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A list of minor characters who made an extremely brief role in the Five Nights at Freddy's games or only mentioned once.

Five Nights at Freddy's

Unnamed CEO

The unnamed Fazbear Entertainment CEO was only mentioned in the fourth Missing Children Incident newspaper. When the restaurant was announced to be closed at the end of the year due to children's dissappearances and management problems, he quoted: "These characters will live on. In the hearts of kids, these characters will live on."

The Police

The police were mentioned twice in the Missing Children Incident newspapers. They went out investigating for the children's disappearances, and were contacted by the parents' reports when blood and mucus were noticed around the animatronics' facial parts.

Five Nights at Freddy's 2

Unnamed Security Guard

Uh... you're only the second guard to work at that location. Uh, the first guy finished his week, but complained about... conditions.
Phone Guy on Night 1, Five Nights at Freddy's 2

The unnamed security guard is an unseen character in the second game and was only mentioned by Phone Guy on Night 1. Long before Jeremy Fitzgerald took over the job, this employee was the first security guard who finished his night-shift after a whole week at Freddy Fazbear's Pizza and complained about the pizzeria's conditions.

"Take Cake" Minigame Children


A total of six green-shirted children appeared in the Take Cake to the Children minigame. They reside inside a square-shaped area of the unnamed Fazbear restaurant. Playing as Freddy Fazbear, the player must walk to each child in order to keep them happy (as in, keeping their shirt color green). However, if the player neglect them by leaving them alone for too long, they will turn red as a sign of their aggravation.

As soon as William Afton kills the child from outside, the player will begin to move slower, forcing all six children to turn red before the minigame ends.

From the older version of the mobile port, there were only two children in this minigame.

Five Nights at Freddy's 3

"Chica's Party" Minigame Children

Chica's Party Child.png

The children appeared in Chica's Party minigame. The player will find at least four crying children wearing blue shirts. To cheer them up, collect all four cupcakes and feed them. Doing so will cause their shirts to turn green and smile happily. They can be also seen briefly in the Glitch Minigame.

From the earlier version of the mobile port prior to Clickteam LLC's remastered update, there are two children instead of four.

"Mangle's Quest" Minigame Child

Kid Running Sprite Gif.gif

The child appears in Mangle's Quest minigame and also briefly in Glitch Minigame. The child will mostly run back and forth from the bottom of the screen, acting as an obstacle to avoid. Contacting this child will cause Mangle to dismantle, ending the minigame.

The child is completely absent in the game's older mobile edition but was re-added upon the remastered update's release.

"Stage01" Minigame Children

Stage01 Children.png

Three children appear in the Stage01 minigame, where they cheer in front of the performace stage where Fredbear and Spring Bonnie resides. All children share the same sprites from Chica's Party minigame. They also briefly appear in the Glitch Minigame.

From the mobile port's older version, there is only one child.

"Happiest Day" Minigame Children

The masked children were seen in the Happiest Day minigame.

All children sit next to few tables and each wear different animal masks.

  • Green mask - The mask resembling an alligator or crocodile.
  • Pink mask - The mask resembles a pig, hence its pinkish color.
  • Purple mask - The mask resembling an unknown species.
  • Blue mask - The mask seems to match the pink-colored mask worn by the second child, only recolored as blue. The species the mask really resembles to is unknown.
  • Orange mask - The mask resembling a bird, as suggested by the mask's beak-like mouth.

It is unknown what masks the children wearing really mean or represent, although it is possibly believed that the masks represent the Mediocre Melodies animatronics but none of their masks corresponds the animatronics, saving for the pink pig mask to Pigpatch.

Five Nights at Freddy's 4

Older Brother

It's hilarious. Why don't we help him get a closer look! He will love it!
The Older Brother, end-of-night minigame, Night 5,

The Older Brother (also known as Foxybro) is the main antagonist of the end-of-night minigames. He wears a Foxy mask and a grey tank top, blue shorts, and gray shoes.

He will appear in Night 1 and Night 3, scaring the protagonist each time. He appears again in Night 5 along with his friends and, with them, carries the protagonist to Fredbear.

Older Brother’s Friends

Wow, your brother is kind of a baby isn't he?
One of the older kids, end-of-night minigame, Night 5,

Older Brother’s friends are three secondary antagonists who appear only in the end-of-night minigame after completing Night 5.

Like the older brother, each of the trio wears a different mask based on the original animatronics: Freddy, Bonnie, and Chica.

In the post-Night 5 minigame, the Older Brother and his friends taunt the protagonist Crying Child and one of them ask about Older Brother’s young sibling being such a baby. All four older kids pick up the protagonist altogether and shoves him into Fredbear's moving mouth to give Fredbear "a kiss". The kids laugh at the child being in danger his skull gets crushed in Fredbear's mouth. All the gang went silent shocked at the realization of what they had done.

Man in Fredbear's Suit

You know what will happen if he catches you!
Fredbear's plush talking about the man in post-Night 2 minigame, Five Nights at Freddy's 4


The unnamed man in Fredbear's suit is one of the employees of Fredbear's Family Diner, and only appears in the post-Night 2 minigame.

He arrives when the Crying Child walks to the right, blocking the exit door. If the child advances further to the left, the man will block the other end of the room, prompting the player to hide under the table and collapse crying.

Man in Spring Bonnie's Suit


The unnamed man in Spring Bonnie's suit is another employee who works at Fredbear's Family Diner, and appears in the post-Night 2 minigame.

He was seen if the Crying Child walks back right at the diner's entrance. From the red door, William Afton can be seen in a spare parts room, putting the employee into a suit. The door leading to the room where they at is closed shortly. It is unknown what Afton is exactly doing to the employee, either helping him to put the suit on, or killing him with springlock failures as evidenced in the post-Night 4 minigame where what appears to be brown hair sticking out from Spring Bonnie's suit.

Spring Bonnie Plush Kid

Where's your plush toy? Mine is Spring Bonnie. My daddy says I have to be careful with him or I will pinch my finger. He is a finger trap, he says.
The kid from the post-Night 3 minigame, Five Nights at Freddy's 4

Child with Springtrap doll.png

The unnamed kid appears in the post-Night 3 minigame. They were seen outside of Fredbear's Family Diner after the player exits the restaurant.

The kid asks the Crying Child if he ever have a plush toy. The kid said their father told them that they have to be careful with the Spring Bonnie plush they owned, or else the plush pinch their finger. Their father refers the Spring Bonnie plush as "finger trap".

Pigtailed Girl

You'd better watch out. I hear they come to life at night. And if you die, they hide your body and never tell anyone. Why do you look so worried? See you at the party! Ha ha ha!
The pig-tailed girl from the post-Night 3 minigame, Five Nights at Freddy's 4

Pigtailed girl.png

The pig-tailed girl appears in the post-Night 3 minigame.

While leaving the diner, the Crying Child will meet with the girl. She tells and warns the child about the animatronics becoming hostile at night. Then she asks why he is feeling worried, and wraps up the conversation by telling him that she will be at his upcoming party.

Laughing Kid

Aren't you the kid who always hides under the table and cries? Hahaha! No one else is scared! Why are you! Stop being such a baby!
The laughing boy from the post-Night 3 minigame, Five Nights at Freddy's 4

Kid 5 Laugh.gif

The unnamed laughing boy appears in the post-Night 3 minigame and he was seen sitting on the ground next to the sidewalk, laughing.

He asks the Crying Child if he is the one who constantly hides under the table while crying, then informing that no one else should be scared, and tells him to stop being a baby.

Balloon Kid

Are you going to the party? Everyone is going to the party. Oh wait, you have to go. It's YOUR birthday! Haha!
The balloon kid from the post-Night 3 minigame, Five Nights at Freddy's 4

Kid 4 Balloon.gif

The unnamed boy holding a balloon is one of the children who appears in the post-Night 3 minigame.

The boy is found at the sidewalk next to the blue car. He asks the Crying Child if he is going to the party like everyone else, only to realize it was the child's birthday, and laughed.

Playground Kid

Why are you crying? Don't you like my toy collection?
The girl from the post-Night 3 minigame, Five Nights at Freddy's 4

Little girl.png

The playground girl appears in the post-Night 3 minigame. The Crying Child can meet her at the playground, where she plays with her animatronic toy figure collection of Toy Bonnie, Toy Chica, and Toy Freddy.

When speaking to her, she asks the Crying Child about why he is crying and also asks if he likes her collection.

Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location

Board Member

The board member appears in the opening cutscene to the game, asking William Afton about the design decisions of the Funtime Animatronics.

Circus Baby's Minigame Children


The children appear in Circus Baby's Minigame, which can occur randomly after getting killed by the animatronics.

Circus Baby's goal is to feed the children with blue and green cupcakes. Doing so will make the children happy (signified by their shirt color changing from green to pink/red). Feeding all the children will successfully spawn an ice cream, which can be used to access the secret part of the minigame.

Michael's Neighbors

Michael Afton's neighbors appear in the minigame cutscenes after completing the difficult modes from the Custom Night.

In the first and second cutscenes, they are seen waving cheerfully while watching Michael (who was controlled by Ennard at that time) walking down the streets.

In the third cutscene, when a slightly-rotting Michael shows up, the neighbors wave at him like usual, except for one neighbor who has a bewildered expression.

In the fourth cutscene, three of the neighbors are now very concerned at seeing the advance-decomposing Michael.

In the fifth cutscene, all neighbors no longer wave anymore, and they all just stare at Michael in disturbance as they knew that Michael is drastically changing.

In the sixth cutscene, they react exactly like from the fifth cutscene, but some of them hide behind their house in dread.

In the seventh final cutscene, all neighbors now hide behind their houses in fear while the completely purple Michael is walking by.

Freddy Fazbear's Pizzeria Simulator


The judges from Fifth Judical District Washington County of Uta were mentioned in lawsuit subpoenas, which were recieved if the player earns too much liability risks.

Names of individual judges include:

  • Judge Steve Coffman
  • Judge Sam Walton
  • Judge Montaray-Sole
  • Judge Stevenson
  • Judge Guy
  • Judge Kublock
  • Judge Furlong
  • Judge Kerry-Bishop
  • Judge Heine

Pizzeria's Atrocity Victims

Various victims of Freddy Fazbear's Pizza Place were young children who have been into freak accidents or other misfortunes if the player purchase any liability-risked catalog items. Though their identities are not specified, the victims' experiences were described in the lawsuit subpoenas.

  • The first young boy has suffered serious injuries after falling from the malfunctioned ride.
  • The second young boy suffered with hundred broken bones by unknown accident, causing him to initially bleed.
  • The third young boy suffered severe mental trauma after getting trapped in a "small confined area" of the play area for thirteen hours straight. Due to this experience, he has developed a fear of darkness and anchovies.
  • The fourth young boy contracted parasites from consumption of food and drinks, causing the victim to suffer explosive dysentery, painfully acute stomach cramps, and terrible nausea.
  • The fifth young boy suffered a concussion, complaining for several hours due to Fazbear Entertainment's suspicious flaws. After getting struck in the head by the unidentified attraction, he cried for several minutes and took his pizza when leaving, but was too upset to eat it so he threw it away.
  • The sixth boy suffered a two-day boul of food poisoning, and as well suffered trauma when his friends are having fun without him while feeling sick.
  • The seventh boy suffered brain injuries after getting bitten on the head by an unidentified animatronic. Even though his frontal lobe still connects his brain, the doctors are unsure how long the frontal lobe lasts.
  • The first young girl became horribly disfigured after playing the "Itsy Bitsy Spider" game, leaving her a broken index finger.
  • The second young girl became traumatized when witnessing the animatronic's head falling off and rolling across the ground. Her trauma caused her to put into coma for ten weeks, and she had been lobotomized after waking up. She will never have any fun whatsoever, with the only exceptions for watching TV, hanging out with friends, and going out to the mall.
  • The third young girl suffered a twisted ankle by unknown cause and became crippled since Saturday evening until two weeks later, much to her family's trauma.

Security Puppet's Minigame Children

The children with color-coded bracelets appear in Security Puppet's Minigame. There are over three children, and contacting them will end the minigame.

Five Nights at Freddy's AR: Special Delivery

Fazbear Funtime Service Spokesperson & Announcer

All Animatronics whit markiplier.webp

An unnamed spokesperson and announcer appear in the trailer and the game respectively, introducing the player to the Fazbear Funtime Service and all it's animatronics.

Fazbear Funtime Service Employees

The Fazbear Funtime Service employees are mentioned in a few e-mails, mostly going over that the animatronics had killed some of the employees, and the pay for the more normal employees.

Five Nights at Freddy's: Security Breach

Children Audience

A huge crowd of children appear once in the cinematic intro cutscene, where they cheer for the glamrock animatronic band during a concert performance.


In the Retro CDs, a total of five therapists talk to Client 71, who is Vanessa, and Client 46, whose identity is unknown.

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