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Night Terrors is the seventh and final game mode of Five Nights at Freddy's: Help Wanted.


Gameplay is similar to Five Nights at Freddy's 4, with various changes depending on the level selected.


Funtime Freddy

Funtime Freddy in the hallway outside of the bedroom

Funtime Freddy and Bon-Bon will approach from either hall independently. While Freddy will cause a Game Over, Bon-Bon and Bonnet's jumpscare merely serves as a distraction. As with the usual gameplay of Five Nights at Freddy's 4, the player must listen for noises at the door to each hall to determine if a threat is there and close it. If no one is there, the player can also use their flashlight to drive back any threats further down the hall.

Bonnet popping out of the drawer

One major difference is the appearance of Bonnet in the Bedroom. She will occasionally pop out of one of the dresser's drawers on either the left or right side of the room. The player must shine their flashlight on her to drive her back into the drawer. Failure to do so in time will result in Bonnet jumpscaring the player. Occasionally, she may also pop out of the closet, leaving it open when she ducks back inside.


Like in Five Nights at Freddy's 4, the player will hear "My Grandfather's Clock" play throughout the night. Nightmarionne can attack from anywhere. If it's in the halls, the player must close the door. When Nightmarionne attacks from the bed, closet, or the hole in the ceiling, it will show its tentacle-like fingers wriggling out from wherever it is and is repelled by the player's flashlight. Failure to repel Nightmarionne in time results in it attacking the player.

One benefit compared to the Five Nights at Freddy's 4 iteration is that Nightmarionne's eyes can be seen in the dark whether it is down the hall or at the door.

Circus Baby

Circus Baby hunting the player as they hide in the Closet

The player must survive in the Closet until 6 a.m. while being hunted by Circus Baby. Baby will appear in the room and will look around in pursuit of her prey. Once she sees the player, she will run towards the door with her eyes glowing red and the player must close it. If the door is not closed fully, she will jumpscare the player.

Several Plushbabies can be found inside the closet, they will shake every time the player closes the door, even while the player is getting rid of Circus Baby. Keeping the closet door closed for too long will result in a PlushBaby jumpscaring the player.

Nightmare Fredbear

Nightmare Fredbear entering the Bedroom

Like in Five Nights at Freddy's 4, Nightmare Fredbear attacks from either the hallways, closet or bed, and is warded off in the same way as he was in FNaF 4; the player must hold the doors shut when he's in the hallways or the closet, and shine their flashlight on him when he's on the bed. Failure to repel Nightmare Fredbear results in him attacking the player.

In addition, shining the flashlight on Nightmare Fredbear while he's in the hallways can cause him to move faster. It's easier to look for his red glowing eyes.

Blacklight Levels

Pizza Party

A free roam level set across a maze of the main Five Nights at Freddy's locations, the player must find the Pizza Party without taking too long. Taking too long will eventually lead to a jumpscare from Freddy Fazbear. Various animatronics are found throughout the map, and heading to the next room is the only way to avoid their jumpscares, these animatronics being Bonnie, found in a room resembling the West Hall, Chica, found in a room resembling the Kitchen where the player must choose their favorite pizza topping while she continuously eats a pizza in the room, Mangle, found in a room where the player must choose their favorite cake flavor, The Puppet, found in a room where it exits its box, Springtrap, found in a room resembling The Office from Five Nights at Freddy's 3, Plushtrap, found in a room resembling his hallway, Funtime Foxy, found in a room resembling its level and emitting the light from the Flash Beacon, and Ennard, found in a room where it emerges from the Elevator. One iteration of the Five Nights at Freddy's 3 office will allow access into the office - only opening once the player has made selections for their cake flavor and their pizza topping. Once in there, the player must crawl into the vent and then use the hatch above to find the party room.

The following information contains spoilers. To view them, click the [show] tag.

Shortly after reaching the party room, Glitchtrap will reveal himself from behind curtains, and gesture to the player to follow him. Once the player follows him, they will be taken to pitch darkness, after which they are revealed to be onstage, presumably stuffed, performing as Freddy while the credits roll and Glitchtrap can be seen dancing in the background. After the credits, HandUnit congratulates the player for completing the Freddy Fazbear Virtual Experience, assures them that they didn't miss anything and that there's nothing left to see and hopes for a fresh start for Fazbear Entertainment now that they've laughed at the "tall tales" that were the incidents that occurred in the franchise's history.

Below is a map and images of all locations found within Pizza Party:

The following information contains spoilers. To view them, click the [show] tag.


  • In Circus Baby, there is a coin on the box next to the PlushBaby to the right of the player.
  • In Circus Baby, there is a coin leaning against the left side of the box to the front-left of the player.
  • In Circus Baby, there is a coin lodged in the back of the head of the Plushbaby to the front-left of the player.
    • In Flat Mode, this token is on a blue crate above and to the left, behind the player.
  • In Pizza Party, in the FNAF 3 hallway on a gift box to the right of the player. Must enter from the back-left door in Plushtrap's hall (door G in the map above).
  • In Pizza Party, on the right corner of the frame of the vent behind the player in the FNAF 3 area.


  • There is a tape on the shelf behind the player in the Circus Baby level.
  • There is a tape on the table near the end of the Pizza Party level.
  • There is a tape behind the toy telephone in front of the closet in the Nightmare Fredbear level.

Easter Eggs

  • After obtaining the Glitchtrap plush, in the Backstage area of Pizza Party, if the player looks to their right, they will see an Employees Only door with snow blowing in through it. Going through this door will lead to a winter area with a billboard that reads “Coming soon!” and a large structure being built in the distance. This is believed to be a teaser for Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach.
    • This Easter Egg was added on December 17, 2019 with the inclusion of "Flat Mode".


  • Funtime Freddy's Nights are 2 minutes and 58 seconds long (starting when Bonnet enters the drawer), Nightmarionne's are 3 minutes and 29 seconds long, Circus Baby's are 2 minutes long, and Nightmare Fredbear's are 3 minutes long.
  • In the levels with Funtime Freddy and Nightmare Fredbear, when the player goes to one of the doors, Freddy and Fredbear can actually be seen going through the opposite door.
    • This can also apply just by standing at the bed, or even the closet, regardless of which door they go through.
      • However, for the closet, it is only accessible with Nightmare Fredbear.
  • In Circus Baby's level, there is a chance that the player will see a Bidybab hiding in the darkness, as seen here.
  • Also in Circus Baby's level, it is possible to close the door at just the right moment before she spots the player and keep it closed long enough she moves positions but short enough the PlushBabies don't jumpscare them. This can result in the player completing the minigame without hearing the jumpscare sound or Circus Baby moving to attack.
  • "Night terrors" is a reference to a sleep disorder that causes feelings of terror or dread while asleep, as it includes episodes of screaming, intense fear, and flailing.
    • This fits the scene and theme of the level as the setting in the four segments features the Bedroom from Five Nights at Freddy's 4.
    • As night terrors is associated within childhood development, it also benefits the theory of the protagonist in the fourth game being a child.
  • The left hand hallway is missing the grandfather clock that is present in the original Five Nights at Freddy's 4. The night also end with the classic eight-tone chimes of the first three games, not the digital alarm of Five Nights at Freddy's 4.


  • During the segments with Funtime Freddy, Nightmarionne and Nightmare Fredbear, leaning over to close the doors may clip the flashlight through the door making the player unable to look around the room until they lean back into the room.
  • During the Funtime Freddy segment, he may glitch and not move from his position for the rest of the night. This also prevents the player from teleporting to another door.
  • When Nightmarionne is on the left door, its fingers clip through the wall.
  • The Playstation VR Patch that was released on 1st October 2019 made the Pizza Party mode unplayable.
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