I hope you enjoyed the grand finale!
— Orville Elephant, one of his lines after attacking the player in Ultimate Custom Night.

Orville Elephant is an animatronic and a member of the Mediocre Melodies. He is one of the purchasable products from the Catalog in Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator.


Orville is an orange animatronic elephant with lighter accents on his trunk, inner ears, his torso, hoof toes, and around his blue eyes. He has teeth on his bottom jaw. He wears a purple top hat with a white stripe at the base, and has two black buttons on his chest. Similar to Mr. Hippo, Orville has a large flower on his chest, but the petals are purple. He holds a black wand with a white tip in his left hand.

Like the rest of the Melodies, he has an electrical power source box that activates him along with his fellow animatronics.


Orville Elephant is labelled in the "Rare Auctions Find" of the Catalog, apart from the rest of the Mediocre Melodies band that were listed in the "Stan's Budget Tech". Classified as a "Mid-Size Animatronic" and in "Very Good" item condition, Orville is worth $4100, which is far more than the rest of the Mediocre Melodies. His stats are as follows:

  • Atmosphere: 1
  • Health & Safety: 0
  • Entertainment: 7
  • Bonus Revenue: 1
  • Liability Risk: 0

To unlock the "Mediocre Melodies" achievement, the player needs to buy Orville along with Happy Frog, Nedd Bear, Mr. Hippo, and Pigpatch for the stage.


  • Orville seems to be a magician elephant, as he is holding a magic wand with a top hat and appears to be waving it around when on-stage, making it seem like he's casting a magic trick.
  • Orville’s head somewhat resembles the orange mask seen in the "Happiest Day" minigame of Five Nights at Freddy's 3, while other masks the children wear (not counting the original five characters from the first game) have eerie similarities with the animatronics of Mediocre Melodies (with the only exception of the blue mask), although Orville has blue eyes while the eyes in the minigame are green.
  • Orville is the second animatronic to have an official last name, the first being Freddy Fazbear.

Orville Elephant returns in Ultimate Custom Night as one of the multiple selectable characters.


He makes his way towards your office through the air ducts. He isn't often fooled by the audio lure, but can be pushed back with the heater.
— Menu description
Orville jumpscare

Orville attacking the player (click to animate).

Like the rest of the Mediocre Melodies, Orville will climb into the overhead duct system, making his way toward the hoses that drop into the Office. However, he is considered the fastest and trickiest of the Melodies. Use the heater to repel him, or the audio lure to hold him in place. Orville is fooled 10% of the time by the audio lure. He can be identified by the orange-colored warning signal. If he reaches the end of either of the duct entrances, he will proceed to jumpscare the player and end their night.

Orville's warning icon.

Upon jumpscaring the player, Orville will question the player about how his performance went, except during a rare line, where he tells the player that somebody tried to release them, but he won't let that happen.


  • From the Character Guide announcement on the game's Steam page, Scott describes the mechanics for Orville with his own words:
He climbs around in the overhead duct system making his way toward the hoses that drop into your office. Use the heater to repel him, or the audio lure to hold him in place. He is fooled 10% of the time by the audio lure. He is slightly faster than Nedd Bear.[1]
  • According to Mr. Hippo's death monologues, he and Orville are good friends.
  • Orville appears in the Ultimate Custom Night demo troll game (a reskin of Doofas the Dinosaur) as one of the reskinned enemies.
  • Similar to Happy Frog and Nedd Bear, an additional feminine voice is faintly heard repeating what Orville says in his rare fifth quote. He mentions "someone" trying to release Orville, the other Mediocre Melodies band, and even the player, and he says that he will not let it happen.


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What did you think of my act?
I don't get out much, so you'll have to forgive my enthusiasm.
I hope you enjoyed the grand finale!
Now is my time to shine!
He tried to release you. He tried to release us. But I'm not gonna let that happen. I will hold you here. I will keep you here. No matter how many times they burn us.


The scream Orville emits when attacking the player.
Warning: Loud!