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This is the list of all rest of minor characters in the Fazbear Frights series.

Fazbear Frights 1: Into the Pit

Into the Pit

Dylan Cooper

Well, if it isn't Oswald the Ocelot!
Dylan taunting Oswald, Into the Pit

Dylan Cooper is a minor character in the Into the Pit story. He is a typical school bully of Westbrook Middle School, making fun of people for whatever he can. He particularly likes to pick on Oswald since the first day of kindergarten, calling him Oswald the Ocelot after a children's TV show character.[1] Dylan was last seen at the school hall, and was about to taunt Oswald before getting pushed off.[2]

He was described as the tallest of the fifth graders.[1]

Mrs. Meecham

Mrs. Meecham is Oswald's fifth-grade teacher who is shown to be over the current school year on the last day by simply putting on a movie for the kids and letting them play with their electronics.


I'm sorry, that pizza place is creepy.
Ben's text message, Into the Pit

Ben from the Into the Pit story is Oswald's best friend who moved away after the mill closed and his father found new work. He is described as always being able to make Oswald laugh. He texts Oswald during the story about his vacation at Myrtle Beach and shares his sentiment that Jeff's Pizza is weird.

Ben's Father

Ben's unnamed father is only mentioned in the Into the Pit story. Oswald stated that Ben's father got a job that pays better than his old job at the mill. Oswald's father mentions that Ben's father had to drive five hundred miles away to get a new job.[3]

Unnamed Family

The unnamed family, consisting of a mother and two children, appear in the Into the Pit story, but only in the past. Before Oswald reaches the ball pit to travel back to the present, he found two children playing in the ball pit and their mother was telling them that it was time to leave Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. When the kids try to argue, their mother firmly threatened them with an early bedtime. The children obeyed; they came out of the ball pit and left the pizzeria with their mother.

Unnamed FFP Servant

The unnamed servant of 1985 Freddy Fazbear's Pizza shows up to serve Oswald, Chip, and Mike with pizza and a pitcher of soda.

She only appeared in Into the Pit. She is a young woman with big blonde hair and blue eye shadow.


Tales of heroes. Have you read much mythology?
Gabrielle, Into the Pit

Gabrielle is a student who appeared in the Into the Pit story. She is described as a girl with curly black hair and big brown eyes. Oswald meets her one both their first day at Westbrook Middle School, though it is only her third day in town. She is seen carrying a book about Greek heroes in mythology. This sparks a discussion with Oswald about being brave when facing monsters, something he needed to hear to give him the motivation to stop the rabbit.

To Be Beautiful


Jillian is one of the Beautifuls. She has red hair and green eyes.


Tabitha is one of the Beautifuls. She has black hair and brown eyes.


Emma is one of the Beautifuls. She has brown hair and eyes.

Count the Ways


Hannah was Millie's best friend in elementary school, since kindergarten through fifth grade. However, she left Millie in high school to join the popular group. Millie pities her because she knows the group does not truly care for her.[4]

Brooke Harrison

Brooke is a classmate in Millie's U.S. government class, and Dylan's girlfriend.[5] Millie deems her as "basic", despite never talking to her. Dylan is disappointed that Millie would judge someone based on appearance. She wants to be a veterinarian and is blonde.[6][7]

Unnamed Classmates

Millie is a social outcast in her school. Her classmates call her "Dracula's Daughter".

Fazbear Frights 2: Fetch


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Fazbear Frights 3: 1:35 A.M.

1:35 A.M.


Mary is Delilah's neighbor. She loves to sing, and her apartment is decorated with Japanese items. Delilah is often annoyed with her because she could still hear her weird songs even in her apartment. She is about 5'8", with grey hair, glasses, a lined face, and a middle aged frump. Mary likes to wear clothes in a lot of layers. Delilah looks through her apartment to try to find Ella, but Ella is not there.


Gerald was Delilah and Harper's foster parent. He used to be in the military, and was very strict. He set up harsh schedules for Delilah and Harper, even stating when they could use the bathroom. Delilah's hatred of alarm clocks can be attributed to him, as he used one to enforce the schedule.

Harper helped Delilah deal with Gerald by impersonating his voice and making her laugh. When Ella mimicked his voice to torture her, Delilah suspects Harper of being involved with Ella.


Richard is Delilah's ex-husband. She met him at a Halloween party when she was in high school. They fell in love, and moved to Europe for a year and a half. They were soon married, and Delilah lived in his parent's guesthouse. Delilah wished to have kids, but Richard wanted to be with another woman who had blonde hair and blue eyes. The only things she received from the divorce was a car, old furniture, and some money.


Nate is Delilah's employer. He is strict towards his employees, though he has a hidden softer side. Nate was angry at Delilah for missing her shifts, which is why she wanted to buy an alarm clock in the first place. When Delilah caused an incident when she saw Ella at her job, Nate reluctantly fires her.

He is described as being tall, fit, attractive and well dressed. He is approximately in his 50s. Nate has short graying black hair and a closed-trimmed beard. Nate has scary pewter-grey eyes, Delilah exaggerates that Nate's eyes could impale you with displeasure.

Glen, Jackie, Grace, & Rianne

Glen, Jackie, Grace, and Rianne are some of Delilah's coworkers. They are the night-shift workers. Glen is the cook, Jackie is the server, and the others have miscellaneous jobs. Glen is the closest to Delilah, taking concern of her when she is scared by Ella, and even holding her as she cries. Jackie is somewhat close to her. Delilah offers to switch shifts with Grace, and Rianne takes over her shift.

Glen is in his late 20s, he is obese and has brown eyes, a baby face and chin length sun-burns. Jackie is a year or two younger than Delilah.

Mrs. Jeffrey

Mrs. Jeffrey is a regular customer. She comes in everyday for rice pudding. Delilah thinks that she saw Ella in the restaurant, but it was just her blue purse.


Hank is a regular customer. He is a private detective and taught Delilah how to pick a lock. She uses the knowledge to break into Mary's house to try to find Ella.

Rudolph, Raul, Kate, & Julia

Rudolph, Raul, Katie, and Julia are some of Harper's housemates. They are all actors looking for jobs. Rudolph teaches Delilah a card game, and she finds him interesting. When she hears Ella's sounds in Harper's house, Harper says she only hears Raul's music and Kate and Julia's movie.


Manny is one of the actors in the performance Harper was in. He forgot one of his lines, so Harper had to cover for him.


Ali is one of Delilah's therapists. She theorized that Delilah liked looking at garage sales because it helped her imagine what it was like to have a family.

Fazbear Frights 4: Step Closer

Dance with Me

Kasey's Mother

Kasey lived with her mom throughout her childhood, although she worked very long night shifts and forgot that Kasey was living with her, she tended to be neglectful towards Kasey. She also had a string of boyfriends, until the one she had then. But when her boyfriend told her to choose between him and Kasey, she kicked Kasey out of the house before she turned 17 to be with her current boyfriend.

Kasey's Mother's Boyfriend

He was rich and started dating Kasey's mom but when he found out that she had a kid, he didn't like it. He also says that he was rich at her age when his parents kicked him out and expected Kasey to do the same. He made Kasey's mom kick her out of the house.

Sarah Avery

She's the mother of two children, Isabella and her son. She has brown hair and is short.

She was with her two children walking out of Circus Baby's Pizza World, when Kasey robbed her purse and her daughter's goody bag.

She later reappears when Kasey found out where she lives, since she still has Sarah's driver license in her backpack. Kasey went to her house, then Sarah opened the door, and asked her for forgiveness. Sarah forgives, as she thinks it's rare for people to admit they've done wrong. Kasey gave her back her license and some money, since she'll still pay her for the rest. She lets her in the house to have some tea.

Isabella Avery

Isabella is the daughter of Sarah and has a unnamed brother. She has light-brown hair and wanted her hairstyle to be like Circus Baby.[8] Kasey estimates her to be at the age of 3 or 4.

She first appeared outside of Circus Baby's Pizza World, walking with her mother and her brother. She then told her mother that she wanted pigtails like Circus Baby and told her to hold her goody bag. Kasey then runs up and snatches the purse, which had the goody bag inside.

Isabella reappears when Kasey apologizes for the robbery, and Isabella's mom accepts, and lets her in the house. Kasey gave back Ballora's glasses to her, which made Isabella happy. Isabella puts on the glasses, she sees Ballora and then starts dancing.

Sarah's Son

He's the son of Sarah and Isabella's brother.

As Kasey robbed the purse, he wanted to catch her. But his mother declined.

Unnamed Elderly Lady

She's an elderly lady who gives Kasey advice. She has gray hair and a darker skin than Kasey. The lady has a son and a daughter-in-law, along with grandchildren.

As Kasey bought a ticket for a bus ride to Memphis, she sat in a bench at a bus station. Couple hours later, she was woken up by the old lady, who just sat next to her. She was going to Chicago, to visit her family. Once they've talked to each other for a while, she told her that she looked like someone who's running away from something, and that her problems will end up following her.


He has control of the Royal Café, presumably being the manager or the owner. He has olive skin and tired eyes. Kasey described Jimmy as a good cook.

As Brenda screamed out his name, he arrived and was told that Kasey was looking for a job here. He asks several questions to Kasey and got the job immediately.

After Kasey stole some tips off of the tables over the course of days, the next day after that, she arrived at work with Jimmy and Brenda sitting at a booth, waiting for her. Brenda thinks that she's the one who keeps stealing her tips off the table. Even though Jimmy didn't fire her, he's going to keep watch at Kasey.


She works at the Royal Café diner as a waitress. Kasey described her as bleached-blonde with her age around 35 to 65.

Brenda greeted her and Kasey told her she was looking for the job. She screamed out Jimmy's name and he came out, he then asked Kasey several questions and got her working. The next few days, she noticed that some tips placed were gone, or were fewer than expected. She always thought Kasey was shifty, so she suspected it was her.

The days after, she sat next to Jimmy and told him that Kasey was the one stealing her tips. Jimmy didn't fire her, but was now watching Kasey.

Unnamed Saleslady

She is a saleslady who works at Unique Fashions. She wore a bright scarf with a canary-yellow dress and perfectly applied makeup.

Kasey visited Unique Fashions for her job interview, and the saleslady greeted her. Once Kasey got her stuff ready to buy, she gave it to the saleslady, to pay for it. After she paid for the shoes, while she has a dress in her backpack, she went through the door, triggering an alarm. The saleslady along with the manager, Helen, went to her.


She's the manager of Unique Fashions.

As the alarm goes off due to Kasey, Helen walks up with the saleslady and checks on Kasey. She checks the bag of shoes Kasey bought and after, checks on Kasey's backpack. She finds the dress and grabs Kasey by the arms, telling Kasey that she'll call the police.

Mrs. Templeton

She's an old lady who paid for Kasey's dress, which she needed for a job interview. Her hair was perfectly groomed, and she was dressed elegantly in a cream-colored pants suit.

Since Kasey only had money for a pair of shoes, she smuggled the dress onto her backpack. As Kasey bought the shoes and walked out, an alarm activated. They check until they open her backpack, revealing the dress. She begs to not report her to the police, and Mrs. Templeton showed up. She's a frequent customer and decided to pay for the dress. She sees Kasey in a desperate situation. Kasey was thankful.

Coming Home


Patricia is Samantha and Susie's mother. She is still grieving Susie's death, sometimes stopping in the middle of a task to stare into the distance. Her worst fear is Samantha disappearing as well. She could hear Chica's tapping, but she doesn't know who it is coming from. She knits quilts and blankets for a living, and takes sleeping pills to help her sleep. She is tall and has dark brown hair.


Hayden is Samantha and Susie's father. He left after Susie's death because it was "too hard". Before, he used to create his own bedtime stories to tell the children, including one where a boy is able to solve all his problems in a secret room in his house. Coincidentally, Gretchen is found in a secret room in his office.


Jeanie is Samantha and Susie's godmother. She comforts Patricia while she is grieving, either over phone or in-person. Susie was convinced that Oliver would get cold in the winter, and asked Jeanie to knit scarves for the tree. Jeanie made a new one every year. Susie was murdered while wearing the sweater and jeans Jeanie knitted for her. She is short with blonde hair.


Rhonda is Samantha's current counselor. She had had two counselors before her to help her through her grief, but she didn't find them helpful. Samantha, however, actually likes Rhonda. She helps Samantha remember Gretchen, the doll Susie tried to hide from her that led to her murder.


Drew is one of the kids in Samantha's class. At first he walks with the group, but he later goes to Samantha and Susie's house alone. Samantha finds him cute. He believes in ghosts, and that people will stay after death if they have unfinished business. He asks Samantha if she still sees Susie. Samantha is scared by the prospect. He has blond, spiky hair.


Chloe is one of Susie's friends. She played charades at her birthday party.

Unnamed Classmates

Along with Drew, four other kids walked in the group. Three of the kids are girls, two of which have dark hair and the other has red hair. The final kid is a tall boy. They walk past Samantha and Susie's house quickly because they find it creepy.

Fazbear Frights 5: Bunny Call

Bunny Call


Zoie was Wanda's friend when they were younger. They were at camp, and had to be away from their parents. Wanda didn't want their kids to be away from her at camp, so she forced Bob to come along with them.

Darlene & Frank

Darlene and Frank are a couple Bob meets in the picnic area. Darlene is louder, while Frank is more quiet. Bob finds them annoying when they talk excitedly about what they want to do.


Phillip is a person Bob meets during the night. Phillip reveals that he also signed up for the "Bunny Call", and regrets it. Bob tells him a story when he accidentally broke all of his mother's expensive teacups, and how he felt that signing up for the "Bunny Call" was a similar mistake. Phillip replies with a story where after his mother's death, his father became a horrible dad, and that he is worried that he had become like him. This gives Bob the inspiration to stop the "Bunny Call". Phillip has light-colored hair and blue eyes.

Steven Bell

Steven is a person Bob meets near the campfire. He is the father of two teenage girls. Bob relates to his tiredness over parenting, but silently disagrees that it is rewarding.


Evan is the owner of Camp Etenia. He appeared to be a tall, tanned man with a beard.

In the morning, after Bob's encounter with Ralpho, he makes the announcement that the "Bunny Call" couldn't be done that morning because the counselor who did them overslept. Bob stares at him in confusion.

Fazbear Frights 6: Blackbird



Amber is a friend of Nole's and the two begin dating early into the story. She talks with Nole after Sam's disappearance and comforts him. She appears multiple times throughout the story to check on and support Nole. Despite her sassy nature, she does care for him. She comes up with the idea of making amends with Christine, respecting Nole for being emotionally open. She remains unaware of the Blackbird hunting Nole down.

Amber has blonde hair and blue eyes and usually wears white tanks and blue jeans.

Darla Stewart

Darla is one of Amber's friends. Nole finds her attractive and bluntly compliments her appearance.

Mr. Grimmly

Mr. Grimmly is Nole and Sam's cinematography teacher at the college they attend.


Floyd is the made-up character, the one Nole was supposed to play for their Blackbird horror film. Nole and Sam create his bedroom at the film studio they were filming at.


Ian is one of Nole's frat brothers at the college, and they are very close. When the Blackbird attacks Nole, he breaks down the door and saves him, but the Blackbird disappears beforehand. Nole is saved from whatever the Blackbird was about to do to him.

Ian tends to show off his body by walking around the frat with only his underwear on. Nole finds the designs of his underpants amusing.


Steve is one of Nole's frat brothers. He only appears once to ask Nole if everything is okay. He also appears to have a girlfriend.

Unnamed Frat Guy

Another frat guy briefly appears and throws a football at Nole. As Nole prepares to throw it back, he spots the Blackbird for the first time and flops the throw. The frat guy proceeds to insult him from afar.

Unnamed Campus Cop

The cop shines a light at Nole's eye when he yells out at the campus for Sam. While asking whether or not Nole is not drugs, Nole vents about Sam going missing, and the cop comforts him to some degree.

Markham Family

Nole's nephew, dad and grandfather are briefly mentioned by him. Nole's dad and grandpa were also frat boys when they were in college, and Nole carries on the family tradition.

Paul & Molly O'Neil

Paul and Molly are Sam's parents. They're really nice to Nole and supportive of Sam. Paul helps get the feathers needed for the Blackbird costume. Both parents are devastated when Sam goes missing and his blood is found on the tracks. They're presumably reunited with their son later on when he reappears.


Lois is a waitress at Wilbers' Eats. She greets Nole when he arrives and calls Christine's father over.

Earl Wilber

Earl Wilber is the father of Christine and owner of Wilbers' Eats. He understands Nole's request to apologize to her daughter and gives him directions to the university she's attending.

Christine Wilber

Christine Wilber is the girl Nole bullied and shamed in middle school. She was made fun of for her weight and second-hand clothing and the subject to many pranks, even one where a dead mole was put in her locker. In spite of all the bullying, Christine made the best of a bad situation, learning to be more independent and love herself. She began to dance as a hobby which, aside from losing a lot of weight, landed her a scholarship to an arts school. After Nole hunts her down, Christine accepts his apology and inadvertently frees him from the Blackbird's curse.


Valerie is Christine's friend who was also bullied by Nole.

The Real Jake

Ellie and Evie

Ellie and Evie are the twins only mentioned by Jake when talking to Simon about friends. The twins were from across the street from Jake's home.[9]

Kyle Clay

Kyle Clay is one of Jake's friends. Though only mentioned, he lives from the street behind Jake's home.[9]


Garrett is one of Jake's friends. He lives at the same place where Kyle is at. He was only briefly mentioned.[9]

Fazbear Frights 7: The Cliffs


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Fazbear Frights 8: Gumdrop Angel

Gumdrop Angel


Ophelia is Angel's stepsister. While she is five years old, Angel sees her as a spoiled brat since she's constantly pampered by Myron. Ophelia is the birthday girl at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza, and the Birthday Gummy is brought out for her final activity. She and her friends eat the gummy alive, but the gumdrop nose is saved just for her. When the family returns home, Angel eats the gumdrop nose in front of Ophelia as revenge.

Ophelia has a brow ridge, small eyes and a large nose. Angel thinks she looks like a chimpanzee.

It is implied that Ophelia would've turned into the next Birthday Gummy if she ate the gumdrop nose.


Myron is Angel's stepfather. He only cares about Ophelia and spends his money solely on her. Angel resents this since Myron wastes his money on frivolous things to make Ophelia happy, while refusing to pay for important things for Angel like college loans. Myron doesn't see Angel as a part of his family, and Angel refuses to see him as family either.

Myron is tall, and has dark brown hair all over his body. Angel thinks he looks like a gorilla and can't understand why her mother finds him handsome.


Bianca is Angel's mother. She is a gold digger who uses her good looks to have a string of rich boyfriends, and eventually married Myron for his money. Angel resents her due to how incapable and impatient she is.

She has blonde hair and blue eyes, similar to Angel. She is attractive and skinny and tends to wear a lot of makeup.

Angel's Biological Father

Angel's biological father abandoned her when she young. Angel thinks he's just as pathetic as her stepfather.


Dominic is one of the assistant managers of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. He helps wipe off a pizza stain on Angel's shirt, while being very flirtatious and funny. Angel has a crush on him, and wants to go on a date with him. He is the first man Angel sees as a genuine love interest and potential boyfriend. However, when Angel starts turning into candy, she angrily calls him asking what he had done to her. Dominic tells her to come to Freddy's so that he can help her, then puts her in a box. Angel believes that he really does care about her, and she thinks she hears him crying.

Dominic is slightly tall, attractive and fit, he has dark eyes, dark hair, broad shoulders and narrow hips.

It's heavily implied that Dominic is aware of the pizzeria's terrible secret of turning young girls into lifeless gumdrop statues, and is distraught that it happened to Angel.


Nancy is another assistant manager of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. She briefly appears to call Dominic back to work after he and Angel meet for the first time. She's Dominic's boss. She's a tall woman with brown hair in a ponytail, and Angel estimates she's in her 30s.


Tammy is one of the employees who works at the horse stable Myron brings his family to. The horse stable is owned by Tammy's father. Tammy takes a liking to Ophelia's innocent nature, and sympathizes with Angel's situation when the two first meet. She tells Angel the cost of Ophelia's horses and lessons. She is described to have red, long hair that is tucked into a braid.


Julie is another birthday girl who appears at the end of the story. She takes the first bite of Angel's toe, and the rest of her party eat Angel alive.

What We Found


Faith is Hudson's ex-girlfriend. She is part of the design crew of Fazbear's Fright. She liked Hudson and they went out on a date, however Faith breaks up with Hudson after being told about the fire. She later dates Barry. Her voice is heard during Chica's attack in the vent system, which distracts Hudson.

Mr. Atkin

Mr. Atkin was Hudson's algebra teacher. He was one of the teachers to yell at Hudson, even calling him stupid in class. When he fears touches Springtrap, he hears the voice of him calling him stupid. Later, he hears his voice in the bathroom before Springtrap appears. Finally, his voice calls Hudson stupid when he loses his keys, and the animatronic mouths start taunting him by asking math questions.

Barry & Duane

Barry and Duane are Hudson's friends. They offer Hudson a temporary job at Fazbear's Fright before they all plan to join the Navy. However, Hudson's body was so damaged that he couldn't qualify for it. The morning after Hudson's death in the oven, they smell something bad in the kitchen and investigate.


Virgil is the second security guard working at Fazbear's Fright. He and Hudson swap places every six hours.

Fazbear Frights 9: The Puppet Carver


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Fazbear Frights 10: Friendly Face

Friendly Face



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Edward's Mother


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Mrs. Sterling


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Mrs. Phillips


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Fazbear Frights 11: Prankster


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Fazbear Frights 12: Felix the Shark


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