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Rock and roll.
Montgomery Gator, Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach

Montgomery Gator is a glamrock animatronic that appears in Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach as one of the primary antagonists.

Physical Appearance

Montgomery Gator is an alligator animatronic. He sports pointy teeth, black claws, a red mohawk, green scale-textured pants, spots on his arms and cheeks, a light yellow color for the belly and lower jaw. He has the same seam on the front of his torso where Glamrock Freddy's chest compartment would open. He has a long tail that runs in five green and yellow segments with each segment having spots and bumps resembling an alligator's scutes. His eyelids, a lightning-like paint on the muzzle, his feet and hands (excluding the fingers) are also tinted a purple color. He wears spiked bracelets, yellow star-shaped sunglasses, and purple shoulder pauldrons.


Monty has a typical personality relating to the stereotype of a rockstar, being seen from trashing his room, to his 'rocking' personality. He also seems to like to smash and destroy things, as seen in his boss fight. He seems to enjoy breaking doors more than anything, as some of the doors in the Pizzaplex have signs with a Monty symbol crossed out to discourage him from entering, with little effect. He may also have some form of dislike towards Glamrock Freddy, as shown in the final level of his golf minigame that Freddy is left in a dumpster, with Monty presumably taking his role as the lead animatronic entertainer, showing that he may be jealous of Freddy's leadership and wishes to overthrow him as the lead singer.


Monty is shown to have lots of strength, smashing through steel gates that the other animatronics cannot, using his claws, and was shown smashing his fists onto one of the ballshooters, which heavily damaged the shooter's barrel, and can jump large distances to catch up to Gregory. He is also immune to the Fazerblaster or the Faz Cam due to his shades protecting his eyes.

After being shattered from a fall during his Boss Fight and due to loss of his lower body, he can be seen crawling around the Pizzaplex; without his legs, he can no longer jump great distances, and without shades, he is now vulnerable to effects of stun. This, however, does allow him to crawl in the vents.

He is shown to be the least active animatronic, mostly staying in the Monty's Gator Golf and Superstar Daycare areas, and rarely roaming around the Pizzaplex, appearing only during "events". During the sequence where Gregory needs to start a performance to activate the elevator to Parts and Service, Monty operates a searchlight in the Atrium rather than actively pursuing Gregory, using it to help the other Glamrocks find him.


Game Title Role Description
Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach Major character First appearance; primary antagonist under Vanny's control.
Five Nights at Freddy's AR: Special Delivery Major character Posthumous antagonist.*
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