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Can't tell creation from destruction at a distance.
Officer Dunn, Five Nights at Freddy's: The Silver Eyes

Officer Dunn is a police officer in Five Nights at Freddy's: The Silver Eyes.

Physical Appearance

He has a shiny pink face and hair that was so short that it was entirely covered by his hat. He was young, around his mid-twenties.

In the graphic novel, Dunn is depicted wearing a collared shirt with a black tie, between two pockets, one empty and one with (possibly) a yellow slip, he has a yellow badge on his right sleeve. He somewhat wears a normal police officer outfit.


Since he's the youngest member of the Hurricane Police Department, Dunn always took care to think of teenagers as children. If he could bring them to believe he was a responsible adult, hopefully at some point he would believe it too.


Five Nights at Freddy's: The Silver Eyes

Marla and Charlie stopped their cars in front of a theater, where Dunn was standing guard. Marla asks Officer Dunn to help them find Carlton. Dunn was quite skeptical at first, but then he communicates it to the police department and decides to go to the mall with the group of teenagers.

When they reached the entrance leading to Freddy's, the door was locked with padlocks. That someone blocked off the entrance while they were gone Jason was yelling that they had to get in, that Bonnie was going to kill him. The police suspect that the group of teenagers told Jason to say that, and asked him again. And he firmly answers that he is telling the truth. Charlie says they were in there, but Officer Dunn doesn't believe them because it looked like the place was locked a long time ago and no one could get in.

Charlie insists that he has to help them, so Dunn asks what his friend's name. When he was told that it was Carlton, Dunn immediately orders his communicator to call his father, Clay Burke. Dunn then escorts the group to the exit and drops them off in the parking lot.

The next day, Officer Dunn is in front of the mall, responding to Chief Burke's order to leave the place. After a while, he announced through his communicator that he was going to take another look at the place.

Once he enters the location, he starts to notice some strange things. When he headed towards the stage, he heard a noise and turned to find out that there was nothing. After a while, there was the same sound that led him to a half-open door, which led him to an office. After he enters an empty room, he finds William Afton in his suit in a closet. At first, Dunn thought it was just a suit, then out of nowhere, it attacked him. Afton broke his arm, slammed him into the cabinet door, and grabbed him by the neck.

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Just before Dunn was about passed out, Afton released him. But when he was relieved, he saw that he was holding a knife. The knife pierced right into his heart. The last thing before passing out was Afton's two small eyes behind the mask.

His body was found in a pile of mascot parts, mostly empty costumes, noticed by Jessica at the climax of the book.

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