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Don't you hate gettin' killed by obscure secondary characters?
Nedd Bear, Ultimate Custom Night

Nedd Bear is an animatronic and a member of the Mediocre Melodies. He makes his first debut in Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator.

Physical Appearance

Nedd Bear is a light brown animatronic bear with tan accents around his muzzle, eye sockets, palms, under both feet, and belly. He resembles the designs of the original animatronics from the first game, specifically Freddy Fazbear. He has droopy green eyes, a red tie with diagonal white stripes, and a red flat hat attached to his head by a spring. If one looks carefully, he has a visible endoskeleton mouth similar to the ones seen in the first game.

Like the rest of the Melodies, he has an electrical power source box that activates him along with his fellow animatronics.


Nedd Bear's personality is that of a wisecracking hillbilly. Scott Cawthon describes him as goofy, as well as often failing to realize the severity of his actions while also quipping silly one liners. This also suggests that he is also somewhat dim-witted. He speaks using an Arkansas accent.

A feminine voice in the background is heard in one of his quotes, painting an entirely different picture.


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  • He is the only member of the Mediocre Melodies to have a liability level. This may be because of how his design looks a bit more shoddy than the others. Whereas the other melodies look fine for their designs, he has notable design flaws, like how he has a visible spring connecting his hat to his head, his eyes are opened asymmetrically, and to note that his head angle feels off.
    • This may be attributed to his jumpscare from Ultimate Custom Night, as his jumpscare has him shaking erratically with his eyes moving crazily compared to the others.
      • When Chica jumpscares the player from the first game, her eyes are not straight, barely similar to Nedd Bear.
  • Unlike the other Mediocre Melodies, he does not seem to make an appearance in the Happiest Day minigame.
  • Nedd Bear gets less merch than the other mediocre melodies.

Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator

  • Nedd Bear seems to be a knock-off variation of Freddy Fazbear, due to the similar name, appearance, and the fact that Nedd Bear is much less expensive.
    • In fact, Nedd Bear's name is very similar to Fredbear's name, who is speculated to be a animatronic mascot bear before Freddy Fazbear.
  • Like the other mid-size animatronics, he seems to lack his wires from the electronic box during his stage animation. It's likely that the wires are too thin.

Ultimate Custom Night

  • From the Character Guide announcement on the game's Steam page, Scott describes the mechanics for Nedd Bear with his own words:

He climbs around in the overhead duct system making his way toward the hoses that drop into your office. Use the heater to repel him, or the audio lure to hold him in place. He is fooled 50% of the time by the audio lure. He is slightly faster than Pigpatch.[1]

  • Nedd Bear's voice description on the website mentions his personality being "goofy, doesn't seem to understand the severity of his actions, often quipping silly one-liners as though telling a joke to kids despite the fact that he just murdered someone."
  • Similar to Orville Elephant and Happy Frog, a whispering feminine voice is faintly heard repeating Nedd Bear's rare line, where he says he will never let the player leave while speaking in an off-character tone.
  • Nedd Bear's jumpscare seems to be the most amusing out of all animatronics, with his eyes rolling around in a goofy fashion.
    • This may be a subtle reference to the The Silver Eyes novel where, in the beginning, describes the animatronics as moving erratically and their eyes "moving around in and out of the head".
  • This is the only Mediocre Melodie animatronic to not appear in the Ultimate Custom Night troll "demo" (the reskin of Doofas the Dinosaur) as one of the reskinned enemies.
  • Nedd Bear's personality and appearance are uncannily similar to the Muppet character "Fozzie Bear", another comedian bear character.


Game Title Role Description
Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator Minor character First debut; purchasable product from the Catalog.
Ultimate Custom Night Major character Enemy-type antagonist.


  1. Character Guide - Ultimate Custom Night. June 15, 2018. Steam
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