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Description: This article details a topic that is deemed canon to the Fazbear Frights universe.*

Were you looking for the minor animatronics from the novel trilogy's continuity?

This is a list of minor animatronics and bots from the Fazbear Frights series. They have a very small role in the series and all their names are undisclosed.


Reed's Exoskeleton


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Monkey Bot

This monkey-shaped robot is created by Mrs. Billings and was designed to crash its cymbals to quiet the class, although can be only controlled with a remote.[1] Its design description may be based on the cymbal-banging monkey toy.

Spider Endoskeleton

A spider-shaped endoskeleton is created by Mrs. Billings. It was capable of attaching stickers to keep track of participation.

Horse Bot

The robot is created by Mrs. Billings. It was modeled after the horse and gallops around the classroom to demonstrate an engine.

Unnamed Bird Animatronic

An unspecified animatronic bird that is used in the Pizza Playground. It was only seen in The Puppet Carver, the first story from the ninth book of the same name.

Classroom Animatronics

The assorted sets of animatronics in Fazbear Frights 10: Friendly Face's Together Forever story were wheeled out by Mr. Thornton at the start of the assignment for his robotics class lesson. Besides Rosie Porkchop, who was also a part of this, the identified animatronics include:

  • Endoskeleton
  • Alien
  • Dog
  • Cat
  • Cow
  • Horse
  • Orangutan
  • Black panther
  • Flamingo

All of them are smaller than Rosie Porkchop and have various accessories.


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