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This article contains human characters from the Five Nights at Freddy's novel series who do not have enough information to merit having full articles.

Five Nights at Freddy's: The Silver Eyes


Billy rode the Freddy’s merry-go-round with Marla when it got stuck, back when Freddy Fazbear's Pizza was open. Charlie described him as a mean kid.

Anne Park

Anne Park was one of the graduating seniors who received the scholarship that was dedicated to Michael. Charlie speculated that she is also a friend of Michael's. She's a slight Vietnamese girl.


Donnie was a guy who Jessica use to date a year before The Silver Eyes. Jessica described him as a nice and shy person. He was very artistic and wrote poems in his black leather notebook. Jessica asked him out and read his poems, which resulted in Jessica leaving him as she thought they were awful. Donnie has thick black curly hair and always wore all black. After Jessica left him, he started wearing sweater vests and now takes statistics and economics.


Harriet was the librarian that Charlie and John encounter while they were in the library. She was a young, athletic-seeming woman in slacks and a purple sweater, with short, bright pink hair. She teaches them how to use microfilm to help find the newsletters of Fredbear's. She's from Indiana but moved to Hurricane a few years earlier before The Silver Eyes. She has a son named Aiden.


Norah is someone who works at the police station that communicates with Officer Dunn.

Five Nights at Freddy's: The Twisted Ones


Rebecca was someone John use to date the summer after the events of The Silver Eyes. Rebecca later broke up with John after him not wanting a serious relationship with her. John described her as a smart person, who’s a year older than him, has a dog, and was a college student studying English.

Five Nights at Freddy's: The Fourth Closet


Luis works in the construction yard with John. He is briefly seen inviting John to hang out with a group of the other workers after work. John turns him down, saying he had a lot going on.


The foreman of the construction site John works at. He hired John based off the recommendation of John's cousin. He is, however, displeased at John's work, seeing his slow reactions as daydreaming as a safety hazard to the rest of the workers.


Another worker at the construction site. He also attempts to get John to go out after work, using it as an excuse not to go to the "new kid's place" that just opened. He has a (presumably) wife named Lucy and an unnamed daughter.


Delia is the landlord of John's apartment. She is described as an old woman with the skin of a lifelong smoker. Her attitude towards John is not very friendly and may be indicative of her overall demeanor. She takes note of a plant John has hung up, pointing out that people don't usually settle into her complex and eventually move on with their lives.


Bob runs a junkyard and is father to a two and a five-year-old. A woman comes to his junkyard looking for some scrap from a specific haul. She claims to know about him searching for a screaming voice among the scraps. This unnerves him, swearing up and down to the woman that he runs a good business.

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While ambiguous when this is being told in the story, the woman who has come to the junkyard is Baby, the scrap that was brought is the animatronics and rubble of Charlie's house from the end of The Twisted Ones, and the screaming would have been from the teenage version of Charlie.


Steve is an employee of Circus Baby's Pizza. He briefly appears when John is vexed by the stage inside the establishment. He asks John if he's with his children. John claims to be at the party with his cousin and excuses himself awkwardly.

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