
  • Minigames
    • Scrapped POPGOES 2: The Dead Forest minigames, where strings would travel through the WeaselWare as a disembodied head
    • animated intros to the three stories planned for POPGOES Finale.
    • mock-up of POPGOES (2015)'s planned death minigames, where Strings could search for keywords and phrases in the WeaselWare's database,
  • Animations:
    • Original JJ's destruction scene from POPGOES Finale.
    • Epitome Popgoes crawling through a vent and hiding in the shadows of "an "outdoors" horror environment".
    • Popgoes approaching the player in his Heartless design.
    • Early test jumpscare of Simon Robot, meant for POPGOES Finale's secret ending.
    • Epitome Popgoes', Epitome Blake's, Epitome Sara's and Epitome Saffron's walking animations.
    • Epitomes' iris and eyelid animations.
    • Stone's placeholder jumpscare.
    • Epitome Popgoes' very early test jumpscare.
    • Early version of Popgoes' jumpscare for POPGOES (2015).
    • A POPGOES trailer inspired by Danganronpa: Trigger Happy Havoc.
    • WIP of a deleted scene from POPGOES' trailer
    • A short recording of an early build of POPGOES, when each camera had a border with the room's name on it
  • Comic content:
    • Alternative version of the first page of POPGOES: Evolution.
    • Rough storyboard for POPGOES: Evolution.
  • Renders
    • An older Epitome Popgoes model.
    • Updated Models of Epitome Popgoes and Epitome Blake prior to being given Strings' arms.
    • BTS renders of POPGOES Arcade 2's replica of FNaF3's arcade room and Simon Fitzgerald's jumpscare.
    • Old, unrendered scenes of Gem Stone sitting next to strings in his and the office's oldest designs.
    • Older head models for Epitome Blake and Epitome Stone, as well as Simon Robot's Dear Skull.
    • Simon Robot in his older Deadline design (with WIP textures giving him blood-stained hands) in the POPGOES 2 warehouse.
    • Reprinted Popgoes' 3D Model.
    • Simon Robot's updated design head for POPGOES: Reprinted, as well as his head endo.
    • Two "particularly disturbing errors with Popgoes' model".
    • Lux Popgoes', Lux Blake's and Lux Stone's "angry expression" designs.
    • Previous attempt at updating Simon Robot's model for POPGOES 2, with both his original and Frayed designs.
    • Strings' endoskeleton head.
    • JJ's head buttons.
    • All the different rooms from POPGOES 2's warehouse
      • Centre Hall
      • North Office
      • Left Corridor
      • Right Corridor
      • Stone Hub / Animatronic Charger
      • Bot Assembly Room
      • Electronics Room
      • Boiler Room
      • Item Storage Room.
    • First ever renders of Blake, Sara, Saffron and Stone, alongside a shorter Popgoes
    • "Fritz"'s upstairs office for POPGOES Finale
    • Scrapped teasers for POPGOES (2015) of the Popgoes' Pizzeria Animatronics and Bonnie Glade talking about evil:
      • Popgoes - I see evil
      • Blake - I hear evil
      • Sara and Saffron - I sense evil
      • Stone - I feel evil
      • Bonnie Glade - I made evil
  • Scrapped Art:
    • Unfinished promotional artwork of Simon Robot in his Deadline appearance.
    • Unfinished promotional artwork of Simon Robot.
  • Scrapped Music
    • Early versions of "Final Chance" - POPGOES Finale ending song
  • Concept Art:
    • Stylized concept art of Epitome Popgoes.
    • Concept sketches of Saraffron X, Blake X, Popgoes X and Chica X.
    • News report of Epitome sightings for POPGOES 2's bad ending's to-be final cutscene, showing Epitome Sara and Epitome Saffron in a forest.
    • Alternate design concept art for Manora's Aborted appearance.
    • The cut "Scrapped Parts and Service room", which would connect to Parts and Service.
    • Epitome Gem Stone.
    • Different variants of POPGOES 2's warehouse map
    • All the different rooms from POPGOES 2's warehouse
      • Centre Hall
      • North Office
      • Left Corridor
      • Right Corridor
      • Popgoes + Sara Hub / Animatronic Chargers
      • Saffron + Blake Hub / Animatronic Chargers
      • Stone Hub / Animatronic Charger
      • Bot Assembly Room
      • Electronics Room
      • Boiler Room
      • Item Storage Room.
    • A link to the Concept Art Livestream of the original POPGOES 2-2016
    • First ever mock-up for any POPGOES project, describing POPGOES (2015)'s gameplay and featuring the original animatronic designs.
    • Concept art of "Themed" versions of Freddy, Bonnie, Chica, Cupcake and Foxy, from the sister locations.
    • Sprites of the Themed Animatronics
  • HD textures:
    • Dawko Staff Room easter egg
    • Scrapped FNaC easter egg
    • Scrapped TNaF easter egg
    • All POPGOES rooms
  • Minor reveals:
    • Epitome Blake's original name being Godzilla Blake


POPGOES Ultraviolet


Kane Carter was interested in making new POPGOES games after the release of POPGOES Evergreen. Kane confirmed that if POPGOES Evergreen is successful enough upon its launch, he would make a sequel titled "POPGOES Ultraviolet", which would mainly focus on Simon.[citation needed]


  1. "Candy's and POPGOES both take place in a version of the FNAF universe where only the first three games happen. I'm not only clarifying what I initially said, but also that POPGOES is NOT CANON to FNAF just because of the Fanverse" - Kane Carter. September 26, 2020. Twitter.
  2. "Just for fun, what could the shared FNAC/POPGOES universe be called if it were given a name?
    We had a chat about this... maybe "Trilogyverse" since it only takes the first three FNAF games into account... or maybe something as simple as "The CPU" (Candy/Popgoes Universe)...
    " - Kane Carter. November 9, 2020. Twitter.

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