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I’m tired of every day being exactly the same.
Oswald, Fazbear Frights #1: Into the Pit

Oswald is the protagonist of Into the Pit, the first story from Fazbear Frights 1: Into the Pit.


Oswald is a fifth-grader who lives in a very small town. He studies at a school called Westbrook Elementary. His family is now tight on money as his dad recently lost his job due to the local mill closing and currently has a part-time job at Snack Space. However, his mom's job at the hospital is able to keep the family running. He has a close friend named Ben who moved away due to his dad getting a new job after the closing of the aforementioned mill.

He seems to like his mom more than his dad as he was always annoyed at how out-of-date he is and would sometimes argue with him.

He likes to draw, with recent subjects being ambiguously creepy anthropomorphized animals that were furry on the outside but robotic on the inside. He has a preference science-fiction, using his days at the library to read a series in the genre and an unidentified manga as well as playing on online fantasy game. He enjoys the old Zendrelix movies (likely a parody of old Godzilla movies), ironic given his dislike of his dad's outdated tastes.


See Into the Pit for the story that follows Oswald.


Unnamed Parents

Oswald's mother acts as the main financial support for the family and works long hours at the hospital because of it. As such, she is rarely home during the week. Oswald tends to cherish his time with her more, even allowing her to hug him, something he tells his father he's too old for.

Oswald's father, as opposed to his mom, has rather lackluster cooking skills and tends to rely on ready-made meals or those that only require boiling water. One such meal was macaroni and cheese with a side of canned corn, a meal Oswald described as "very yellow". His father had recently lost his main line of work and was temporarily working at the Snack Space. He has much different tastes in entertainment than Oswald and the two tend to be at-odds over who has better interests.


Oswald's black cat. Apparently she is spoiled and its Oswald's job to feed her. She is (Other than Oswald) the only one in the family that can see that Spring Bonnie is not Oswald's dad.


Oswald's best friend who moved over 500 miles away due to his father's new job after the local mill closed. Ben is described as being able to always make Oswald laugh.

Dylan Cooper

A bully at Oswald's school who looked for any opportunity to pick on someone. Making fun of Oswald's name is one of the main things he uses to pick on him.

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Towards the end of the story, after spending several days with the yellow rabbit in his house, Dylan's attempts at bullying no long seem to affect Oswald given he has more important matters on his mind.

Mrs. Meecham

Oswald's 5th grade teacher. Given it is the last day of the school year, she is somewhat lax in her duties, even putting on a movie in an attempt to keep the children in her class occupied.

Chip and Mike

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Chip and Mike are friends that Oswald made in his visits to the Freddy Fazbear's Pizza in 1985 over the summer. They were always down to play with Oswald and didn't question why he didn't have any money. Oswald would often have to research 1985 pop culture to try to keep up with the conversations they would have so as to not tip-off the fact he was from the future.

When the rabbit kills six children, Chip and Mike are nowhere to be found in the restaurant. They are, however, not listed as being among the six dead children the the rabbit leads Oswald to. in the back of the pizzeria.


She is described as having curly black hair and big brown eyes. She meets Oswald on her first day at her new school. Oswald takes note of her reading a book on Greek mythology which leads to a conversation about heroes being brave enough to slay monsters.

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This small conversation helps Oswald to later stand up to the rabbit.


  • Zendrelix is most certainly a parody of Godzilla, specifically the second Godzilla as the movie Zendrelix vs. Mechazendrelix is a title parody of the 1974 film Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla.
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