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The Noise Meter from Ultimate Custom Night, as located from the bottom left.

Hey, keep it down, would ya?
Music Man, Ultimate Custom Night

The Noise Meter is a measurement mechanic featured in Ultimate Custom Night and Five Nights at Freddy's AR: Special Delivery. It represents the amount of noise that is currently being made, either by the player or by certain animatronics.


Ultimate Custom Night

Music Man and Lefty are the only two animatronics that are sensitive to noise. Certain animatronics or specific actions caused by the player will cause the noise meter to fill. While the noise meter is full, Music Man and/or Lefty will begin to become annoyed, eventually jumpscaring the player if the noise level is not sufficiently reduced.

There are multiple characters and actions that can increase the level of noise in the office:

From characters:
From the player:
  • Using the fan
  • Using any device while the monitor is open
    • Every device used besides the Power Generator raises the noise meter by one block.
    • The Power Generator raises the noise meter by two blocks.
    • Using Silent Ventilation and/or the Global Music Box does not create noise.

Not all characters can fill the noise meter from the sound they create, which include:

Noise-Sensitive Animatronics

  • Music Man - As the noise meter fills, Music Man will begin to crash his cymbals behind the player. The rate of the cymbal crashes correlates with how annoyed Music Man is; the faster the cymbals crash, the closer Music Man is to jumpscaring the player.
  • Lefty - Lefty sits in the Supply Closet in the Left Hall, slumped and deactivated against the wall. As the level of noise increases, Lefty will begin to activate, slowly approaching the closet door. Unlike Music Man, lowering the noise level will not deactivate Lefty; he can only be soothed and eventually deactivated through the use of the Global Music Box.

Note that Lefty is also activated by high temperatures as well.

Noise Refraining

To drain the noise meter and/or prevent it from filling up, the player can perform any of the following actions:

  • Putting down the monitor or changing the camera if Phantom Mangle appears
  • Reducing or stopping usage of power-consuming devices
  • Muting the Phone Guy
  • Snaring Mangle with the vent snares before they reach the vent doors
  • Removing Lolbit's popup by typing LOL
  • Soundproofing the office when offered by Rockstar Foxy

Five Nights at Freddy's AR: Special Delivery

The noise meter returns in Special Delivery, where it is used during Ballora's encounter. The more movement made in-game, the more the bar goes up. Once it goes up to full, Ballora will jumpscare the player. Unfortunately, the player can't simply sit still as Minireenas will crawl on the player's screen. The player needs to shake the screen so the Minireenas fall off.


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