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A list of collectible mystery minis themed around Five Nights at Freddy's that were released in 2016 and designed by Funko.


Series 1

Glow-in-the-Dark Series

Series 2 - Sister Location + FNaF 4

Series 3 - The Twisted Ones + Sister Location

Blacklight Series

Series 4 - Pizzeria Simulator

Glow Series - Pizzeria Simulator

Series 5 - Security Breach

Series 6 - Special Delivery

Quidd Exclusive 3D Mystery Mini

On the Quidd app, there are 3D models of Five Nights at Freddy's Mystery Minis and exclusive Mystery Minis that never saw a commercial release. Mr. Cupcake, Balloon Boy, Puppet and Crying Child came from the Nightshift series, Bidybab from the Sister Location series and the shadow animatronics come from the Shadow Series.



13 Mystery Minis from Series 1
  • When Series 1 was shown off at Toy Fair 2016, a prototype of the Springtrap Mystery Mini was shown with an orange body, complete with other details.
  • Despite being advertised with blue and green wires in promotional images, the Springtrap Mystery Mini has red wires, the blue and green wires would however be used on the William Afton Mystery Mini.
  • Despite being advertised with grey tears in promotional images, the Crying Child Mystery Mini has blue tears.
  • Despite being advertised with teeth in promotional images, the glow-in-the-dark Toy Cupcake Mystery Mini doesn't have teeth, just like its Series 1 counterpart.
  • Despite being advertised as green in promotional images, the glow & glitter Glamrock Freddy Mystery Mini is actually ivory colored.
  • There are two variants of the RWQFSFASXC Mystery Mini. The first released during the 1st series and the second being released in the "Twisted Ones + Sister Location" series. The latter being correctly colored.
  • There are two variants of the Mangle Mystery Mini. The first released during the 1st series and was more in line with the other Mystery Mini sculpts, having one head and standing on two feet. The second released during the "Special Delivery" series, being more accurate to the in-game model, sporting a 2nd animatronic head and standing on three feet.
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