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Welcome to Monty's Gator Golf! Home of the Hurricane Hole-In-One! We're currently closed for the night, come back soon!
Monty's message on the intercom while the golf course is closed, Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach

Monty's Gator Golf (aka Monty Golf & formerly Monty's Wild Golf) is an indoor golf course and one of the many locations inside of Freddy Fazbear's Mega Pizzaplex. It appears in Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach.


The attraction has a jungle-like feel to it, along with some alligator props & some cutouts. Huts can be seen along with alligator rides & cannons. There is a big bucket of multi-colored golf balls (i.e the "Hurricane Hole-In-One" bucket) which will be used to decommission Montgomery Gator.

The main lobby has a merry go round in the style of golf balls & fake plants. There is also a ticket booth & waiting area. The gift shop has many memorabilia from the past FNaF games, as well as new ones. There are also many areas with props, as well as Monty's Gator Grub, which acts as a snack bar.

Enter to door to the right of the Gator Grub kitchen & there is a white hallways with arrows showing the path to the office. Once there, seen are some props for the golf course, a bag, & 2 gifts containing a Mazercise ticket & the Faz Camera.


In the center of the first floor of the golf course, there is a playable golf course game with 9 levels.


Prize Boxes

  • Tragedy Mask - Mini-hut surrounded by a ball pit.
  • Go-Kart - Camper prop for Hole 17.
  • Flashlight Battery Upgrade - The back room next to the security hallway.
  • Faz Camera - In the office chair.
  • Mazercise Ticket - On top of a pizza box, also in the office.


  • No Flash Photography - Gator Grub's counter.
  • BEHIND THE MAZE - Monty Golf office, next to the flashlight recharge station.


  • In the final level of the arcade game, you can see Freddy in a dumpster, while the other band members are performing on-stage.
    • It is unknown what this indicates, but it is theorized to be Monty trying to replace Freddy like he presumably did with Glamrock Bonnie.
  • Freddy mentions that Faz Cams are only sold in Monty Golf, yet are banned in the same location due to flash photography, which he calls a "clever marketing plan".
  • In the middle of the room at the ballpit, there is a shed which strikes great similarity to the shed (or toilet) in the intro of Dreamworks’ Shrek. This might be done coincidentally or willingly.
  • The golf course arcade in the center of the first floor originally had 18 levels, but only half of them made the cut into the final version of the game.
  • In the Dawko interview, Jason Topolski said this was his favorite location in the Pizzaplex.
  • The game files reveal the golf course once had a pathway instead of an elevator leading to Monty Golf.


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