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Were you looking for the nightmare animatronic Nightmarionne?

The Nightmarionne S.T.A.F.F. Bots are a group of hostile enemies who appear in Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach. They are the vandalized versions of the S.T.A.F.F. Bots.

Physical Appearance

The Nightmarionne S.T.A.F.F. Bots bear the same model appearance to their newer counterparts, excluding a rusty texture, glowing white eyes, and creepy smile drawn on their blank faces. They also have black tear streaks in a similar fashion to Nightmarionne, or more specifically, the ghosts of William Afton's past victims seen in the second and third games' minigames. The bots also have "IN YOUR DREAMS" written on their chests.


Nightmarionne S.T.A.F.F. Bots roles are largely unchanged from regular staff bots however they only appear in the security variant. The Nightmarionne S.T.A.F.F. Bots are only lethal in the sewers killing the player if they fall into one of their pits. They mostly appear in hidden areas and during Vanny's sequence where they disassemble Freddy and act as obstacles to the player reaching Vanny's room.

In one of the endings Gregory reaches the control panel and instructs the bots to "disassemble Vanny" resulting in them attacking and killing her.


  • The groups were first teased in the first Freddy & Friends: On Tour! episode, where the glitch causes the group's still image to appear at timestamp 0:23 for a split second.
    • The teaser photo is revealed to be from them killing the player if they fall into their pit.
  • If the player listens closely during their jumpscare scream, they can hear Nightmare and Nightmarionne's jumpscare screech.
  • The comic panel cutscenes for the Vanny and Savior Endings depict the Nightmarionne S.T.A.F.F. Bots as plain, undamaged S.T.A.F.F. Bots.



Audio Description
The audio is loud and/or startling!
The scream Nightmarionne S.T.A.F.F. Bots emits when attacking the player.
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